Saturday, May 5, 2012

oh so scadalous.

new tv show obsession alert:
it is the ONLY show i watch religiously on a live basis these days.
even more to my loyalty, it is on at 10pm which is waaayyy past my grown-up lady bed time.
but i just. can't. get. enough.
  based on the real life actions of former George Bush administration press aid Judy Smith,
our version of the show follows olivia pope, played by the thrilling kerry washington, as she dedicates her life to sanctifying the public's image of washington's elite by making sure their secrets never get out.  the team at her self-titled crisis management office includes a womanizing litigator {played by LOST's henry ian cusick, aka: desmond}, a smooth ex-convict, a hard hitting investigator, a hacker with a grim CIA past and a newly minted attorney who still believes the world to be innocent.

written and created by grey's anatomy genius, shonda rhimes, viewers are currently watching as olivia goes to bat against politics in order to protect a former white house intern who is now carrying the president's child 
conflict of interest? 
pope is the former White House Communications Director with a deeply personal relationship to mister president and his first lady.
it's been far too long since a show has left me this on the edge of my seat, scared to look at the clock and see how many minutes i don't have left of every episode.
far too long indeed.
so click on over {here} to get watching.
but prepare to be scandal-ized.

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  1. I'm Obsessed with this show!! I can't believe it's already over! I can't wait until fall!! Why couldn't they just end it in a perfectly conflict and cliff-hanger free way!?