Wednesday, August 29, 2012

not a marilyn.

as you can tell from my previous post,
i am currently caught up with investing in my future as the first lady of the united states.
i mean, really, do we think i was put on this earth to do much else?
no, no...i was not.
i understand this and take my future role very seriously.
totes kidding loves.
about taking it seriously,
not about my dreams of being the first lady.
i have to get a custom oscar de la renta somehow, don't i?

what i am also particularly thrilled about is that, as per usual, taylor swift and i seem to be on the same page in terms of our futures.
i have long thought she was too classy for hollywood loving,
which really left her no other option than an upgrade to thee dynasty.
naturally, i would love for her to be the vice first lady with me, {is this the official name for it?}
because i can already imagine our white house slumber parties...
a whole lot of sparkle with very little sleep.

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