Wednesday, July 4, 2012

i'm just a summer girl.

i have been the worst blogger in the history of blogging lately.
but gone are the days of my life where i would spend friday nights with my favorite taco salad, a large diet coke and fairly legal in the 6pm time slot on USA.
and i wasn't sad about it.
most people get depressed at the idea of spending friday night alone, i would get kinda overjoyed.
it fed that ity bit of introvert that still lives
deep down inside of me.
i mean, i'm not saying i miss those days...although i kinda am.

what i am saying is somewhere in the last 2 weeks i got sent on this roller-coaster ride of dating, working, self-improving, befriending, old-friending, non-stop delicious food eating, shopping, loving and being loved by those in my life...
actively living.

i am going to try my darnest this month to be more here.
and to continue to be there.
life is a lesson.
and i am definitely still learning.

ps- happy 4th of july!

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