Friday, September 28, 2012

i can hear the bells.

one of my dearest friends got ENGAGED last night!
jess & j are just about the cutest couple ever.

{physically & mentally...just look at these two}

i have known jess since i was a sophmore in college; we met during a summer job.
we were not immediate besties...
that came when we both were hired for the company permanently after college and sat next to each other on a daily basis.
she listened to my rants about needing a diet coke on the daily and i listened to her rants about graduating college.
we bonded over oreo milkshakes her mom made us and episodes of gossip girl.
and quickly learned we were more alike than different.

she is one of the most loyal people i have ever met.
in the times i have needed someone the most, jess is always the first one at the door.
she came to my brother's going away party at church, always made time to visit me when i was home from utah, and was the only friend of mine who offered to come with me to my grandma's funeral and hold my hand.
she is crazy hilarious, but doesn't put up with anyone's crap.
she is blunt, but consistently sincere.
and has one of the most gracious hearts you could ever find.

although i was in utah for most of her relationship with her j, i have had the priveledge to get to know him this past summer and it is a relief to say i honestly can't imagine a better person for my bestie.

congrats you two.
now let's plan a wedding!

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