Monday, August 6, 2012

we can dance until we die.

this past weekend was so unbelievably lovely.
my mind, body & soul are all still in denial about being back in the real world.
in fact, i cheated and drank a diet coke today at lunch just to rebel against the end of my vacation.
but then again, i guess it is always a good sign when you don't want the vaca to usually means you were doing something right.

our weekend started with dinner in huntington beach at thai gulf, a place where the noodles are far worth the cost of your life, seeing as you might get murdered in the parking lot.
or if you're truly fortunate, hook it up with someone from narcotics anonymous, which lucky us, was right next door.
we then headed up the 405 to E's casa to help her pack.
unfortunately, the car rental place didn't log our reservation correctly so we were sans our planned Barbie convertible for the weekend and ended up giving my dear Lexi a last minute invite to the party.
E enjoyed the spacious back seat.
as megs and moi bumped the party in the front seat.
don't let megs' western roots fool ya, she is as california a driver as they come now and we made it to SB in record time.
meaning, early enough to get our cute little toesies tucked in bed before midnight.

we woke up saturday morning around 10am and immediately slapped on our swimsuits and sunnies and headed to state street for our adventure to begin.
we had to find a post office for E which was a complete adventure on it's own.
Siri took us to some back ally shipping parlor that i'm pretty sure ships mail order brides before actual letters.
we hit the shops and took in all the sights of FIESTA, which if you are from LA, is the equivelant of our Olvera Street.
confetti everywhere...i was a happy girl.
we took to the mexican bar with a girl swinging in the window for lunch,
and realized we forgot beach towels.
so we hit up the 99 cent store on state street and did a little emotional purchasing.
including a game where we had to buy each other secret presents.
it seems everyone else was emotionally purchasing as well because the line to check out was a good 20 minutes long.
but of course, all of our new found treasures were faaarrr too important to just ditch and run.
we then spent the next 2 hours laying on the beach, with the little kid next to us quizzicaly asking his mom why "those girls are sleeping?"
because we are OLD child!  that's why.

luckily E bought some anti-aging skin creme for 99 cents to combat those effects.

we took Lexi along the scenic route back to the house,
blasting KP's teenage dream along the way.
and it was time to get ready for a night out on the town.
ie: 99 cent store face masks and trashy mags.
the only 2 rules of dress for the night were:
1. a bow hair tie had to be somewhere on your body
2. your hair had to be a bump-it hair style.

so we packed up our hairbands, bump-its and heels and headed back to state street for a sephora run, food off a taco truck and egg-alicious confetti throwing.

then it was time to hit up the rides, which always make me a titch nervous considering 2 days ago they were in 100 pieces on the back of a pickup truck.
as you can see from this video, i have done other things in life i enjoyed more.

before we knew it, sunday had come and it was time to pack our pretty selves up and hit the road back south.
until next time sb...

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