Saturday, July 7, 2012

summer lovin.

life is cray-cray these days.
seeing as i have been MIA for a while, i figured i love you all enough to catch you up on the nitty-gritty details with some kodak moments.
it's better to look at me than listen anyway.
but not about the pics...

celebrating baby birthdays and work girlfriends, turning 1 is not to be underestimated folks.

KP3D multiple times...the details of the actual number are not necessary, but i mean, i have a reputation to uphold here.

celebrating father's day with this man.  
and falling in love with this maxi dress, 
seriously i think i could get married and die in this sucker.

staying in contact thee old fashion way with with cards and letters.
getting super excited that this specific lady is moving to SAN FRAN in a few short moments!

 lunching with Shamu...dream come freakin true!
i mean look at that's horrifyingly happy.  EEK!

reading hardcore, thoughtful, introspective material and drinkin' the crack.

 sending this lovely lady off on a mission to PERU!

speaking of missions...missing my guadalajara munchkin each and every day.

working, working and more working.

not really acting my age.
so what else is new.

happy summertime loves!

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