Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the fear you won't fall.

ugh. when did this become my life?
when you fell for mr. big.
-my darling and ever smart JJ-

it's not as fun as carrie made it look ladies.
that is for sure.
it frustrates and hurts until you find yourself sobbing on the 55 frwy in traffic.
or not...promise that didn't happen?!?
thee good news is after such a minor break down i was told by 3 separate people that i had a glow about me that day.
glad to know i have spent my weight in dewy beauty products from sephora to discover you simply have to cry your soul out to get the desired effect.
bien. bien.

but i put myself out there, after swearing off of it forever.
and i am a little bit proud of that.
hindsight, as always, is 20/20.
you can think of everything you would have done differently and wonder if that would have changed anything til the cows moo home.
lots of what ifs and whys.
and thankfully, ity bity fits of laughter at the kinds of things yours truly comes up with during heated & heartfelt debate like... 
i can't believe i shaved my legs for this!
oh yes, that happened.
thanks deana carter.

thee great thing about life goes on.
and i think i am finally ready to trust that the cookie will crumble at it's best.
and that my darling thee silver lining.

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