Saturday, July 28, 2012

let the games begin.

it's my favorite time of life!
the olympics is something i stand still for.
i will be glued to a tv and internet for the next 2 weeks.
{what else is new}
i cheer out loud, cry during the commercials and get chills every time they show the face of a brand new gold medal winner.
there is just something incredibly human about watching the joy of people accomplishing their dreams, and the humility of those who don't.
so you can catch me here or there.

{photo via pinterest}

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

another brunette.

one of my favorite blogs to follow is a fellow brunette, naturally.
{a brunette bombshell}, to be exact.
i stumbled upon her blog via a reference to her from thee fabulous mormon in manhattan,
and have been addicted ever since.
she is a modern carrie bradshaw,
if i may be so bold.

hop on over to her space,
specifically {this} entry she recently wrote.
i figured it could serve as my entry for today.
because i couldn't agree with her more and i most definitely couldn't have said it any better myself.

so here's to being independent and still wanting the fairy tale.
you can have both, i believe.
"imperfect, but impossibly strong..."

Sunday, July 22, 2012

to get to the other side?

because right now i'm
standing at the foot of that bridge.
fabulous high heels on feet, ready to cross.
pink lighter in hand, ready to burn.
so which do you choose?
when part of you says...cross.
and the other part says...burn baby burn.
no but like, seriously...
usually i'm so good at this!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


guys, i am obsessed with anne hathaway as catwoman.
to the point that i'm kinda contemplating
changing my life plan to becoming a jewel thief who takes people down with her high heels just to maintain the same aura of class she holds in this film.

totally kidding.
what i'm not kidding about is how amazing she looks in the movie.
i'm not talking oh wow she clearly dieted and killed herself at the gym to look good in latex amazing, but more so she's the audrey hepburn of our time amazing.
like i said...i love her.

Friday, July 20, 2012

get out. and stay out.

i am a broadway junkie.
i just can't get enough of that kind of stuff!
white girl problem #104,592...i know.
one of my favorite b-way songs EVER is sung by thee talented and fabulous stephanie j. block,
{trust me, i've seen her shine in person}
from dolly parton's 9 to 5 called get out and stay out.
when i sing along to this song, clearly in the privacy of my own car because anything more public would surely put a damper in someone's day, the line i always scream at the top of my lungs is when she sings...
so get out and stay out, i'm taking back my life.

well, today i had a lovely wake up call,
 {we all need them every once in a while} 
in terms of taking back my life.
i feel i have been a bit untrue to everything i stand for these past few weeks
by letting the fast pace of life get the better of me.
i'm going 100mph without taking time to enjoy it.
and that's not who i am.

so this weekend i'm gettin' my groove back.
taking back the life i so love.
just some time to feel like me again, and move forward.
changed from what i've learned from various trials, better for them, and so excited for what is to come.

and how, you may ask, am i taking back my sense of self?
well, for starters i went to my very favorite mall tonight, didn't go crazy, but got a little spoiled.
i let myself drink a diet coke.
{after i kicked that habit to the curb}
i bought a dress from nordstrom that makes me look like a tall toothpick. and i am not sorry, but every girl deserves to feel skinny in a dress.
i bought lots of pretty, lacy underwear from victoria's secret. for my eyes only, but i am a firm believer that sexy underneath produces confidence all can see.
and the cutest dalmation dot of a dress from H&M.

then i went to dinner downtown and loved every second of it, but most importantly a heart to heart in the front seat of a car.
tomorrow i plan on seeing the dark knight rises...WITH JUST ME!  i want christian bale all to myself and that is how i plan to have it.
then i may or may not do a double feature and see the katy perry movie. duh, a basic part of my plan would involve a confidence boost from my role model.
then i plan on hitting another nordstrom, because it makes me happy.
i am going running in my new tank top.
i am doing my nails kardashian pink.
i am going to target to put together a surprise for someone very special in my life.
i am sitting in my backyard with nothing but a bathing suit, sunglasses and tanning lotion on while i read issues of harper's bazar, vogue, instyle and cosmo that have remained untouched on the stand at the foot of my bed.
i'm finally responding to about 15 emails from friends, family and a few strangers that i haven't had time to even read in these past few crazy weeks.
S and moi are having an Alias marathon before she leaves me for 3 weeks for the olympics.

and i am not worrying.
or planning.
or trying to control a damn thing.

 i am just letting it all go.
open and ready for what's next.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

sugar and spice.

guys, i love las vegas.
and i'm not ashamed to admit, las vegas kinda loves me.
i think it is impossible to go and not have a blast.
so i'm a girl with standards...we can have fun too.
rest be assured.
wanna hear a story only few ears have heard?
good, because i am ready to tell...

once upon a time {or like, last year}, 
thee bestie and moi took a waltz around the strip one night, all dressed up with many places to go.
first stop was the sugar factory.
it's like katy perry and a gummi bear had a baby and created a store.
yep...THAT good.

we spent far too much time looking at all the celeb designed treats and, naturally, purchased matching cupcake key chains. 
no judgements puhhlease.
as we walked outside i noticed a poster of my idol, queen and #1 girl, ms. britney spears.
i decided it would be great to take a picture.
{i don't know people, just roll with me here.}
right as jo-jo was about to snap the picture, a visitor kindly and 1/2 soberly asked if he could be in the picture too.
i thought to myself, 
"he's cute, he seems to have showered in the last 24 hours, it's vegas...hey, why not?"
and snap...

fast forward exactly one year and one week later.
i am eating dinner in the middle of downtown san diego and guess who is sitting across from me?
mr. las vegas, himself.
celebrating one year of us being dear and lovely friends,
his first time in california,
and my survival of driving from orange county to san diego in rush hour traffic.
funny how life happens, huh?
who would have ever thought that an adorably handsome air force gentleman from half a country away, who somewhat drunkenly jumped into my life, would become such a friend?
we have survived a few mishaps, a cross country move, a tour of duty, a facebook deletion, a re-add, embarrassing stories, deep secrets and everything in between.
i adore him. to pieces.
and i think 95% of the time he adores me.

i guess katy perry was right...
sometimes that's what you get for waking up in vegas.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

throw your sticks and your stones.

{photo via pinterest via my 2nd fav audrey movie, roman holiday}

my mormon bachelor episode is up loves!
in case you missed the memo...oh boy.
never in my life did i suspect that my so called un-attractiveness would become a hot topic of discussion amongst a vast group of people.
it's strange. 
it's a bit invasive. 
it is what it is.
it's what i agreed to...remember that, please.

yesterday i received LOTS of messages and texts and calls and emails regarding what was/wasn't said on the episode and i just kept quiet.
i kept quiet until i knew what my exact opinion was.
because, heaven knows i always have one,
and here it is...
i'm not going to pretend i am this extreme ultra breed of girl who doesn't give a crap what people think or say about her, because we all do.
and if a girl tells you she doesn't, she is lying...
run for those hills brother!
girls are girls and we are far too often burdened with a little thing called insecurity.
don't get me wrong, i will never change who i am to please someone else's vision of who they think i ought to be.
my plague of insecurity doesn't run that deep.
but it does run as deep as vulnerability.
i may not show it at times, but i promise's there.

so when i saw the episode was posted and the not so classily put comment came to light i did what any girl would have done...i cried.
yep, that's right...i cried.
i'm not saying it was a sobfest,
no need to call in the flood watch.
but there was a significant amount of tears.
remember, i'm not here to make you worship my feet, 
i am here to give you my honest reaction.
and that was my first reaction.

then i got to thinking...
when you do something in the public eye, especially date, you have to be ready for 3 opinions:
one, the opinion of the person you are on a date with.
two, the opinions of the masses of people who comment on the date you were on that you don't know, and sometimes, thankfully, never will.
and three, the opinion you have of yourself.
and if number three is not solid and nurtured and loved, 
heaven help you when numbers one and two attack.
but he is allowed to have an opinion.
i am thankful that he does.
would i have said it with a little more tact?
i hope to the dear heavens, yes.
but that's about the only thing i would change in the situation.

because i realized...
the great thing about this life is you can be
anyone you want to be.
and, if you so choose, you can pay someone a pretty penny to make you look anyway you want to look.
and this is me.
not by accident, but rather by choice.
i know who i am.
i am happy with who i am.
i love who i am.
i am nowhere near perfect.
my life is just as messy as yours and at some points,
even more so.
but i have very consciously made myself into the person i am today.
i assure you all...i did not become this quirky red headed, hockey cheerin, katy perry lovin lady by dumb luck.
and that's all there is to it.

i appreciate the support.
i appreciate the many defenses put up in my name.
i am humbled by the kind words.
i don't care to publicly state my opinion on the other words spoken.
 but one person's opinion, is in fact...just an opinion.
one i happen to not agree with.

so let's be classy. 
let's stay sassy. 
and let's let it go.

Monday, July 9, 2012

that one time...

so now that i've run a 1/2 marathon, i am officially a runner.
right?  wrong.
but someone should have told me that before i went off trying to become the next jackie joyner kersee.
case in point...
S convinced me to join the corona del mar running group.
i figured...hey! why not?
running around the beach with one of my best friends, in one of my favorite little towns...there isn't much more to life than that.

so off we went one tuesday night just a runnin', kinda in that forest gump sort of way.
except very quickly into it i started to not feel so well.
i figured my body was in shock because i was actually making it exercise and i just needed to suck it up and keep on going.
except, the more i kept on keepin on, the worse i felt.
so once we made it to our first rest point, i told S i was going to turn around and head back to the cars.
i had plans for the night and at my current speed, it would take me forever and a day to get back.
but before i headed back, i decided to stop at the bathroom.
sorry, tmi...

now these were certified beach bathrooms, which means there was nothing certified about them.
they were disgusting and seaweedy and sandy and grotesque.
but i'm a big girl and can handle things like that.
so as i was bending over to put paper all over that germ infested seat, my key {currently stuffed in my bra} slipped out and INTO the toilet.
now, i am in the midst of trying this new way of living called,
not panicking the second something doesn't go as planned.
it isn't easy loves, let me tell you!
regardless, i made the conscious effort to not go into cray-cray mode. i stayed uncharacteristically calm and tried to figure out a way to fish the key out.
one thing i knew for certain,
my hand was not going down there.
or was it?
well, before i could even decide if i was going to cross that line, a little thing called autoflush made the decision for me.
usually something i am quite grateful for as it keeps me from having to decide if i am going to hand of foot the toilet flusher.
{oh don't pretend you don't think the same way}
i'm sorry, but what self-respecting beach bathroom has auto flush?!?! like, my bathroom at work doesn't even have this very 21st century feature.
i mean, this is practically a thing of LUXURY we are talking about. yet, the beach bathrooms that probably carry more STDs than courtney love herself, are somewhat miraculously equipped with it?
excuse me, come again?
anyway, there went my key.

so there i was, stranded at the beach, with no key to my car and, of course, no phone to call for help.
at this point i was either gonna start to cry or laugh and honestly, i started laughing...well, and running.
luckily i got so lost it was ridiculous and by the time i made it back to my car the running group was just arriving and dear friend S did what good, dear friends do...
she bought me ice cream while we sat on a bench and figured out my life's latest problem.

needless to say the night ended after lots of laughs, some tears, finally getting into my car, and buying a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes to make up for my completely un-intentional stand-up of thee evening plans.
luckily, he was quite forgiving.

true story.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


this morning i woke up at 3am shaking, aching and freezing.
which means i am resigned to my marshmellow cloud bed for the day trying to rid my system of whatever this is.
luckily, gossip girl was created and i have a day date with my good friends from the upper east side, gallons of water and some orange juice on the side.
thank the heavens for pinterest.
i am now convinced it was created by sickies.
my boredom savior.
{do you have one, let's be pin friends here}

i can't really catch up on sleep due to the fact that the neighbors have decided to build some sort of tiled, tuscon fence around their entire house.
naturally, all the tile is being cut in the front yard.
i just hope for all this work they are going to atleast put a moat in there too.
i mean, let's get real.

i have no appetite which means i can't eat my way to happiness.
so basically, without food, what is the point of living anymore?!?
ya know...

regardless, i'm sick.
i hate it.

{photo via pinterest}

Saturday, July 7, 2012

summer lovin.

life is cray-cray these days.
seeing as i have been MIA for a while, i figured i love you all enough to catch you up on the nitty-gritty details with some kodak moments.
it's better to look at me than listen anyway.
but not about the pics...

celebrating baby birthdays and work girlfriends, turning 1 is not to be underestimated folks.

KP3D multiple times...the details of the actual number are not necessary, but i mean, i have a reputation to uphold here.

celebrating father's day with this man.  
and falling in love with this maxi dress, 
seriously i think i could get married and die in this sucker.

staying in contact thee old fashion way with with cards and letters.
getting super excited that this specific lady is moving to SAN FRAN in a few short moments!

 lunching with Shamu...dream come freakin true!
i mean look at that's horrifyingly happy.  EEK!

reading hardcore, thoughtful, introspective material and drinkin' the crack.

 sending this lovely lady off on a mission to PERU!

speaking of missions...missing my guadalajara munchkin each and every day.

working, working and more working.

not really acting my age.
so what else is new.

happy summertime loves!

Friday, July 6, 2012


notice anyone familiar on this HelloGiggles twitter scroll?
i am convinced that zooey deschanel and sophia rossi themselves personally saw my tweet and decided to re-tweet it to all the HelloGiggles fans.
more like whichever intern was in charge of the press that day.
regardless, i am more happy about this than i should be.