Monday, June 18, 2012

do you hear the people sing?

i'd like to think the activities of my past friday night were so good i would beat katy perry herself in an activity reporting contest.
so let me tell you about it loves...

thee evening began with dinner at the capital grille.
we had lobster cakes, tomatoes & mozarilla, two kinds of steak, mushrooms, lobster macaroni, truffle fries, cheesecake, creme brule and banana cream pie.
yes, i ate all of thee above and still managed to walk my way into the theatre, rather than being rolled in, as i feared.
 major accomplishment.

we then ventured across the street to see Les Miserables
where it is stationed for a couple of weeks for the 25th Anniversary Tour.
now loves, i am a sucker for a good musical.
from the second i sat in my brother's lap at 7 years old because i was terrified for my life during phantom of the opera, i never get tired of stories told by the power of music.
some i have seen are timeless,
{wicked, cats, my fair lady, chicago, etc}
others have been less than thrilling, {kiss me kate}
but NONE i have ever seen compare to this rendition of Les Miserables.
apparently for the 25th anniversary tour they have re-vamped the staging/lighting/costumes and even have holographic projections on the backscreen to allow for set changes without actually having to physically change the set.
completely brilliant.

usually i like to play the weakest link in the theatre game.
the person who's acting chops clearly got them the part because it certainly wasn't their voice.
but oh my revolution, the cast of this tour is crazy, insanely talented.
although, in my not so professional opinion, eponine stole the show, heart and soul.
but then again, she is my favorite character of the bunch.
every woman on this earth can relate to the girl who follows the guy she is secretly in love with to the edge of the world and back only for him to fall in love someone else.
hello...on my own?!?  
how do you not sob through this song?
{ps...samantha barks is playing eponine in the movie. so thrilled!}

and let's not even talk about the water works.
luckily my fake eyelashes were solidly glued to my face because i started crying 20 minutes in with i dreamed a dream and didn't stop until the curtain closed 3 hours later.

i think very few can argue this is not a masterpiece.
i would go even further to argue it is, in fact,
the best musical ever written.
either way, my life is now officially on hold until this happens at christmas time...

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  1. Wicked, Phantom, and Les Mis are all tied for firts in my heart. I love them. I've been a fan of Les Mis since I was little and first learned the music word for word. I didn't see it on stage until last year, when Graham took me to the Ahmanson for my birthday. It was EXTRAORDINARY! And don't worry, I cried, too. How can you NOT be moved by this music?! I'm so excited for the movie!