Saturday, May 26, 2012

something to talk about.

communication is a big thing for me.
if we are in any sort of deep relationship,
{love, friend, etc.}
you will always know where you stand with me.
for better or worse.
if i'm not talking than i really have nothing to say.
i'm not afraid to hurt feelings.
and in return i have to be open to the expectation that people will not be afraid to hurt mine.
i take comfort in having relationships with people that are 100% real.
it's scary sometimes, to hear what others have to say to you.
but if you really listen, it can be all the more rewarding.

which means when lifetime,
{yes, as in television for women} 
debuted their new tv show:
the conversation with amanda de cadenet
i was automatically on board.
and let me tell you, it does not disappoint.
{i'm sorry, but did you LOL at eva longoria's comment at the end?!?}

 the basis of the show is real conversations with women who we commonly see as not being real.
aka: movie stars, activists, tabloid magazine money makers, etc.
it's raw. it's emotional. it's funny. it's inappropriate.
these women sit down each week sans fake eyelashes, airbrushed skin, curls in hair, spanxy dresses and publicists to have an actual conversation about the way they view life.

sometimes it's scary to see what these women really think.
but most times it's a relief that even amidst the glam and glitz of their lifestyles, they don't have a magical free pass through the burdens of life.
from gwyneth paltrow's heartbreakingly honest chat about the death of her father,
to melissa mccarthy admitting she doesn't care she is fat,
to zoe saldana confessing that she lies
about how happy she truly is.

i guess what i really love about it is the communication.
the actual conversation.
the realization that money doesn't buy you happiness.
that you have to work really hard to find it. 
and no matter how rich or poor, that is something we all have an equal shot at.
so happy watching.
thursday nights, lifetime, 10/11pm

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