Friday, July 20, 2012

get out. and stay out.

i am a broadway junkie.
i just can't get enough of that kind of stuff!
white girl problem #104,592...i know.
one of my favorite b-way songs EVER is sung by thee talented and fabulous stephanie j. block,
{trust me, i've seen her shine in person}
from dolly parton's 9 to 5 called get out and stay out.
when i sing along to this song, clearly in the privacy of my own car because anything more public would surely put a damper in someone's day, the line i always scream at the top of my lungs is when she sings...
so get out and stay out, i'm taking back my life.

well, today i had a lovely wake up call,
 {we all need them every once in a while} 
in terms of taking back my life.
i feel i have been a bit untrue to everything i stand for these past few weeks
by letting the fast pace of life get the better of me.
i'm going 100mph without taking time to enjoy it.
and that's not who i am.

so this weekend i'm gettin' my groove back.
taking back the life i so love.
just some time to feel like me again, and move forward.
changed from what i've learned from various trials, better for them, and so excited for what is to come.

and how, you may ask, am i taking back my sense of self?
well, for starters i went to my very favorite mall tonight, didn't go crazy, but got a little spoiled.
i let myself drink a diet coke.
{after i kicked that habit to the curb}
i bought a dress from nordstrom that makes me look like a tall toothpick. and i am not sorry, but every girl deserves to feel skinny in a dress.
i bought lots of pretty, lacy underwear from victoria's secret. for my eyes only, but i am a firm believer that sexy underneath produces confidence all can see.
and the cutest dalmation dot of a dress from H&M.

then i went to dinner downtown and loved every second of it, but most importantly a heart to heart in the front seat of a car.
tomorrow i plan on seeing the dark knight rises...WITH JUST ME!  i want christian bale all to myself and that is how i plan to have it.
then i may or may not do a double feature and see the katy perry movie. duh, a basic part of my plan would involve a confidence boost from my role model.
then i plan on hitting another nordstrom, because it makes me happy.
i am going running in my new tank top.
i am doing my nails kardashian pink.
i am going to target to put together a surprise for someone very special in my life.
i am sitting in my backyard with nothing but a bathing suit, sunglasses and tanning lotion on while i read issues of harper's bazar, vogue, instyle and cosmo that have remained untouched on the stand at the foot of my bed.
i'm finally responding to about 15 emails from friends, family and a few strangers that i haven't had time to even read in these past few crazy weeks.
S and moi are having an Alias marathon before she leaves me for 3 weeks for the olympics.

and i am not worrying.
or planning.
or trying to control a damn thing.

 i am just letting it all go.
open and ready for what's next.


  1. While you're drooling over Christian Bale, I think I will swoon over Joseph Gordon Levitt. :)

  2. I LOVE that song from 9 to 5.

    And I love your attitude. I'm trying to spend more quality time with me lately. It's not about avoiding people or getting alone time. It's about treating myself nicely and doing things that I sincerely, genuinely want to do. For me.