Sunday, July 8, 2012


this morning i woke up at 3am shaking, aching and freezing.
which means i am resigned to my marshmellow cloud bed for the day trying to rid my system of whatever this is.
luckily, gossip girl was created and i have a day date with my good friends from the upper east side, gallons of water and some orange juice on the side.
thank the heavens for pinterest.
i am now convinced it was created by sickies.
my boredom savior.
{do you have one, let's be pin friends here}

i can't really catch up on sleep due to the fact that the neighbors have decided to build some sort of tiled, tuscon fence around their entire house.
naturally, all the tile is being cut in the front yard.
i just hope for all this work they are going to atleast put a moat in there too.
i mean, let's get real.

i have no appetite which means i can't eat my way to happiness.
so basically, without food, what is the point of living anymore?!?
ya know...

regardless, i'm sick.
i hate it.

{photo via pinterest}

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