Monday, June 25, 2012

and this is crazy.

guys, i have some news.
i am not allowed to publicly say anything quite yet.
just know...i have news.
so hold tight for a few weeks...
and i will make sure you are some of the first to know.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

you're not gonna break my soul.

one week. one week. one week.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

...or something like that.

{don't read too far into this wasn't like thaaaat}
{i'm still a lady...duh}

Monday, June 18, 2012

do you hear the people sing?

i'd like to think the activities of my past friday night were so good i would beat katy perry herself in an activity reporting contest.
so let me tell you about it loves...

thee evening began with dinner at the capital grille.
we had lobster cakes, tomatoes & mozarilla, two kinds of steak, mushrooms, lobster macaroni, truffle fries, cheesecake, creme brule and banana cream pie.
yes, i ate all of thee above and still managed to walk my way into the theatre, rather than being rolled in, as i feared.
 major accomplishment.

we then ventured across the street to see Les Miserables
where it is stationed for a couple of weeks for the 25th Anniversary Tour.
now loves, i am a sucker for a good musical.
from the second i sat in my brother's lap at 7 years old because i was terrified for my life during phantom of the opera, i never get tired of stories told by the power of music.
some i have seen are timeless,
{wicked, cats, my fair lady, chicago, etc}
others have been less than thrilling, {kiss me kate}
but NONE i have ever seen compare to this rendition of Les Miserables.
apparently for the 25th anniversary tour they have re-vamped the staging/lighting/costumes and even have holographic projections on the backscreen to allow for set changes without actually having to physically change the set.
completely brilliant.

usually i like to play the weakest link in the theatre game.
the person who's acting chops clearly got them the part because it certainly wasn't their voice.
but oh my revolution, the cast of this tour is crazy, insanely talented.
although, in my not so professional opinion, eponine stole the show, heart and soul.
but then again, she is my favorite character of the bunch.
every woman on this earth can relate to the girl who follows the guy she is secretly in love with to the edge of the world and back only for him to fall in love someone else.
hello...on my own?!?  
how do you not sob through this song?
{ps...samantha barks is playing eponine in the movie. so thrilled!}

and let's not even talk about the water works.
luckily my fake eyelashes were solidly glued to my face because i started crying 20 minutes in with i dreamed a dream and didn't stop until the curtain closed 3 hours later.

i think very few can argue this is not a masterpiece.
i would go even further to argue it is, in fact,
the best musical ever written.
either way, my life is now officially on hold until this happens at christmas time...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

in your daughter's eyes.

father's day always makes me super overly emotional.
go figure.
when it comes to my relationship with my parents the one i have with each of them individually is very different.

my mother is an angel.
i tell her almost everything. haha.
she and i fight more and more as i get older and have less of her opinions and more of my own.
but she is thee most important person in my world.
we still hold hands when we walk places.
we cry together and laugh together...sometimes all in the same conversation.
she is my best friend.
my world would crumble without her.

but my dad...
my relationship with my dad is one far greater than any friendship.
i look like my dad.
i act like my dad.
i think like my dad.
i find that interesting, but not coincidental.

whenever i have a problem in life far greater than me,
he is the first one i go to.
he is wise.
he is fair.
he is kind.
he is ridiculously patient with me.
he is my safe keeper.
he is the biggest defender of my hopes and dreams.
he is so in love with my mother i want to barf at times,
but then again i wouldn't have it any other way.
he pushes me toward becoming the woman i think he always knew i could become,
even though many days i still have my doubts.

 he taught me to drive and my love for baseball games.
he is the kind of dad who used to take mornings off of work so he could come to my silly student of the month awards assemblies in elementary school.
because let's face it, at 7 years old very few things are cooler than those pieces of paper.
he taught me the importance of an education and making my own decisions.
he is the kind of dad who takes his daughter to see katy perry in concert for her 25th birthday, and instead of sitting there wondering what on earth is going on, he fist pumps the night away to firework.
he is the greatest man i know.
and i thank God everyday that he is mine.

happy father's day daddy.
i love you always and forever.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

cloud 9.

candy, fairytales and katy...
oh my!

clearly, june 19th will not come soon enough.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

run forest run.

if you follow me on the twitter or facebook it is of no news to you that last weekend S and moi ventured down south to the great city of San Diego to run the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon.
and guess the hell what?!?!
it was far and away thee hardest thing i have ever done in my life, and not surprisingly, one of thee most rewarding.

i read an article earlier this year in which the author summed up her focus of life in 5 powerful words...
i can do hard things 
to anyone who thinks they can't, here is a not very funny, emotional, out of this world ridiculous travel log of my thoughts during the jog.
sorry if there is some cursing.
sorry if there is some cringing.
sorry if it gets boring.
all sorts of sorts go on in your mind when there is nothing but you, music, a pair of feet and 13.1 miles of open road to conquer...

first of all, waking up at 4:15 in the morning is never acceptable. the last time i did this was to meet oprah and i mean, okay, that was acceptable, it's oprah.
i can't even eat a banana. my body hates me right now. imagine what it's going to do when it gets the news we have 13 miles to run. eek!
on the bus to downtown these people are serious about life. 
wait, was i supposed to take this thing seriously? i think i missed that memo.
what's with all the space blankets? we are in southern california, this isn't cold. on the other hand if that is going to somehow make me run faster, pass the oversized tin foil my way.
does my hair look good? because i need it to be lookin' fabulous. it's the only thing i can control right now.
bag checked. no turning back.  it's soon to be 13.1 miles away from me...and i have to get it back somehow.  i guess that means i'm runnin.
i may be a "marathoner" now but i still have my pride...i don't do port-a-potties.
time to line up, we are choral 30 which means we have a while to go before they count us down.
so that "while" didn't last very long, how are we at 27 already?
can i vomit right now all over these people's fancy running shoes and get out of this?
would a hot paramedic come and save me? maybe this is my best option.
choral #28...california gurls begins over the loud speaker. i think someone is trying to tell me something. 
choral #29.
and it's our turn.  here goes nothin.
mile #1 down. that wasn't so bad.
i feel like i have been running for a good while now, they must only be doing mile markers every few miles.  i am at least 3 miles into this now. this is fun!
mile marker #2. uhhhhhhh...
wait, did they re-measure the mile? because these are longer than i ever remember in training.
training? what training...who am i kidding!
okay, passing an older lady walking in jeans...if she can do this damn thing so can i.
mile marker #3 - officially finished the 5K...wait, was there a 5K option in this race?  why didn't anyone tell me!
balboa park is totally gorgeous.  and these dr. seuss cheerleaders on the side are super cutesies. this ain't so bad.
freeway entrance? we are running on a freeway?!? i'm suddenly very confused about my life and why i ever wanted to do this.
mile #4 - done.
she has cute shoes. i should probably compliment her on them. it's the least i can do, i mean, since i am going to pass her right now.
love the irony in the "scenic route" markers along the freeway. 
eff the scenery.
mile #5 - done.
seeing cars drive by like isn't very motivational.  i feel i am running at least 65 mph but their passing me seems to prove me different.
am i on mile 5 or 6? 6 definitely 6. which means next marker i am half way done. this is great!
that mile marker looks awfully much like a 6 instead of 7.  oh, it is a 6.
mile #6 - done.
don't cry jessica.
okay, you can cry a little. you can walk too.
or just cry alot. if someone asks blame it on the "scenery" along the scenic route.
 this is the worst mile of my life.
did i just start my period?
i can't even check because 1.) if i stop i will never start again and 2.) what kind of person would that make me if i had a story about starting my period in a porta-potty? i mean, i still have my standards people.
i thought cute guys ran these things...where are all the men?!?!
mile #7 - done.
oh i'm sorry, you want me to go UPHILL to get off this freeway? who planned this out anyway...
all these people with signs on the side of the road cheering me on clearly know how special i am.
but for realsies, they are amazing. bless them. please. 
mile #8 - done.
running along a golf course now, i have never been so jealous of old men who golf early on saturday mornings in my entire life.
go-go gel juice packet time! the dolla makes me holla honey boo boo.
ewww. that was the worst thing i have ever tasted in my life.
i can't lie, littering w/o getting in trouble is more fun right now than it should be.
mile #9 - done.
this mile smells like bathroom.
dj is playing YMCA along the side of the road. so yes, i will be the girl that runs with her hands up in the air and wave em around like i just don't care.
obvs, the go-go gel is working.
mile # 10 - done.
i'm sorry, they have KAREOKE at mile marker #10?!?!?!?!?  let's stop and play. slowing down...uh no, let's just keep going and finish this freakin thing.
3 miles left...that is an entire 5K still...suddenly the tears are coming back again.
jessica bradley, you can do this. wait, did i just say that out loud?!? i guess i need to run faster so i don't have to stay by these people and be the crazy girl who talks to herself.
tsa is handing out water with flamingos on their heads. i didn't know they had senses of humor.  if i ever make it out of this i will be sure to crack a flamingo joke to them next time i am at the airport.
mile #11 - done.
not thinking a whole lot right now. i just need this to be over.
mile #12 - done.
one more. can i do one more? yes.
um, no. because i can see the finish line tent and bible, that thing is more than a mile away.
did someone actually measure the course? i think they screwed up.
all the cars lined up to get into sea world.  this is the only time in my life i will be running faster than a car is moving.
those are steel baracades, i must be close.
mile #13 - done.
now for the .1...this should be easy.
or hard.
very hard.
this is the hardest thing i have ever done.
where are all my jr high/high school PE teachers right now? because i would like them to see this.
mile #13.1 - done and done. 
i CAN do hard things.

Friday, June 8, 2012

thee fairest of them all.

kiki-belle and moi went to see snow white and the huntsman on thursday night.
we both agreed on a few things:
very, very dark movie.
charlize theron killlllllleeeddd it.
like, she was bone-chillingly scary.
chris hemsworth is a dream.
they could have found a snow white who actually is
the fairest of them all.
{she suggested leighton meester...i have taught her well}
the costumes, by academy award winner colleen atwood,
{alice in wonderland, chicago, sweeny todd} 
are out of this world...

{the wedding dress alone cost $32,000 and took 3 weeks to make}

luckily, the movie is not so much about snow white, but more about the queen.
so they got the casting right where it was needed.
and stewart wasn't her normal terrible self,
i mean, i think she had 3 facial expressions in this rather than her normal 1.
i also think the fact that she had to have a british accent forced her to have fluctuation in her voice, which twilight fans know well and good is not her strongest suit.
and visually, it is beyond anything you have seen before.
i was stunned to learn this is the director's first movie!
definitely a go watch.
already totes thrilled they have been given the green light for a sequel.
just be prepared that this is in NO WAY a fairytale.
and after watching hemsworth for 2 1/2 hours no man in the real world will ever do your life justice.
also, i can't stop listening to the theme song by florence and the machine.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the fear you won't fall.

ugh. when did this become my life?
when you fell for mr. big.
-my darling and ever smart JJ-

it's not as fun as carrie made it look ladies.
that is for sure.
it frustrates and hurts until you find yourself sobbing on the 55 frwy in traffic.
or not...promise that didn't happen?!?
thee good news is after such a minor break down i was told by 3 separate people that i had a glow about me that day.
glad to know i have spent my weight in dewy beauty products from sephora to discover you simply have to cry your soul out to get the desired effect.
bien. bien.

but i put myself out there, after swearing off of it forever.
and i am a little bit proud of that.
hindsight, as always, is 20/20.
you can think of everything you would have done differently and wonder if that would have changed anything til the cows moo home.
lots of what ifs and whys.
and thankfully, ity bity fits of laughter at the kinds of things yours truly comes up with during heated & heartfelt debate like... 
i can't believe i shaved my legs for this!
oh yes, that happened.
thanks deana carter.

thee great thing about life goes on.
and i think i am finally ready to trust that the cookie will crumble at it's best.
and that my darling thee silver lining.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

born this way.

a very hip-happy birthday to one of my all time favorite ladies, miss JJ.
she makes life a lovely place to live in.
for realsies, girlfriend girlfriend is without a doubt thee funniest person i have ever met.
every time we go to lunch she has me in tears of laughter by the time we are rolling back into that parking lot.
she is the queen of facial expressions.
witty come backs.
and wise beyond her years life advice.

naturally, because i don't know how to do days of birth on anything less than 100 speed, officina Ke-Ke and moi drowned JJ's office space yesterday morning in confetti, streamers, balloons, glitter, flowers, starbucks, prezzies and a custom made kitty kake.
as far as i am concerned, no one deserves a happy day more than her.

so happy birthday dearest!!