Thursday, May 17, 2012

pretty in pink.

i once had a job in which i was not allowed to wear open toed shoes unless my toesies were painted and i had to have a pretty color, if not gloss at the very least, on my fingernails.
talk about a dress code.
well, after working there for a little over a year codes became habit and i don't think my nails have had a day off the color train since.
now loves, i'm not a crazy color girl.
before i apply polish i always think to myself:
would audrey wear this color?
nope, that's not a joke.
sometimes, on a cray day, i even say it out loud.
i have every shade of pink and red in the color book.
and maybe a bieberlicious purple or two.
so you can imagine my happiness when i recently found thee perfect pinkie pink for my summer.
all kendall-ed up
kardashian kollection for nicole/opi

i admit, i originally purchased it because i am a slave to the kardashian whore house and feel this outrageous need to support my already rich sistahs.
but now, i am obsessed!
my co-worker calls it the grown up barbie pink.
i call it perfection.
it compliments my bathing suit wonderfully.
and really in the summer lovin days...that is all you can hope for.

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