Wednesday, March 28, 2012

i'm wide awake.

ugh, doesn't your heart just kinda sorta totally break for her?
mine does.
but that probably isn't really a surprise to any of you.

as you can tell, i'm totally enjoying my re-confection days of teenage dream.
it's pretty much the soundtrack to my life.
and what a happy, sparkly and sweet life that makes for.

Monday, March 26, 2012

it's a mad mad mad mad world.

oh me, oh my, oh moi,
it's back!!!!
not like we waited a year and a half or anything for this.
so excuse me for not writing a longer post...
but i have some old friends at the office to attend to :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

i hope you had the time of your life.

oh loves, after a good 2 years of DYING to see this musical, we finally ventured to the good city of LA last night to take it in and breath it out.
american idiot.
my. was stunning in all the right ways.
the only minor complaint we had was the very undeveloped plot line.
but then again, how much of a plot did we think we were going to get when linking together green day songs?
especially in a musical where there is absolutely no talking,
just singing.
yep, we got over that real quickly.
what story it does have follows three twenty-something boys from middle america through a series of letters written back to their parents recounting the ups, downs and temptations that accompany them as they suddenly find themselves out in the big world all alone.

okay, so now for the stunning part?
the cast.
absolutely. out of this world. crazy. talented.
the harmonies gave my goosebumps consistently throughout the night.
you have never heard anything like what we heard in that theatre last night.
and the use of the stage was so fun!
the televisions, lights and ladders...and the band was right there with them in the middle of it all the whole time.

and as if the show isn't bril enough, after the curtain call the entire cast came out with guitars and sang
good riddance {time of your life}.
it might have looked a little something like this...

so my dearest loves, if you are on the fence about spending a pretty penny to go and see this as it tours america this year please please, get off that fence and go!
warning: this is NOT for the faint of heart nor the easily offended.
it is definitely an adultsies show.
even if your kids beg...don't give in.
and yes, i am sure they have heard it all at school on the playground, but don't subject them to it by your own free will.
trust me on this one!
but for the prepared to be amazed and slightly squeamished green day fan...
there is not a more perfect night.

i only wish this sweet munchkin of a little brother could have been there with us.
i most definitely cried as the curtain rose in the beginning and they started blasting the title anthem american idiot.
because i could only imagine him on the edge of the seat next to me, mouth open in awe...with a slight smile at the end of it showing his pure joy and excitement.
but instead he is serving as he ought to.
don't worry, we bought him a shirt.
which clearly makes up for his absence?!?
hey, i do what i can :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

it happened one night.

last night PMACK and moi had a little slumber party,
as most besties in their 20's with full fledged careers oh so often do?!?!?
whatevsies, we are who we are so just let a couple of princesses be.

as she brought her surprisingly light amount of baggage into my room i realized i had forgotten to hide my copy of the hunger games from her.
i mean, i am even mortified i am admitting to you loves that i am reading it.
for the record, i do NOT condone the love interest story.
i now understand how all those team jacob people feel.
tough life!
so if any of you have met PMACK before, me reading this book was something she would never, ever let me live down.
don't even get the girlfriend started on harry potter.
so clearly instead of trying to hide it, i just pointed it out right away as to get the ridicule out of the way early on in the night.
so i picked up my copy of the book and expressed my extreme embarrassment that i had finally given in.
she gave me a look that only a truly guilty girl can give, reached into her purse, and pulled out a copy of the hunger games!!!
we immediately fell to the floor laughing...and stayed that way for a solid 3 minutes.
best friends?
i think yes.

Friday, March 23, 2012

throw your sticks and your stones.

and you thought this wasn't going to be referenced this week?!?!?
come on here people,
you know me better than that...

as per the usual plan, i love it.
although, not my favorite she has ever done.
i miss the sparkles.
but, like, katy is going through stuff right now people and we need to be patient with her.
i guess divorce tends to take some sparkle out of your life, ya know?
so i have forgiven her for this slight mis-step.

that aside, the video is definitely sooooooo good.
i am kind of a sucker for any reference to the troops.
and a screw you anthem.
both of which are taken care of here.
super happy she brought back the black hair.
even if she did cut it all off within the first minute,
i miss it...
it's her signature thing and i want it back.
and don't forget to pick up her album teenage dream: the complete confection in stores on monday!
you can bet your sweet little cupcake i will be there.
happy watching!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

it's a WONDER-ful life {part deux}

those who see me on a daily basis know i have a few staples that come with me everywhere:
lip gloss
that's right loves...i am the girl who carries a blackberry AND a planner.
ocd much?

and if you were ever to peak into my planner you might see my schedule for life, but more importantly all my tv shows that comprise my life.
i'm kind of a geek.
i have learned to you should too.
which is why wondercon sunday was something my planner and moi have been looking forward to!
we made sure to arrive super duper early as to get in line because i wanted to be up close and personal with all my small screen besties.
{coryne and moi in line...the word DIVAS came to my bros mind...haha}

after 2 hours in line they finally let us into the ballroom and sccooorrreee...
we got FIFTH row seats!
the day started with a little alcatraz.
which i do not watch.
but i did watch LOST, bend it like beckham and ER, and if you did too you may recognize a few faces.

next up was FRINGE...aka a throwback to my obsession with Dawson's Creek.
and like guys, i could pretend it was just a teenage phase i went through, but considering i have all 6 seasons of the show sitting on my dvd shelf it would be more honest of me to say this is still a very current love of mine.
as is he...

i have to be super honest and say i was floured by his personality.
in a good way.
ladies he IS pacey whitter.
tall, dark, handsome, goofy, witty, genuine, charming, kind, down right HI-larious.
totes impressive.
diane krueger is a lucky, lucky lady.

next up was our screening of once upon a time and a special chit-chat with the creators/writers.
i was kind of bummed none of the stars were there,
but quickly realized how fun the creators were and actually didn't miss the cast at all.
shocker...i know.
they confirmed that the huntsman IS coming back by the end of the season.
and they have many more fairytales to crack open for us.
and gave us these super cool once upon a time notebooks that look like the actual book from the show.

last, but certainly not least was a screening of an episode of community that will be on in a few weeks, and then some questions/answers with the cast.
it was semi-hard to watch because this is my little jameson's favorite show and i miss him more and more each day!
{9 months left...but who's counting}

britta was easily my favorite.

although ms. yvette has this incredibly genuine, sassy sense of self that i fell completely in love with.

and then, just like was over.
back to real life.
with my non-famous peeps.
whom i love just the same.

Monday, March 19, 2012

it's a WONDER-ful life {part 1}

guys, WONDERCON!!!
i am still so totally not over it yet, which is why i will be sharing stories with you over the next few days b/c there are just too many to cram into this bity post.
granted my reasons for attending these conventions fall slightly on the superficial side.
okay, so they fall completely on the superficial side as i am really just there for the hollywood eye candy, but judge me know you want to do it too.
the weekend began with a titch of shopping.
yes loves, as i do have a black belt in the art of shopping, i can even find things i suddenly need in my life at a comic book convention.
i purchased this amazingly adorable hello kitty hoodie that really should not come in a size large enough to fit me, but clearly since it does it is now mine.
and a STUNNING original art piece of alice in wonderland and the white rabbit.
i am completely and totally in love with it.
and the artist even signed it.
geek out much? thank you.
then we met some femme fatales...
and picked up some super cool swag...

next up it was time for the actual "convening" part of the convention in the ballroom with a few friends...

they were all so fun to listen to.
but a few thoughts at random on this special group of lovelies...
-charlize theron is about as upbeat, bubbly, smart and adorable as they come. i was SHOCKED girlfriend had a sense of humor.
-jospeh gordon-levitt was the only guy to wear a suit, and therefore earned himself a key to my heart and soul.
-milla jovovich is like the mom next door. okay, so the incredibly gorgeous mom next door.
-snow white and the huntsman is THEE summer movie i have to see. no is going to be out of this world. spiderman comes in a close 2nd, but snow white def beat it for me. you would not believe the insane clips they showed us!
-emma stone was the only star to wear green in celebration of st. patrick's day. i love people that celebrate the holidays.
-i have never been attracted to michael fassbender until i saw him in person. now i am completely in love.
-sir ridley scott takes himself about as seriously as i do...which means pretty much not at all. i kinda liked the man. i was a bit afraid of him at first, but he quickly proved to be just a normal human...IMAGINE THAT?!?
-peter berg may have created friday night lights but i really think he is kinda cray in real life. maybe passionate is the better word.
-brooklyn decker is gorgeous, but shy.
-maggie grace needs a new hair stylist. stat.
-movies about freaky cults scare the heck out of me.

stay tuned tmrw for pictures and stories from the sunday panels.
it was all about the world of tv.
with some good insights and spoilers
{ahem...once upon a time}

Saturday, March 17, 2012

it's an odd life.

oh hey there, remember me?
super good life is going at a rate of a mile a second right now and i could not be happier.
i can't remember the last time i had this much fun with life.
nothing special...but everything fabulous at the same time.
ya know?
bad news...the repercussions of this are that i am a terrible sister in the bloggy world.
i will try to find the balance this week.
so check back often for updates as i promise to get back to our regular programming.
but not until monday...

because this weekend i just so happen to be in the middle of WonderCon 2012.
basically, a geeky/chicy convention of all sorts.
geeky on the front that it really is a comic book convention.
and chicy on the front that all the movie stars come out to promote their films.
today i might just maybe have sat across from joseph gordon-levitt, brooklyn decker, emma stone, charlize theron, michael fassbender, kristen stewart, alex skarsgard and maggie grace...just to name a few.
pretty promise pictures and stories to come later on this week.

but as tonight is st. patrick's day i thought i would leave you with something we watched today that was just a little

hope it gives you that feel good, mushy feeling.
i might have almost cried when i first saw it earlier today,
MIGHT have people...give me some credit.

Monday, March 12, 2012

where the stars align.

"i love los angeles.
it reinvents itself every two days."
billy connolly

there is a reason why california gurls is as sacred a song to me as hymns are for others.
why a cupcake isn't a cupcake unless it has sprinkles.
why i have no idea how people can't fathom being in the desert in the morning and to the beach by night all on the same day.
why i grew up believing everyone has a once upon a time and a happily ever after.
why oscar sunday is a sunday i thought every little girl got to dress up and then give fake acceptance speeches to her shampoo bottles in the shower later that night.
why i think stars don't just live in the sky but sometimes next door and certainly in the sidewalks.
why disney is perfectly acceptable to love after the age of 5.
it's because i am a california girl through and through.
and as much as i love traveling and seeing new places, nothing is home unless it sits on this golden coast of mine.

this past weekend thee bro and moi ventured to la-la land to the hollywood museum to check out some fab movie memorabilia.
the museum is located in the original max factor building and the entire first floor is dedicated to screen sirens of the 40s, 50s and 60s and the things they used to get their glam on.
for realsies...their ACTUAL makeup is in this studio!

a few observations:
1. it wasn't really makeup, but more like war paint. it made me feel better about the fact that every time i watch gone with the wind vivien leigh looks as perfect as a doll.
2. their blush was exceedingly pink. i don't even think mac sells blush in these shades of pink.

then we ventured upstairs to modern day memorabilia in the likes of:
a little moulin rouge...

jj abrams' summer blockbuster super 8...

reese witherspoon's signature and kiss print...
angelina's famous dress from the mr & mrs smith premiere...
and my favorite...high school musical 3.

then on downstairs we went to the basement where all the costumes and scene stealers from scary movies are kept.
i seriously was expecting someone to pop out at me at any minute.
i mean, how can you walk down the hall where they filmed silence of the lambs and NOT feel that way...
i know, right?

after 3 hours in movie heaven we walked down the street to amoeba music,
which is the largest used dvd/cd store in the world.
i got 7 dvds and a cd for under $35.
no joke.
i am never buying another movie/cd from target/itunes again.
with my now complete collection of audrey hepburn movies as my witness.

then it was off to the santa monica pier to enjoy some ocean viewing and, of course, a rollar coaster ride...or two.

i love my hometown.
God bless it.
mine all mine.

my sincerely sweet brother organized this entire day for me all by himself.
sorry ladies, he isn't single.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

time to live and let die.

guess what???!!!
we purchased tickets to see the green day musical, american idiot, when it comes to the ahmanson theatre in los angeles in a few weeks.
if you have been a long time blog friend, you know i have been waiting to see this musical since waaayyyy back when.
this song is my absolute fav from the broadway album.

seriously gives me chills every time.
sometimes even tears.
clearly this soundtrack is all i will be blasting in my little lexi car for a while so i can make sure to have all my lyrics down solid for show night.

thee only thing that would make this night even more perfect than i am sure it will be is if lil bro were here to come with.
he is, after all, the person that introduced our family to the genius of green day.
i miss him.
every. single. day.
and will probably cry through the whole thing because i know how much he would love it.
must not forget to pack the tissues.

Monday, March 5, 2012

just slothing around.

guys, this is my favorite thing that has ever happened on the Ellen show. bible.
yes, this would include taylor swift getting scared, sophia & rosie making their big debuts and katy perry announcing her free concert.
i know...these are high stakes for moi.
don't worry, once you watch it you will understand.

have you stopped laughing yet?
do you see kristen bell in a completely different light?
because i am pretty sure i went from liking her to 100% adoring her after this.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

i want just one tree.

i spent most of my weekend in bed.
don't feel sorry for me, despite being sicker than sick, it was gloooorrrrious.
basically i left my marshmellow pillow pad for dinner/shopping with thee bro, a minor jaunt to target, church and a birthday dinner.
while putting my body into recovery mode i got almost all caught up on the many tv shows that define my life.
and the words with friends i adore so much.
{most of whom i have never met}
one such person is my sometimes sweet [danielle].
i found her through hello giggles and adore her positive, yet realistic way of looking at life.
she seems to be someone with an overwhelming sense of understanding and open love toward people.
and i admire that in her.
in fact, i admire pretty much everything she does.
today her post was about her husband and i immediately melted at her words.
especially this quote she ended with...

"Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossoms had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two."
-Louis de Bernières

to those loving, being loved, falling in love or loving the potential of love...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

so, call me maybe?

today is justin bieber's 18th birthday.
to celebrate ryan seacrest gave him a membership to thee one and only Costco this morning on the radio.
he also invited carly rae jepsen in on the conversation,
as she is the girl justin recently signed to manager scooter braun's label.
{wow...if ever there was a name dropping sentence right?}

clearly this signing is like the modern day equivalent of the john hancock, but i have to admit i was kind of weary.
meaning i refused to listen to anything of hers.
i am such a dream killer.
thankfully, after the interview ryan did the kiis-fm debut of her new hit, call me maybe.
i would be lying if i said that the volume of my car didn't go from a moderate 14 to a rocking 45 before the first chorus was over.
maybe it was the lack of traffic this morning that put me in the jam jam mood, or maybe it was the lack of sleep from my disney all nighter.
i guess i will never know.
what i do know, is i am in total obsession mode.

and, as per usual, i am in good company.
as her official music video has a few faces you might recognize.

i know, right?