Friday, August 10, 2012

the heart of the matter.

today i am in love with:
fitted blazers a la kate middleton.
the view from my nook at work...which includes a panel of windows overlooking all of orange county and a flat screen streaming 24/7 olympics coverage.
naked juice and string cheese. together.
the janitor who doesn't know my name, but instead refers to me as the nicest person in the building.
my family.
hot pink nail polish.
emily giffin's new book, where we belong.
the dark knight rises soundtrack.
michael phelps.
my giant cupcake eraser that sits on my desk at work and saves me from all the mistakes i make at being crafty on the daily.
handwritten letters from far away friends.
weekend living.
the ocean.
girlfriends who have an unshakable patience with me.
bathing suits and flip flops.
sephora lip gloss {not sticky!}.

{photo via pinterest}

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