Tuesday, July 3, 2012

...i live in a fairytale.

well here it is...
you all knew it was coming so don't roll your eyes at my page and act surprised now.
luckily, we scored tickets to a pre-screening because, really, i wasn't going to wait and see it like an ordinary fan.
nuh-uh, i ain't doin' that.
{this 30 second preview captures the film PERFECTLY}
guys, it was great!
totally changed my life!
double duh.
so let's chit chat about some of the things you might not expect me to say...

 the movie follows katy through her 124 city tour around the world, promoting her teenage dream album, the record that made her the only woman in the history of music to have 5 #1 singles from the same album.
the movie is energetic. 
laugh out loud funny. 
completely family friendly. 
and inspirational.
in fact, i think it is impossible not to smile throughout the entire first half.
you also can't help but feel this was meant to be the point throughout the entire film.
that when she embarked on this journey her movie was supposed to be just about the most over the top, glittery, outlandish, cupcake confection of a movie there ever was.
almost to the point of irritation...because that's just katy.
you love her or you hate her.
but then comes the part where a clearly exhausted katy is on a plane and she, somewhat crankily, demands to see a calendar so she knows when her next "relationship days" are.
she realizes she is going to go 18 days without seeing her husband, and she isn't happy.
her manager then brings up the point everyone in the theatre is already thinking, isn't he supposed to come and see you too?
she snaps, well yes, but he isn't so this is how it has to be.
and although it is definitely not completely down hill on the fun-dom from there, sneaks of her "perfect" world beginning to crack start to play out, until finally we are brought to a pink haired, no makeup, acne faced katy laying in a chair heaving uncontrollable sobs.
although no details are given, it's clear this is the point, at least for her, that her marriage is over.
the only problem is where most girls now get to go pull out the ice cream, curl up in bed with their bestie and proceed to boyfriend/husband bash for weeks on end until they finally feel like being a normal person again...
katy has a show to perform in an hour, to the biggest audience of her career.
these people have paid to see the katy perry they know and love.
the tease that can somehow make laying naked on a cotton candy cloud singing about daisy dukes seem innocent and cute.
rather than the girl who is clearly going through the deepest of deeps in her life.
because i don't care how famous or pretty you are...heartbreak is the same for everyone.
and it sucks.
she is funny, silly, kind, demanding, loving, genuine, and a diva.
she is not out to prove her perfection.
but rather that despite the imperfections of life, you can still live your dreams.
the dreams may change based on the reality of situations that you cannot control, but then you just keep moving, adjust, and chase that dream some more.
the film leaves you with an overwhelming sense of a you can do anything attitude.
but it also leaves you with a settled feeling that no one has a fast pass through the hardships of life.
that even the woman who some consider to be the most beautiful in the world can't make someone love her.
and despite the success, the accolades and the titles, all she really wanted at the end of the day was to go home to her husband...and all the money in the world couldn't buy her that.
for some, yes, she is simply
the most irritating person on the planet. 
but you are the loves i dare to watch this.
because you might just realize that behind it all she is, in fact, only human.

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