Wednesday, October 31, 2012

it's just a bunch of hocus pocus.

happy halloween loves...
from my cotton candy cloud to yours.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

nyc: day 1

so after the most uncomfortable plane ride of my short little life {bible} we touched down in NYC at 5:30am.
it was kind of awful because, well, it was 5:30 in the morning which was technically 2:30am west coast time.
but it was also perfect because we got to fly in with the world still dark and the NYC skyline all lit up.
pro well worth the con.

we taxi'd it over to our darling friends brett & sarah who were beyond kind enough to let us stay with them for the entire week.
they have a little munchkin named lilly and she and moi are pretty much besties now, as was evidenced on our trek across the Brooklyn Bridge, but more on that another day.
S&B {as in brett & sarah, not in the gossip girl sense} live on the cutest little street Brooklyn has to offer, as i seriously expected big bird to walk down the sidewalk at any moment.
after catching up and dropping our stuff off we hit the ground running with our journey to wall street.
at work i watch Bloomberg TV 24/7 so i have this sudden and honestly quite strange love for all things stocks & bonds.

 i made JM do a photo shoot in front of the NYSE and i am sure everyone thought i was cray because, let's get honest, this is not the most exciting thing NYC has to offer, but for me it was...

 almost right next door is federal hall where washington was inaugurated, and all tourist buses make a drop off. holy hannah!

to JM's dismay the bull is not actually located in front of the stock exchange, but rather a few streets down.
it took him almost all day to get over it.

 my dear friend MM made sure that we went to St. Paul's church down by ground zero, and we were so grateful for the recommendation.
this is the church that remained standing after 9/11 and now houses remnants from that day and the weeks after that make the heartache and pain of the event impossible to forget.
from the stuffed animals to the missing posters to letters from kids to their missing parents it was absolutely gut wrenching.
but then you go to one side of the church and see hundreds of origami cranes hanging. the cranes were made by families of victims in the Hiroshima bombing in japan and sent to ground zero.
and just when you are trying to grasp the pure evil that could do something like the bombing, you are reminded that there is still good in the world. 
and you cry a lot of tears.
or maybe that was just me.
in the courtyard of St. Paul's with the "bell of hope". 

 the steeple of St. Paul's, courtyard monument and the freedom tower.

we then ventured to ground zero to see the pools.  
this is the view of the freedom tower from the south pool, which once it is built will be the tallest building in NYC.

 the pools have the names of each of those who died on 9/11 carved into the stone around them.

the memorial site itself is beautifully simple and solemn. so if you are planning on going to NYC and want more of a museum type atmosphere, St. Paul's church is a can't miss.

around this time it was only about 10:30am and i was feeling the fact that i had been awake since 6:30am the previous morning, so we stopped for a wall street diet coke {duh} and then got in the 2 hour line to venture out and see miss liberty herself.

the last time i was in NYC the boats to liberty island were closed because of ice {go figure}, so i had actually never seen the statue close up.
she was magnificent. i might have cried. but that could also be from lack of sleep.  EEK!

we then hit up Ellis Island, which we quit half way through.
the cultured part of me will tell you it was because i was tired, but the uncultured part of me will be honest and tell you i was bored out of my mind.
i mean, i am grateful for them and all but if you have spent time with me when i have no food in my system you will understand JM's executive decision to quit the tour and go back to land.
i was also so tired i apparently forgot to take pictures. boo.
we subway'd up to Greenwich Village and ate dinner at the Jekyll & Hyde pub,
a fantastic find for Halloween lovers such as us.
the place was decked out from head to toe and every 10 minutes creepy things on the walls come to life...think rainforest cafe meets halloween haunt.

that night we saw Peter & The Starcatcher,
which was surprisingly brilliant and hilarious and cry-worthy all at the same time. 
i love the story of peter pan, and this puts a witty twist on the classic novel of the same name exploring the story of peter before neverland.
i might just maybe have started nodding off in the beginning due to sheer exaustion, so i nipped that right in the behind with an emergency diet coke during intermission.
at this point i pretty much had to make peace with the fact i was going to spend more money on DC than on actual shopping while in the city.
you do what you gotta do folks. 

and then it was back to Brooklyn for the night.
i haven't slept that well in as long as i can remember.
possibly because i hadn't slept in 48 hours,
but also possibly because i was in nyc...
a place that has always strangely felt like home.

Friday, October 26, 2012

start spreading the news.

{view of Manhattan from the Statue of Liberty}

i'm back loves!
my time of autumn in new york was not nearly enough, but it is always nice to sleep in your own bed.
although, i might have cried big and real tears on tuesday morning as i was standing on the roof of the met overlooking central park and the nyc skyline.
lucky for me, and possibly you, i have over 200 pictures to scroll through at any given moment as a reminder of the absolute perfect play date i had with my city.
it rained, it shined, it sparkled with life, it was magnificent.
so keep coming back over the next few days to get the details on all things big apple.

Monday, October 15, 2012

rock the vote.

to anyone who ever said their vote didn't matter,
i give you this lovely lady...

who i voted for every wednesday night.
over. and over. and over again.

and now we are off to thee la-la land of fame tomorrow night to see her belt it out like nobody's business on that staples center stage.
i have waited YEARS to see her.

i would like to think, in a way, my vote made a difference.
i am sure her jimmy choo filled closet would agree.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

i'm dressin' up for you.

halloween costume making officially began yesterday!
it should be no secret by now that i have ahhmazing people in my life. i'm a lucky lady like that.
one in particular is lending her beyond immaculate talent of sewing to my katy 2012 effort and making my entire costume by hand.
as of today it all looks a little bit like this...

but by the end of the month i promise you, it will look a little more like this...
happy haunting loves.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

i found your picture{s} today.

oh hey there loves,
so i might be terrible at blogging lately, but i am still photoing my october away.
here is what you may have missed...

day 5: shadow.
slumber party diet coke; newport beach, ca.
gracias to ms. kardashian for the excellent hand heart.

day 6: today i'm thankful for.
mission countdown chart; anaheim, ca.
thee lil' bro is ALMOST home!

day 7: light.
halloweentown; anaheim, ca.
my favorite holiday of them all.

day 8: red.
currently listening on repeat; newport beach, ca.

day 10: emotion.
flu shot; newport beach, ca.
thankfully i have a really great office bestie who held my hand {literally} through the whole thing.

day 11: something close up.
bun-bun dinner time; anaheim, ca.

day 12: on the table.
halloween gingie house; anaheim, ca.
because my mom can outdo your mom at halloween any day of the year.

Monday, October 8, 2012

you've got to be chuckin' kidding me.

as if today wasn't monday enough...
i came home to my satellite being completely out and my tv non-usable.
so moi...
the girl who started from day 1, episode 1.
the girl who has over 30 headbands with bows because blair waldorf taught me it was classy.
the girl who owns every season on dvd.
the girl who has been counting down the seconds since blair met chuck in that casino and went all in on making it work.
the girl who read every spoiler possible today on my lunch.
the girl who has the cw trailer memorized from repetitive views.
the girl who is going on vacation to NYC next week almost simply to take a picture in front of the Palace Hotel and maybe catch a glimpse of SVW herself.
is now the girl who will not be watching the last season premiere in gossip girl history live.
ummmm...there are no words.
except for those i wrote above.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

i found your picture today 4.

day 4: what you read.
interview with kate hudson; anaheim, ca
she's often asked by reporters, "why are you so happy?"  a question that, in a moment of drollery, she characterizes as Annoying, only because it's like, Why not? You might as well try to be optimistic about things.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

i found your picture today 3.

photo a day 3: this happened today.
victoria's secret; south coast plaza, ca.
just a little confidence boost for the middle of the week.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

i found your picture today 2.

photo a day 2: lunchtime
carl's jr; newport beach, ca.
the things i do for a decent diet coke on a stressy day.

Monday, October 1, 2012

i found your picture today.

because i have absolutely nothing else going on in my life right now {haha}, i decided to take on the october photo a day challenge.
now, i am pretty sure i was supposed to start yesterday.
so i figured i would use a picture from yesterday. 
it works. my blog, my rules.
let the game begin...

photo a day 1: where i stood.
goleta state beach; goleta, california.
filming location of katy perry's teenage dream music video.