Saturday, September 15, 2012

forever yours...lashfully.

thee other night my super fancy co-workers let me in on their invite to the fancy opening of {lashfully}.
a new, yes you guessed it, lash store tucked into crystal cove on pch.
it was a blast and a half, although i think i took away more decorating tips for my future home than makeup tips.
the store is GOR-GE-OUS. 
but we really got the party started after during my maiden trip to javier's.
now, loves, i adore mexican food.
the reason why is a bit of a weepy story so let's just go with it's my comfort food and call it a day.
i ate alot.
and drank a lot...of diet coke.
and thoroughly enjoyed a night out on the golden coast with two of the many reasons i love my job.


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