Tuesday, August 7, 2012

life is a highway.

my dear, sweet, patient brother has been trying to take me to thee new cars land at california adventure for what seems like a lifetime.
the first time we had plans i was off being kissed by a boy.
and the second time i had to bow out due to a stress induced hive breakout.
so last night when we both had nothing to do and no place to be, we figured it was the perfect time to cash in on that rain check of a brother/sister night out.

for those of you who haven't been to california adventure in a while, the park has undergone the best facelift i have witnessed since ashlee simpson and is a whole new place to be.
it finally has, dare i say, the disney feel.
the main street has been reconstructed to resemble old hollywood with actors all around handing out newspapers for free and the iconic theatre where snow white and the seven dwarfs premiered as the main focal point.

off to cars land we went, which i was expecting to be a little less exhilarating than normal because i have never seen the movies. disney sin, i know.
however, i was shocked at how much i loved it.
no detail has gone unnoticed.
from the exact replica of the town {or so i'm told},
to the flowers potted in tires,
to the drinks served in traffic cones
to the soundtrack laced with johnny cash and elvis tunesies...
my gracious disney has done it again.

we stopped off for dinner along route 66 in what was one of the best meals inside the disney parks i have ever had,
{and that's coming from a girl who has eaten at the illusioned club 33}
and we had a visit from lightning mcqueen himself while we were out.

then we headed over to luigi's tire shop to ride the tire ride.
which is basically like playing beach volleyball inside a tire while floating on top of a giant air hockey board.

then we went to mater's cow pasture and rode the cow scrambler ride which was more fun than it looked like it ever could have been.
as you are scrambled along to original tunes sung by larry the cable guy.

we made a detour at the mad t-party, because i have a now very well known obsession with alice in wonderland,
before heading back to cars land to battle out the line for lightning mcqueen's radiator springs racers.
and guess what?
we only had to wait FORTY-FIVE MINUTES!
that is not me being sassy nor sarcastic.
fyi, the line is usually 120+ minutes.
and let me tell you, as disney's best reviewed ride EVER, this little gem did. not. dissappoint.
after being loaded into a huge, low riding, lightening mcqueen type car, racers are taken on a grand tour of radiator springs, much like a normal fantasy land ride.
you meet all the friends along the way, even getting a new paint job.
then comes the fun part...the race.
you meet up with another car full of guests and are stopped at a pair of double doors.
the doors open to show a vast outdoor speedway, mater counts you down, the flags roll and your fantasy land ride turns into a high speed rollar coaster type race against the car next to you.
your car talks to you the whole way through and lucky for us, we won our race!
i cannot recommend the mix of calm/chaos more.
when is screaming not healing for the mind & soul?!

and then it was back to life in the real world.
leaving a little magic for another day.

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