Monday, April 30, 2012

wild wild west.

this past weekend we threw the final hurrah for our almost not so single lady, miss A.
aka: thee slightly un-traditional 
bridal shower/bachelorette party.
A's only request was to incorporate a little bit of country into the evening.
seeing as she is also super girly and frilly, we took those two things and ran with them creating a cowgirls in candyland sort of wonderland for the night.

the table was stocked with all things sweet and we threw everything we could possibly think of into a deep fryer and served up mini-heart attacks for dinner.
no dieting allowed in our little western town!
the weather was PERFECTION so we took the party outside, smothering the patio with streamers, banners and life-size lollypops with our RODEO mix playing on the loud speakers in the background.

we played Name That Country Tune.
and then got super down and comfy with each other as we played a little game called Pass That Lasso, where team BRIDE and team MOH competed to see who could pass 10 pretzels down the team line using nothing but the straws in their mouths.
it was fun to watch, not going to lie.
team BRIDE prevailed, 
but team MOH didn't go down without an almost last minute come back.

 our gift table was sprinkled with candy-bars and lovely little and big things for A to take with her into married life. 

naturally, they varied from all things kitchen to all things...

we then took it from sweet to a little bit spicy by surprising our gal with a rented out room at the poshest karaoke bar in town.
or more like the only karaoke bar in town.
we automatically made friends with the police officer watching over the joint and he let us bring our jars full of sweets in, despite the no outside food/drink policy.
he was cute and we might have flirted, but do what you gotta do.
we got things off to a roaring start with Toddlers & Tiaras style shots of pixie stix, cheersing to a night full of music, laughter and a little bit of the unexpected.
first up, our bride rocked the house with her rendition of ABBA.

a bit later, A and bestie hill brought it home with thee ever classy Barbie Girl.
as the night went on we got a little more crazy, 
a la the Spice Girls.

i even did a K. Clarkson duet with shay-shay.

and our special guest showed up around midnight to serenade A with a version of She Bangs that would put dear old Ricky Martin to shame.

and on our way out we might have feather-tickled the cop?!? 
and he might have thought we were the greatest thing to ever happen to him.
he also seemed to almost fall down from his post when we promised we were high on water w/ lemon only and about 20 pixi stix a piece.
no alcohol involved.
the bartender could vouch for us.

we wrapped the night up back at the ranch with A giving a farewell to single life speech and everyone releasing a balloon into the southern california sky of smog and stars.
super cheesy? yes...but that is what life is all about folks.
if you can't celebrate things in life the BIG way, than there is really no point in celebrating at all.
8 days til D-Day.
i can't wait to get our girl married!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

one thing for summer.

they are being referred to as thee modern day british invasion.
and i honestly don't think a single morning sleaze on ryan seacrest goes by without reference to one, if not all of them.
five direction.
that's right children of the 90's,
boy bands are back with a vengeance!
and i could not be happier.
FINALLY my ears don't bleed
 having to hear rihanna for the 100th time.
{no offense ri-ri, i love your old stuff}
i mean, if i were 15 again i would be beside myself in love with these munchkins.
sure their hair looks like they each went through a wind tunnel prior to filming and i am sure at least one of them wears invisiline for teens every night.
but check out those moves.
those voices.
that vest! those suspenders! the cardigans and ties!
le sigh...
technically, i should be thinking of them in terms of illegality.
and i do...most of the time.
i am almost a good decade older than the youngest.
now the oldest is a different story and i make no excuses for that. sort of kidding... 

it probably doesn't help that they filmed this video in my favorite London-town.
i'm just lucky being a cougar is so popular these days.
i am always quite on trend now aren't i?

Monday, April 23, 2012

always be my baby.

i'm sorry,
but if this clip doesn't get you the least bit emotional...
we should probably just call it a day on our friendship now before something more serious happens.
super congrats to a couple i have met in reality once,
{yup, she's as wonderful in person as you think she is going to be}
and feel like are pretty much my fake life best friends forever.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

that's what makes it a love song.

wasn't carrie so smart?
she always was my favorite,
probably because she was the one i related to the most.
sure charlotte's class was enviable and samantha's wit was flawless.
and don't forget miranda's gut,
any woman would be lucky to have it.
but carrie...
carrie was the strong independent.
addicted to footwear, friends and a fabulous lifestyle.
and at the end of the day, 
all she ever wanted was to be loved.
i do believe she refereed to it in a parisian hotel room as 
"ridiculous, consuming, can't live without each other love."

my favorite mormon in nyc recently posted {this} on her blog.
and you know what? 
word up girlfriends and boyfriends!
moi and my fancy high heels stand by her on this one.
what i thought i wanted in someone at 19 is nowhere near what i know i want in the present.
heck, what i wanted at the beginning of this year already seems so far away from who i am now.
i am so much less picky in some ways: looks, height, weight...the superficial things that at a young age were regrettably so important to me.
but more picky in other ways: humor, lifestyle, future, etc.

the other day a lady at work asked me why i am not married.
don't worry loves, i get asked this so much that i stopped being offended by it and decided instead to be flattered.
the fact that they think i am at a point where i could bring that blessing into my life is lovely.
{silver lining for 500 please?}
at first i laughed and was only half joking when i let her in on this little secret...
supposedly i am super intimidating and scary.
{i promise i am not, dear boys}
but then i explained to her that i have worked really hard to create a fabulously, uplifting life for myself in the present.
one full of love and friendship and genuine happiness.
and until i find someone who is going to add to those things,
this single lady is keepin' her hand up.

because i'm not settling.
i refuse to regress.
that doesn't mean i refuse to compromise for the right feeling.
it just hasn't happened yet.
and i don't believe anything is wrong with me, 
instead for the first time in my life i feel right.
right where i belong.
right with what is yet to come.

ps- when it comes to dating this was, is and probably will forever be all i have to say:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

all of my change i spent on you.

{adam levine on the set of payphone music video}
{photo courtesy of twitter}
payphone by maroon 5 
is currently thee song of my sweet little life.
God bless adam levine for being able to read my mind.
on a side note, since he seems to be so good at that, we really should date.
i am convinced mind reading is key in a relationship and we seem to have that down.
am i right? or am i right?
i'm always right...duh.

and back to reality...
i personally prefer the un-edited version.
because you know what loves, sometimes there are no other words in life to properly express the big middle finger you would like to give to that l-o-v-e. 

but since my mother reads this blog and i don't want to embarass her too much,
{hey hey hey kiki!}
i will refer you to the semi-clean lyrics here:
and a live performance for some eye candy:
isn't it totally perf?
short for perfect.
mom also hates when i do that.
sorry kiks!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

i threw a wish in the well.

saturday night thee girls and moi ventured into the heart of LA for universal city walk's free summer concert series to see
 miss carly rae jepsen in concert.
we figured it was for the best before she gets super famous and starts charging $100 a seat at Staples.
{i know, i know...i am really good at thinking ahead and saving myself money where it counts}
naturally, as with all things my favs and i do together, 
things got a little crazy.
 crazy as we ended up with VIP wristbands, standing in the VIP section and meeting little carly rae herself after the show.
she loved us...naturally.
also, she is all about the hugging.
hugs all around.
and i took it really personally, until i realized it was certainly only because we are probably the first people around her age she has seen in months.
her fans aren't exactly at the legal drinking age quite yet.
regardless, she oooed and ahhhhed over my earrings, even stopping me as i walked away to ask me where i got them.
she is seriously precious loves.
i wanted to fold her up in my bag 
and take her home with me forever.
and man can this little lady sing.
i mean literally little.
she is as tiny and genuine as they come. 

here is a little peak at the evening.
see if you can spot us up front?
although no one really knew any of her songs, except for that gem of a last one, it was fun to watch her having so much fun.
you can tell she is living a dream she never thought she would.
it was her first US concert.
and if my predictions are correct,
{and they always are...duh}
it will not be her last.

ps...did you see her on the view last week?
i want/need/totally have to have this dress.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

lady in waiting.

i don't know if this is really true.
but all i can hope for right now is that it is.
hoping. wishing. waiting.

{photo courtesy of}

Thursday, April 12, 2012

pajama jam time.

occupying free time with real friends is nice. 
but sometimes all i really wanna do is spend a little of my free time with those dear to moi that actually do not exist. 
ya know?
here are my current packs of friends and their shows that i just can't get enough of.
some new, some old...all good:
the vampire diaries
gossip girl
fairly legal
once upon a time
mad men
jane by design
hart of dixie
pretty little liars
the client list
i know, i know...i am so ridiculously girly i surprise even myself at times!
so my dear loves, if you are looking for a few new addictions, might these stand as my expert suggestions.
or do you have something better that i just have to try?
oh pretty please do tell!
happy watching/living vicariously through your tv screensies.
it really is just a blast and a half.

{photo courtesy of}

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

it's gonna be great.

oooohhhhh just a few things i am excited about this coming oscar season...


or like just one...leonardo dicaprio as gatsby.
i honestly think after i see this my life, as i now know it, will never be the same.
and this isn't even me being dramatic about it yet guys!
winter 2012 can't come fast enough.
and because i now live in snow free california, 
i can wish for such things without freezing repercussions.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

so not hungry for thee games.

check out the title loves?
it's like the first time in my life i have ever been NOT hungry for something!
literally and figuratively.

so i read the hunger games.
and you know what? i didn't love it.
yep, you can go back and re-read the sentence all you want but the facts of it remain the same.
i'm sorry.
i really did try hard.  like SUPER hard.
because when has there ever been a worldwide trend i have not been on top of?
this is the kind of obsessive stuff i embrace and run with on a daily basis!!!!
hellooooooo?!?! need not i remind you of my twilight days?
thought so...

i just couldn't get into this.
but don't hate me forever and start sending threatening messages through my inbox because it's not like i hated it.
i'm not that cray cray!
i read the entire book. and it was interesting at times.
it just wasn't this heart stoppingly addicting thing everyone promised me it would be once i gave it a try.
trust me, i wanted to love it...
and i thought this time since i went into it with a positive attitude my outcome of thoughts toward it would be oh so different.
but they weren't. and i was just so not impressed.
it was simply...a book.
to make matters even more upsetting i was really holding out hope until the very last page.
like, i had my downloadable version of catching fire ready for my little click of purchase.
i thought i was just being silly and by the last page something miraculous would happen and i would suddenly be swept off my feet and NEED to find out what happened to these people.
but it never came.
and i never downloaded.
probably never will.

however, now that that sad story of my life has been made public and is out of the way,
i can safely tell you how in love i am with the movie.
i have totally seen it 2x...wouldn't be sad if i saw it again.
they did an excellent job at making everything i wish the book would have been into a reality.

so let's focus on the good now, shall we?
the odds can't be in everyone's favor.
according to the laws of the hunger games, this is a proven fact.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

an addict's life for me.

here we go again loves, back to thee biggest problem i have in life. to diet coke, or not to diet coke.
{i know, i know...i have SUCH problems}
until i read an article about t.swifty the other day.
and you know, clearly, she and i are like sisters from another mister...she just isn't too aware of it yet.
anywhoo, i was reading an article about her in which she says she drinks her diet coke on saturdays.
and i thought to myself, ah ha! this is how we do it!
therefore i have my new life plan.
water on the weekly, soda on the saturdaisies.
annnnddd once again, you have another post about my horribly bad habit.
you poor things...
i am so up, down, side to side and everything in between when it comes to my feelings toward this drink.
thanks for sticking with me.
they say support is always needed when dealing with addictions.

ps- i triple promise one of the days this week i will disect what hunger games the novel meant to me and probably why you will hate me forever for it.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

i just can't let go.

 "one thing that's very important to me in life is, through having a relationship with somebody and loving that person and being allowed to feel the whole emotion of love despite all of the risks, you can find out who you are.  and when Rose meets Jack she cuts through all of the class and money nonsense and connects with something real and alive and passionate in his soul.  and when i read the script i was in floods of tears, because it takes you to the point where you would do anything--absolutely anything--to stop that ship from sinking."
-kate winslet, james cameron's titanic, 1997-
last night dear S and moi traveled to this new land called aliso viejo, {have you heard of it?}, via toll roads,
{lucky S is super swank with a fast track boxy thing} 
to relive our teenage dream girly years and see 
Titanic in IMAX 3D.
basically guys, i am NOT over it and probably never will be.
not like i didn't put enough of my hard earned allowance into this franchise as a young lady.
but even to this day amidst the hype, over hype, under hype and everything in between that follows this film truly is one of the best ever made.
something that was really only solidified in my mind after last night.
so here are some good/bad thoughts from our experience...

good...aliso viejo actually isn't too far away.  while we expected a road trip with possible snack stops needed, in real time it is a cool 10 minutes south of newport beach.
which in our eyes, everything south of newport might as well be mexico, but hey, we are a bit princessy when it comes to territories.
bad...having to ration sips of drinking water while watching a movie about a boat afloat in water because you don't want to have to go to the bathroom and miss a second of a film you have seen 20+ times already.
good...kate winslet's dresses.  probably thee most stunning costuming of any film this side of the timeline from gone with the wind.  and the part when they are running through the boiler room and you see the back of her dress with the pink ribbons flowing in the air is awe-some with the 3D effects. and don't even get me started on {this} part.
bad...the 3D is almost too real.  everything is amplified to thee 100th degree.
good...the 3D is almost too real.  so basically it was like hangin with leo at his best/hottest for 3 hours.
bad...the ship still sinks folks.  and it is as tragic as ever.
good...3D glasses allow for a bit of decency and anonymity when crying like a baby at the end when they go through all her pictures and you see she did everything she promised him she would do. theatre air conditioning + 3D icebergs is never a good combo, we might as well have ventured to the arctic.
good...the music through IMAX speakers...chair shakingly amazing.
bad...jack still dies.  oops, sorry if you haven't seen it or didn't know that.  but if this is your case i feel you have bigger fish to fry than this spoiler.  meaning we probably can't be friends.
good...the movie is 3 1/2 hours and by the end of it everyone is so freakin emotionally exhausted it doesn't matter that your mascara has run down your face and onto your neck.
bad...i still cannot fathom what it would have been to actually experience it.  i get chills just trying to think of it. if to only further james cameron's genius the film, although 15 years old, looks like it was made yesterday.  the special effects are just as good as any currently made film would be.  which in my opinion, is kind of incredible. terms of my start time for crying, my dry eyes made it farther along than the sweet man sitting next to me.  poor guy just sobbed from the second they locked the 3rd class passengers in to the second the screen went dark and we were done.
good...still one of my favorite movies of all time.
i don't care what you say.
i am never letting go.

Friday, April 6, 2012

it's my party.

whelp, i survived my first quarterly awards ceremony at work...
and now i understand why we only do this 4x a year.
i feel like this past week all i did was eat, sleep, breath awards and party items.
but i mean, let's get real...
getting paid to plan a bash isn't the worst thing on this planet ;)

i think it went well.
our theme was around the world and we packed our associates into our major training room with continent themed tables, cuisine from all different countries and moi and my fellow committee ladies dressed as stewardesses.
yes, this is real life.

totally hip-happy it is over.
but totally excited to do it again in 4 months.

{photo courtesy of}

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

coming soon.

not to overload y'all on katy perry or anything,
but let's face it...
this kind of overload is like my sole purpose of living...duh.
here is thee first official trailer to thee #1 reason this summer is going to be unlike any other
clearly my rsvp is in place for a midnight showing.
and clearly some dressing up will be involved.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

hey i just met you.

blogger has all these new fancy shmancy ways of doing things behind the scenes now and, clearly, considering my 5 day absence...
i am not adjusting well.
lucky for moi today,
i found a little article that describes a certain situation in my life better than i could begin to describe it myself.
so hop on over {here} to my fav site, HelloGiggles,
and seek comfort in the fact that no, you are not the only one north of 15 years old obsessed with a one miss carley rae jepson.