Saturday, May 26, 2012

something to talk about.

communication is a big thing for me.
if we are in any sort of deep relationship,
{love, friend, etc.}
you will always know where you stand with me.
for better or worse.
if i'm not talking than i really have nothing to say.
i'm not afraid to hurt feelings.
and in return i have to be open to the expectation that people will not be afraid to hurt mine.
i take comfort in having relationships with people that are 100% real.
it's scary sometimes, to hear what others have to say to you.
but if you really listen, it can be all the more rewarding.

which means when lifetime,
{yes, as in television for women} 
debuted their new tv show:
the conversation with amanda de cadenet
i was automatically on board.
and let me tell you, it does not disappoint.
{i'm sorry, but did you LOL at eva longoria's comment at the end?!?}

 the basis of the show is real conversations with women who we commonly see as not being real.
aka: movie stars, activists, tabloid magazine money makers, etc.
it's raw. it's emotional. it's funny. it's inappropriate.
these women sit down each week sans fake eyelashes, airbrushed skin, curls in hair, spanxy dresses and publicists to have an actual conversation about the way they view life.

sometimes it's scary to see what these women really think.
but most times it's a relief that even amidst the glam and glitz of their lifestyles, they don't have a magical free pass through the burdens of life.
from gwyneth paltrow's heartbreakingly honest chat about the death of her father,
to melissa mccarthy admitting she doesn't care she is fat,
to zoe saldana confessing that she lies
about how happy she truly is.

i guess what i really love about it is the communication.
the actual conversation.
the realization that money doesn't buy you happiness.
that you have to work really hard to find it. 
and no matter how rich or poor, that is something we all have an equal shot at.
so happy watching.
thursday nights, lifetime, 10/11pm

Friday, May 25, 2012

running at tiffany's.

9 days until i run my 1/2 marathon.
so basically i have 9 days left to live.
at least if i die...i will be somewhere between downtown san diego and sea world, wearing thee most gorgeous tiffany blue running top this world has ever seen.

and if i do finish, i have this mental image of running,
{actually no, crawling} 
into some stranger's arms and sobbing.
like oprah ugly cry status.
because who doesn't get emotional about running?
just me...oh.
it's the little things in life guys.

{photo via pinterest}

Thursday, May 24, 2012

hey, i just get you.

so i think i have told you about dear, sweet M before?!?
maybe not, so little reminder...
we met in college.
she and i were both english majors and luckily had over a handful of classes together.
but for some reason, we never really became more than acquaintances.
we would talk and chit chat; beyond that we didn't have much.
until we graduated from college and via the joys of facebook kinda sorta became internet besties.
we love pretty much all the same things.
and who doesn't want someone like that in their life?
i know, right?
last december i went through a particularly gross time in life.
we are talking the lowest of lows.
hurty heart stuff.
a time when most people run away from you because they don't know how to help you.
no hard feelings. enough said.
well, despite the thousands of physical miles between us, M wrote me this beautiful and kind email without even knowing what the problem was specifically, and at the end left her number.
which took us from internet besties to almost real life besties and i don't care what the song says...
almost really does count.

anywhoo, today i received a few texts from M, except they all came in out of order.
so instead of the first photo text referencing what she was talking about,
all i got was one that said,
"three alternate endings. i'm in."
or something like that.
now here is the scuuurrrryyyy part loves.
without even flinching i wrote back,
"i'm right there with you girl, bought it last night."

now you may be a bit lost, but i was not.
because low and behold the follow up text that i assume was supposed to come first shot into my phone and was a picture of M shopping at Target in front of the this means war dvd display.
who DOESN'T know the dvd comes with 3 alternate endings?

i mean, we totally get each other.

Monday, May 21, 2012

and i am giving up.

giving up.
two little words.
usually one heart heavy meaning.

however loves,
today i am basking in two different ways of giving up:
1. this article of which i am obsessed with: {click me}
2. ingrid michaelson's song of the same name, 
that pretty much sums up any and all of the deepest fears i have when it comes to finding my life long someone...
i think the world might be telling me something?
who knows...
i've given up trying to figure it all out.

{photo via pinterest}

Sunday, May 20, 2012

well, i heard they got pinned.

one of my on-off again favorite past times is pinning.
i get into grooves where it seems like it is all i wanna do, 
and then i leave it for a while.
regardless of my waiving loyalty to the art,
come and find me here:
so we can be happy pinning friends together.

last friday night.

this past friday,
ms. KP released this for the world to see...
words do not even begin to express how i feel.
midnight showing, here i come.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

pretty in pink.

i once had a job in which i was not allowed to wear open toed shoes unless my toesies were painted and i had to have a pretty color, if not gloss at the very least, on my fingernails.
talk about a dress code.
well, after working there for a little over a year codes became habit and i don't think my nails have had a day off the color train since.
now loves, i'm not a crazy color girl.
before i apply polish i always think to myself:
would audrey wear this color?
nope, that's not a joke.
sometimes, on a cray day, i even say it out loud.
i have every shade of pink and red in the color book.
and maybe a bieberlicious purple or two.
so you can imagine my happiness when i recently found thee perfect pinkie pink for my summer.
all kendall-ed up
kardashian kollection for nicole/opi

i admit, i originally purchased it because i am a slave to the kardashian whore house and feel this outrageous need to support my already rich sistahs.
but now, i am obsessed!
my co-worker calls it the grown up barbie pink.
i call it perfection.
it compliments my bathing suit wonderfully.
and really in the summer lovin days...that is all you can hope for.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

27 dresses.

it has officially been a week since our little miss became a mrs and boy have i NOT caught up on my sleep.
i feel the near deadly in-bed-all last weekend flu experience was probably my body telling me i had too much party party time last week and not enough sleepy sleep time.
oh well.
the day went off without a hitch, {actually that's a lie}
but we had a BLAST and the lack of sleep proved worth it.

morning started bright and early picking up the flowers from the florist.
i was there at 8:05am; she was not arriving until 8:30am.
so what would any MOH do in this situation?
apply her wedding makeup in the car.
after picking up the rosies i ventured on over to co-MOH Hill's house where us her sissy and baby nephew made an excellent breakfast.
we then proceeded to spend the next 2 1/2 hours dancing around doing nothing because, duh, we wake up with our makeup on and curls perfectly in tact.
another lie.
after we got our gorgeous on and yanked, pulled and tugged our way into the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses ever seen,
{nordy worker's words...not mine}
we packed up lexi and headed to the local mcdonald's for our morning caffeine intake.
and off we went to the big city of los angeles with our MOH mix on the soundtrack.

on our way out we might have been informed that a certain great, white wedding gown had been forgotten.
but luckily that business got jumped on real quickly and before we could turn around to get it ourselves, it was already en-route.
we arrived at the los angeles temple with plenty of time to play in the kid's room at the visitor center.
thank goodness!
and be ready and waiting for my favorite couple's big reveal.
look at that face?!?

naturally we stayed for next 2 hours posing for photos ourselves and then helping our gorgeous bride do the same.
nothing drastic...
just some sash re-tying, lipstick re-applying and maybe yanking a stray hair or two off her head because they were just too in the way to remain alive.
true story.

 then the MOH-mobile dashed on over to cafe rio for sustenance and on back to the oc in time to hit up nordies for some last minute bridal essentials for our girl.
no details for you loves.
i am a lady and i don't shop and tell.
this is where we were stopped dead in our tracks by some gal who wanted to take a picture of us and post it to her facebook wall claiming we were indeed wearing the prettiest bridesmaid dresses she had ever seen.
i said woman puhlease, i don't have time for paparazzi today.
totally kidding.
we thanked her kindly and then i made sure she saw my shoes.

after we headed back to the reception and partied our way into the night eating yummy desserts, laughing to some hi-larious poetry, mingling with strangers and maybe a surprise choreographed dance that was pulled straight from this movie...
oh yes, that happened.

and as any MOH team would naturally do after a wedding, we went and played soccer for the YMCA.
actually, i just cheered in the stands.
it was very bend it like bridesmaid of us.

and that was a wrap on the day.
until further notice, i am retiring as a MOH.
still not tired of the job yet.
any takers?

Monday, May 14, 2012

don't forget, enjoy the ride.

have i mentioned lately how much i love my job?
this may or may not have been taken during our "trip around the world" awards ceremony in which we dressed up as flight attendants to host the show.
i'm a little bit party planner, a little bit actress, a little bit organizational freak, a little bit assistant...
all in a day's work loves.
and i seriously can't get enough of it.

but i think what i love even more about my day job is the people.
it's amazing to me...
how truly great the people in this world are.
if you just open yourself up and let them in.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

make-me-up before you go-go.

i feel a girl's makeup bag says a lot about her.
what it says, i really don't know.
what i DO know is that after years and years of trying every beauty product on any drugstore/department store shelf, i finally have my perfect combination of products to fill my bag.
so here is a peek at my best of the best.
{clockwise from top} 

loreal magic perfecting base
mac mineralize powder - medium
sheseido eyelash curler
stila sheer tint foundation w/ spf 20 - fair
stila bronzer - shade 02
stila eyeshadow - kitten  
{swipe on my entire lid}
chanel lipstick w/ spf 15 - #47 barbados
mac eye paint - bare canvas  
{eye shadow primer}
benefit they're real mascara
burt's bees replenishing lip balm
nars blush - orgasm
revlon color stay eyeliner - black
revlon color stay concealer - light/medium
mac beauty powder - light sunshine  
{use as highlighter}
almay wake up undereye concealer - light/medium
stila eye compact - bombshell, the smokey eye look
{use on outer corners of eyes}
stila lip glaze - #08 apricot

trust me...they all work above and beyond.
happy face painting.

Monday, May 7, 2012

the three musketeers.

tomorrow is the big, biG, bIG, BIG day!
we are gettin our girl to the church on time 
and helping her step into her new life as a mrs.
thankfully, her hubby took pity on the three of us and decided to not move far far away, 
so she will remain down the street for our "cooking nights"
{aka: where we go to red robin and bask in how good we AREN'T at cooking}
and all the other crazy things we like to get wrapped up in.

tonight was full of lots of last minute details.
but most importantly laughter, tears and love.

i may not have known A my entire life.
but she came into my life at the moment i needed her most.
God answers prayers.
i know this because she was the answer to mine in so many ways.
and i could not be more honored to stand by her side tomorrow on the most important day of her life thus far.

happy wedding day A & B.
forever and always.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

nacho libre.

heaven knows i am always lookin for a good time and a good way to celebrate a special day.
{gosh, i can be so poetic at times}
so last night hil, becky and moi went out for date night with a few lovely gents.
poor boys, they made the huge mistake of claiming "new in town" and let us plan the evening to our liking.
which i am sure they immediately regretted because it quickly turned into a surprise night that i am purreatty sure they were very nervous about.
seeing as it was cinco de mayo, we wisked them down the 5 frwy a bit to the heart and soul of the action.
we witnessed lots of yummy food, 
fancy dancing and carnival rides.
but quickly headed for the main event...
aka: LUCHE LIBRE night.

guys, i'm not joking.
it was by far the best thing that has ever happened to me...
we jeered & cheered like we actually knew what was going on.

after round 1 they let us all in the ring to bounce around.

clearly, we didn't waist the opportunity.
love my besties. 

nor would we ever waist the opportunity for a photo op with one of the fighters.

cinco de may wouldn't have been complete without a trip to a southern california wal*mart.
to purchase donuts and then eat them 
immediately after check out.
yep, we were those people.
when we go trashy...we. go. trashy.
feliz mayo!
it's gonna be a good one.

sweet dreams are made of this.

i feel i need to announce to the world that i am no longer the girl who has to take sleeping medication to attempt some shut eye in this world.
that's right...this little lady can fall asleep au natural the second her pretty head hits the pillow every night.
those of you who know me or have lived with me know how truly monumentous this occasion is. 
over the past FOUR FREAKIN years i have become quite accustomed to midnight snacks, insomniac music videos, infomercials, tossing, turning, ipod sleeping and waking up feeling like i had been hit by a semi-truck once i finally took some tylenol pm.
i was seriously THE WORST to go on trips with.
always the girl watching the hotel room tv at 3:30am giggling to my sleepy hearts content while the others slept like normal people. blegh.
i guess you really do relax once you are finally in the right place.
sweet dreams.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

oh so scadalous.

new tv show obsession alert:
it is the ONLY show i watch religiously on a live basis these days.
even more to my loyalty, it is on at 10pm which is waaayyy past my grown-up lady bed time.
but i just. can't. get. enough.
  based on the real life actions of former George Bush administration press aid Judy Smith,
our version of the show follows olivia pope, played by the thrilling kerry washington, as she dedicates her life to sanctifying the public's image of washington's elite by making sure their secrets never get out.  the team at her self-titled crisis management office includes a womanizing litigator {played by LOST's henry ian cusick, aka: desmond}, a smooth ex-convict, a hard hitting investigator, a hacker with a grim CIA past and a newly minted attorney who still believes the world to be innocent.

written and created by grey's anatomy genius, shonda rhimes, viewers are currently watching as olivia goes to bat against politics in order to protect a former white house intern who is now carrying the president's child 
conflict of interest? 
pope is the former White House Communications Director with a deeply personal relationship to mister president and his first lady.
it's been far too long since a show has left me this on the edge of my seat, scared to look at the clock and see how many minutes i don't have left of every episode.
far too long indeed.
so click on over {here} to get watching.
but prepare to be scandal-ized.