Thursday, May 24, 2012

hey, i just get you.

so i think i have told you about dear, sweet M before?!?
maybe not, so little reminder...
we met in college.
she and i were both english majors and luckily had over a handful of classes together.
but for some reason, we never really became more than acquaintances.
we would talk and chit chat; beyond that we didn't have much.
until we graduated from college and via the joys of facebook kinda sorta became internet besties.
we love pretty much all the same things.
and who doesn't want someone like that in their life?
i know, right?
last december i went through a particularly gross time in life.
we are talking the lowest of lows.
hurty heart stuff.
a time when most people run away from you because they don't know how to help you.
no hard feelings. enough said.
well, despite the thousands of physical miles between us, M wrote me this beautiful and kind email without even knowing what the problem was specifically, and at the end left her number.
which took us from internet besties to almost real life besties and i don't care what the song says...
almost really does count.

anywhoo, today i received a few texts from M, except they all came in out of order.
so instead of the first photo text referencing what she was talking about,
all i got was one that said,
"three alternate endings. i'm in."
or something like that.
now here is the scuuurrrryyyy part loves.
without even flinching i wrote back,
"i'm right there with you girl, bought it last night."

now you may be a bit lost, but i was not.
because low and behold the follow up text that i assume was supposed to come first shot into my phone and was a picture of M shopping at Target in front of the this means war dvd display.
who DOESN'T know the dvd comes with 3 alternate endings?

i mean, we totally get each other.

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  1. UGH I knew my phone was being difficult! I'm SOOO glad you totally knew what I was talking about though. LOVE IT! :) LOVE YOU!