Thursday, August 16, 2012

thee post-it always sticks twice.

i feel if you were to go into my life right now and take everything in my crazy brain out and make a television scene, it would produce the following...
{WARNING: although still a rated PG-13 scene, there is brief strong language.}
{don't watch if you're gonna be offended y'all}
no loves, this is not an engagement announcement.
so you can exhale.
because, naturally, my part in life would be that of carrie's.

here's thee brainy breakdown:
guess what?!? thee bro and moi are headed to NYC in the fall!! words cannot express how excited i am to go back.
i'm really feeling the sheer top & daisy duke combo these days. {ummm...}
i haven't done my hair in 5 days. bible.
2 of my dearest ladies got engaged to 2 lovely gents this week.
i just opened a new package of post-its today at work.
i love having friends who see the best in everything.
but i also love having the girlfriend that just says the oh so bad words for you.
texting is the new post it.
and i didn't deserve that post-it.

if you have seen the entire episode than you know carrie goes out after this, flips a psycho crazy rant on jack berger's friends, is busted by the cops for smoking a joint on the street, but then released once she shows them the loaded post-it.
well, i can assure you i did not do that.
but i did buy shoes.
same thing?

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