Monday, August 27, 2012

one leads you to the perfect road.

i honestly believe this.
maybe not so much down to the details of why i couldn't get out of bed this morning when i had plenty of sleep behind me or why the people driving on the 405 are particularly terrible mergers...
but, ya know, the BIG things.
i think everything comes into place to create the specific details of the lives we were meant to live.
call it wishful thinking or extreme optimism...
but there you have it.

my theory was tested earlier this summer when i went on a little internet show called the mormon bachelor.
i wasn't prepared for the way things unraveled.
{if you need a refresher, go here.}
i tried not to let it get to me until i read a comment in which i was called fat, and when something like that is said about a person who has struggled with eating issues in the past, it's not necessarily...uplifting.
luckily i brushed the comment and 12 pounds off quicker than could normally be expected and went on my way.

but i was upset {clearly} and what i could never get was why everything happened the way it did.
until the weeks passed with texts and emails 
and hangouts with miss E. 
and i realized that through it all i was gaining one of the best girlfriends i could have ever wished for.
who came into my life at a time 
i needed someone like her the most.
in fact i remember within 5 minutes of meeting her the first day of filming we turned to each other and said, almost simultaneously:
i feel like you are my soul-sister.

 so loves, my theory still stands.
{at least for my timeline}
because through it all...
i lost 12 pounds and gained a bestie.
and i don't know about you, 
but i consider it a pretty sweet deal.

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