Tuesday, May 15, 2012

27 dresses.

it has officially been a week since our little miss became a mrs and boy have i NOT caught up on my sleep.
i feel the near deadly in-bed-all last weekend flu experience was probably my body telling me i had too much party party time last week and not enough sleepy sleep time.
oh well.
the day went off without a hitch, {actually that's a lie}
but we had a BLAST and the lack of sleep proved worth it.

morning started bright and early picking up the flowers from the florist.
i was there at 8:05am; she was not arriving until 8:30am.
so what would any MOH do in this situation?
apply her wedding makeup in the car.
after picking up the rosies i ventured on over to co-MOH Hill's house where us her sissy and baby nephew made an excellent breakfast.
we then proceeded to spend the next 2 1/2 hours dancing around doing nothing because, duh, we wake up with our makeup on and curls perfectly in tact.
another lie.
after we got our gorgeous on and yanked, pulled and tugged our way into the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses ever seen,
{nordy worker's words...not mine}
we packed up lexi and headed to the local mcdonald's for our morning caffeine intake.
and off we went to the big city of los angeles with our MOH mix on the soundtrack.

on our way out we might have been informed that a certain great, white wedding gown had been forgotten.
but luckily that business got jumped on real quickly and before we could turn around to get it ourselves, it was already en-route.
we arrived at the los angeles temple with plenty of time to play in the kid's room at the visitor center.
thank goodness!
and be ready and waiting for my favorite couple's big reveal.
look at that face?!?

naturally we stayed for next 2 hours posing for photos ourselves and then helping our gorgeous bride do the same.
nothing drastic...
just some sash re-tying, lipstick re-applying and maybe yanking a stray hair or two off her head because they were just too in the way to remain alive.
true story.

 then the MOH-mobile dashed on over to cafe rio for sustenance and on back to the oc in time to hit up nordies for some last minute bridal essentials for our girl.
no details for you loves.
i am a lady and i don't shop and tell.
this is where we were stopped dead in our tracks by some gal who wanted to take a picture of us and post it to her facebook wall claiming we were indeed wearing the prettiest bridesmaid dresses she had ever seen.
i said woman puhlease, i don't have time for paparazzi today.
totally kidding.
we thanked her kindly and then i made sure she saw my shoes.

after we headed back to the reception and partied our way into the night eating yummy desserts, laughing to some hi-larious poetry, mingling with strangers and maybe a surprise choreographed dance that was pulled straight from this movie...
oh yes, that happened.

and as any MOH team would naturally do after a wedding, we went and played soccer for the YMCA.
actually, i just cheered in the stands.
it was very bend it like bridesmaid of us.

and that was a wrap on the day.
until further notice, i am retiring as a MOH.
still not tired of the job yet.
any takers?

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