Monday, August 20, 2012

nothing comes close... the golden coast.
i never, ever tire of living in southern california.
sure there are days where i long for the tall buildings of new york city or the history of a place like paris,
but i could not ask for more in terms of this little coast i call home.

this past weekend i decided to play tourist and 
spend time taking advantage of living here with some of my favorite girls around.
friday night bff rach and moi hit up carsland for dinner and a diva night.

seriously can't believe we are going on FOURTEEN years of bestie-ness come september.

saturday morning work darling TMcW and moi packed up lexi with a full tank of gas, some bieber tunesies and diet coke and hit the road for la-la land.
we explored one of my favorite spots in town, 
the hollywood museum.
where i only furthered my motto of never having met a pair of shoes i couldn't have a great conversation with.
and we saw their new marilyn exhibit.

as you all well know, i am more of an audrey girl so we hit up the classiest sandwich in town for lunch.

then due to extreme heat conditions,
{not even me being a princess, it was hot, bible}
we decided to roam mulholland drive for a bit dreaming of our future homes in the comfort of an air conditioned car.
we also both agreed that no matter how many times we see it, this view never gets old...
sweet california dreams.


  1. We had so much fun at the Hollywood Museum on Friday with your brother and Coryne. I found it slightly disturbing looking at the clothes in the Marilyn exhibit, though. HER clothes. And reminding myself that people used to call her "bigger" or "curvy." Ya right!

    Graham and I went home and watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Depending on my mood, I can be an Audrey or a Marilyn, I guess.

  2. I have been to that cafe and I love it!

    And I really need to check out Cars Land...