Tuesday, July 17, 2012

sugar and spice.

guys, i love las vegas.
and i'm not ashamed to admit, las vegas kinda loves me.
i think it is impossible to go and not have a blast.
so i'm a girl with standards...we can have fun too.
rest be assured.
wanna hear a story only few ears have heard?
good, because i am ready to tell...

once upon a time {or like, last year}, 
thee bestie and moi took a waltz around the strip one night, all dressed up with many places to go.
first stop was the sugar factory.
it's like katy perry and a gummi bear had a baby and created a store.
yep...THAT good.

we spent far too much time looking at all the celeb designed treats and, naturally, purchased matching cupcake key chains. 
no judgements puhhlease.
as we walked outside i noticed a poster of my idol, queen and #1 girl, ms. britney spears.
i decided it would be great to take a picture.
{i don't know people, just roll with me here.}
right as jo-jo was about to snap the picture, a visitor kindly and 1/2 soberly asked if he could be in the picture too.
i thought to myself, 
"he's cute, he seems to have showered in the last 24 hours, it's vegas...hey, why not?"
and snap...

fast forward exactly one year and one week later.
i am eating dinner in the middle of downtown san diego and guess who is sitting across from me?
mr. las vegas, himself.
celebrating one year of us being dear and lovely friends,
his first time in california,
and my survival of driving from orange county to san diego in rush hour traffic.
funny how life happens, huh?
who would have ever thought that an adorably handsome air force gentleman from half a country away, who somewhat drunkenly jumped into my life, would become such a friend?
we have survived a few mishaps, a cross country move, a tour of duty, a facebook deletion, a re-add, embarrassing stories, deep secrets and everything in between.
i adore him. to pieces.
and i think 95% of the time he adores me.

i guess katy perry was right...
sometimes that's what you get for waking up in vegas.

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