Saturday, July 21, 2012


guys, i am obsessed with anne hathaway as catwoman.
to the point that i'm kinda contemplating
changing my life plan to becoming a jewel thief who takes people down with her high heels just to maintain the same aura of class she holds in this film.

totally kidding.
what i'm not kidding about is how amazing she looks in the movie.
i'm not talking oh wow she clearly dieted and killed herself at the gym to look good in latex amazing, but more so she's the audrey hepburn of our time amazing.
like i said...i love her.


  1. 1. What I would do to look that amazing in latex. Time to go for a run.
    2. I WANT THAT HAT SHE WORE. It hurt a little when she punched through it.

  2. Sometimes I love her and sometimes I can't stand her, but she brought class back to Catwoman in a way that hasn't been seen since Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt. I LOVED her as Catwoman. Absolutely perfect.