Monday, May 7, 2012

the three musketeers.

tomorrow is the big, biG, bIG, BIG day!
we are gettin our girl to the church on time 
and helping her step into her new life as a mrs.
thankfully, her hubby took pity on the three of us and decided to not move far far away, 
so she will remain down the street for our "cooking nights"
{aka: where we go to red robin and bask in how good we AREN'T at cooking}
and all the other crazy things we like to get wrapped up in.

tonight was full of lots of last minute details.
but most importantly laughter, tears and love.

i may not have known A my entire life.
but she came into my life at the moment i needed her most.
God answers prayers.
i know this because she was the answer to mine in so many ways.
and i could not be more honored to stand by her side tomorrow on the most important day of her life thus far.

happy wedding day A & B.
forever and always.

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