Sunday, June 17, 2012

in your daughter's eyes.

father's day always makes me super overly emotional.
go figure.
when it comes to my relationship with my parents the one i have with each of them individually is very different.

my mother is an angel.
i tell her almost everything. haha.
she and i fight more and more as i get older and have less of her opinions and more of my own.
but she is thee most important person in my world.
we still hold hands when we walk places.
we cry together and laugh together...sometimes all in the same conversation.
she is my best friend.
my world would crumble without her.

but my dad...
my relationship with my dad is one far greater than any friendship.
i look like my dad.
i act like my dad.
i think like my dad.
i find that interesting, but not coincidental.

whenever i have a problem in life far greater than me,
he is the first one i go to.
he is wise.
he is fair.
he is kind.
he is ridiculously patient with me.
he is my safe keeper.
he is the biggest defender of my hopes and dreams.
he is so in love with my mother i want to barf at times,
but then again i wouldn't have it any other way.
he pushes me toward becoming the woman i think he always knew i could become,
even though many days i still have my doubts.

 he taught me to drive and my love for baseball games.
he is the kind of dad who used to take mornings off of work so he could come to my silly student of the month awards assemblies in elementary school.
because let's face it, at 7 years old very few things are cooler than those pieces of paper.
he taught me the importance of an education and making my own decisions.
he is the kind of dad who takes his daughter to see katy perry in concert for her 25th birthday, and instead of sitting there wondering what on earth is going on, he fist pumps the night away to firework.
he is the greatest man i know.
and i thank God everyday that he is mine.

happy father's day daddy.
i love you always and forever.

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  1. Your blog just makes my little heart so happy <3