Friday, September 21, 2012

this kiss.

confession: not a day has gone by since the november 2010 release of katy perry's teenage dream that i haven't listened to one, if not all of the album tracks.
i am the pure definition of an addict.
come christmas music, 4th of july anthems and creepy halloween sounds, the cotton candy pop served on that album is always my preference.
the album, as a whole, is perfection.
i am biased, clearly, but luckily she has a solid track record to follow up my bias with.
let's not forget the album lead her to 5 #1 singles {the only in history by a female artist} and 5 grammy nominations, including the ever coveted album of the year.

over the past 2 years i have searched hi and low for a replacement.
not that i want to stop teenage dreaming, but more to find another artist capable of producing the same kind of record.
the one where you never skip a song, constantly repeat, and anything less than full car speaker volume is not enough.

enter carly rae jepsen.
her 2012 SMASH summer jam, call me maybe, came into all of our lives wether we really invited it or not.
and as my iTunes informed me last night i have, in fact, listened to it 209 times. holy gracious!
heck, the usa swim team finally decided even they weren't too cool to join in on the fun.
this past tuesday CRJ released her first mega studio album with the help from school boy records, the hit machine that made justin bieber an international household/casa/flat/hut name.
and she does not disappoint.
kiss has the teenage dream effect,
in a less critically acclaimed way.
although to her credit, all these tunesies, save for one, were penned by carly herself.
props girlfriend.
she starts off with the club hopping, synth pounding tiny little bows, and moves quickly into her newest single about a boy and a girl far away from home, their significant others, and responsibility with this kiss.
my personal fav, tonight i'm getting over you, was produced by the max martin, the creator behind every kelly clarkson, britney spears and yes, even katy perry, song we have ever blasted from our cars.
carly rae shows that she might not have a grammy nomination in her future,
but call me maybe wasn't simply a fluke.

don't believe my biased?
here is a little less glowing, but still rave review of this little missy from billboard magazine.

my prediction:
curiosity is the new call me maybe.
but then again, what do i know?

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