Sunday, August 12, 2012

like you don't know i'm coming unglued.

i don't now what it is about august but, without fail, every year i go into this i wish i were driving down a dirt road in a jeep being driven by a guy with looks somewhere between ryan gosling and chris pine in the middle of the south way of wanting to live life.
i know, my southern loves, the south is gross and hot and sticky in the summer months.
but it's my fantasy so just let a princess freakin be.

my current country girl obsession lies with jana kramer.
she is no carrie underwood,
but you grey's anatomy fans may recognize her as the girl from the amish episode that made all of us cry,
or friday night lights fans may notice her as a potential love interest for smash williams in the 4th season.
well, now she is puttin on her cowgirl boots and, in my opinion, doing a pretty good job at it.
or maybe it is simply my obsession with this song...

pretty sure every girl has felt this way at least once, twice, one hundred times in her life.
happy listening y'all.

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