Friday, February 24, 2012

you get what you need.

hey there, remember me?
yes, i still exist.
thank goodness for that!
funny how when you pray for something to come into your life...
you get exactly what you want.
i think the term flooded with happiness has come to mind countless moments this past month.
which also means i am a woman with very little spare time.
for the past 3 weeks i have literally had fun plans with fabulous loves of my life every single night.
i get home from work {sometimes not even coming home} and go straight to partying and get home from partying and go straight to bed.
get up the next day, rinse, and repeat.
i haven't seen my brother in days, even though he has a room right next to mine.
and i can't remember the last time i watched a tv show.
i know, you don't even know me anymore.
luckily i still know me, but in a better way.

life is kind of an adventure right now,
and i am kind of loving every moment of it.
with no plans of stopping anytime soon...
i am embarking on my annual oscar weekend as of tonight.
tomorrow will be filled with PMACK coming to help clean the house and then a bestie date that is sure to include lots of food and lots of chris pine.
sunday is the BIG day!!!
and i am beyond excited to finally share my oscar party tradition with my california loves.
next week is our bradley family TWENTY FOUR HOUR day at disneyland for which i will spend the first half of my week prepping with sleep and the last half of my week recovering with sleep.
and of course, MOH duty is like my favorite thing ever these days.

promise to write as often as possible over the next few weeks.
oh and did i mention there is a horrid cold hell bent on attacking my happiness?
because there totally is.
and i gave up diet coke for lent...even though i am not a catholic.
but i am a totally happy, happy girl.
no complaints.
so here's to life...
at its absolute best.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

in her own words.

happy president's day loves!
truth is i had about 101 things to chit chat about today, but all can wait.
because i am pretty sure nothing i say will measure up to this lovely post by my favorite mormon in manhattan.
her heartbreakingly honest words on love, loss, questioning your path in life and finding hope again kinda sorta shook me to my core today.
in a good way.
so click on the link below...
{hope & the heart}
yep, right there.

i don't know about you,
but i couldn't have said it better myself.

{photo via pinterest}

Sunday, February 19, 2012

war, what is it good for?

so i went to see this means war with bff rach yesterday morning.
and oh my gracious,
we are in total obsession mode over this film.
for realsies, i haven't laughed that hard in the movie theatre in well over a year,
let alone been so in love with a main character i almost could not stand it.
poor rach, every time chris pine came on the screen in his vest/suit combos i nearly melted in my chair.
in fact, my only complaint went along with the reviews, being that this director had 3 INCREDIBLE actors in his movie and he focused more on action shots than letting them do what they do best...develop characters people love.

so if you do venture on over to take in this film for yourself,
{and i highly suggest you do}
please note a few things you might be feeling/wanting to do after...
re-work your entire wardrobe into the style of reese's.
{the clothes were done by the same lady who did all the clothes for legally blonde and sweet home alabama, get the picture?}
drive down the highway well over the speed limit with the top down listening to sabotage by the beastie boys on full blast.
shoot a gun...or a few of them.
have really strong feelings of like toward chris pine. heck, it might even be real love. who knows.
get a soda to help with your tummy ache from laughing so hard.
realize that if you really do find people that look like tom hardy through internet dating sites than THIS is what you have been doing wrong the past 10 years.
attempt to be as funny in life as chelsea handler.
get a mac desktop.
wear your hair in a ponytail with fake glasses.
live in los angeles.
go and see it again.

bottom line:
if this is war,
i'm ready to enlist.
happy watching.

Friday, February 17, 2012

beauty in the breakdown.

yesterday on my lunch break i was reading this month's issue of ELLE magazine.
clearly because of who is on the cover.
and perhaps because of that little beauty magazine addiction i have.
double duh.

i think this is my favorite article ever written about reese because she finally lets the world in on the secret that her life is not perfect.
in fact, it hasn't been for a really long time.
and even though she ever so classily kept her mouth shut during her divorce,
it shook her to her very core.
she even recounts the christmas where she sat in her car outside of a store, pouring rain, literally unable to stop sobbing nor able to open the door and get out.

after the interview the writer comments that reese called her on the phone, seemingly nervous about how the things she said in terms of her life now would be perceived.
she rambled about how just because she is happily married now, doesn't mean she didn't go through hell and work hard to come back.
she may make money, but she isn't exempt from hardship.
apparently she rambled until finally she said, i don't know...what am i trying to say?
so the writer called up reese's dialogue coach, dana fox, to ask her what she was perhaps trying to say.
dana's response...
i think what reese is trying to say is that she had to fall apart and get back up and earn her happy ending.

well loves...
i have fallen apart.
i got back up.
so i guess now it is time to earn my gosh darn happy ending.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

you're gonna wish you never had met me.

the grammys this year were pretty fabulous...or so i heard.
i was at church.
luckily i was blessed from above for doing everything i was supposed to that day because i came home just in time to see the grammy power hour.
at least this is the name i gave it.
you might have come up with a different one?
something along the lines of 3 slightly bitter, but not so broken ladies creating triumph from their tragedies.
who knows.

basically, this happened...

and then this...

and finally...

i guess the lesson learned is that you don't screw with the women in music these days.
someone always finds out.
unfortunately, that someone is often the world.
and then we all hate you...
which is most likely exactly what you deserve.
loves it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day lovers.
from my heart to yours.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

fishing for ladies.

we saw this trailer before watching the vow last night...
{another story, for another day}
filmed in london, morrocco and SCOTLAND.
emily blunt and ewan mcgregor.

say no more...i am already there.

Friday, February 10, 2012

come again?

i have such a love/hate relationship with weeks of realization.
ya know?
gosh, it's a tough life i lead ;)
so here are a few things i have come to realize this week.
for better.
or for worse...

i don't like snickers. like, at all.
tying a mattress to the top of hil's car in the middle of the night with twine...probs not the best idea.
i am still 100% giddy about life without diet coke. {so ha!}
weeks go by fast when you are in love with your job.
sometimes, no matter how much effort you put into something...things just don't work out.
but then again, sometimes they do.
valentine's day {single or not} is still my 3rd favorite holiday.
i get my feelings all in arms about the weirdest things. honest to gracious, it's always the little things. and then the big things, i can easily shrug off like nbd. {huh?}
soccer parents never change, whether the kid is 5 or 25.
if it didn't work the first time, it isn't going to work the second time. {duh.}
my friends. i have the best. thank goodness.
i can't believe i lived in a state where ryan seacrest isn't on the radio every morning for 6 years.
jason wu for target = happiness.
PMACK lives here now. {say what?}
katy perry signed her divorce papers with a heart and a smile, no wonder i idolize her.
my life is kinda magical.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

team katy.

guys, my boy brady and team lost the super bowl.
but such is the world of being a sports fan.
you win and you lose.
rinse and repeat.
but, i am pretty much totes over my sadness because i found this video from a pre-super bowl performance on saturday night...
which seriously makes everything better.

isn't she just precious?
yes, so glad you agree.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

game on.

last friday night we did not dance on table tops nor did we take too many shots.
sorry katy, we just can't keep up with ya lady!
but rather bffs hill and alyssa con moi ventured to thee cheesecake factory for our first official night of wedding planning.
now-pause-i don't know if you remember {this} post, but yes...the character out of ANY movie, book or tv show i am most often told by friends, family and stranger alike i most resembe is jane nichols.
aka katherine heigel in 27 dresses.
apparently it isn't just her love for weddings and knack for throwing awesome parties, but her mannerisms and incredible comedic timing, as well.
okay, i added the last one in there...but you get the point.
so when a wedding comes up on my bestie radar that i am asked to participate in, i get this solid sense of responsibility to make this one of the best days ever for her.
i want nothing less than the beautifully best for my favs.
and i will do whatever i have to do to make it happen.

so we began the evening with an unexpected gift from our blushing bride, alyssa.
as she formally asked us to be her maids of honor in just about thee cutest way possible.

{thank you pinterest!}

we then continued it with the presentation of our team t-shirts.
i mean, what successful, self-respecting wedding planning team doesn't have coordinated t-shirts?
i know, right?
{our lovely bride to be}

{future name and wedding date}

{bff hillary and her aahhhmaazing ensemble}


we then pulled out our planners and notebooks and got down to the basics.
dresses, ties, destinations, parties, colors, decor, food, shoes, dancing, etc...we went there.
yep, we went there too.
in the midst of all this planning a girl has got to eat.
and thanks to probably thee most fabulous waiter i have ever had in my entire career of eating out...
{coming from a girl that doesn't cook too often...this is a long career}
we were well fed, well caffinated, and well waited on for the entire 4 hours we dined without the wine.
he even took it upon himself to present alyssa with a special treat...

and a custom made version of "happy engagement to you".
the man literally made all the waiters in the cheesecake factory stop and sing to our girl.
she was giddy with happiness.
as every bride should be when they are marrying an incredible gentleman.
and lucky for my bestie, she found just the right one.

our night ended on a sweet note of thankful declarations that even in the short time we have all had in this great city and the chaos of life, we somehow managed to find one another.
i guess the best kind of just gravitate toward each other.
and in these two, i have truly found the best.

Friday, February 3, 2012

in good company.

oh moi!
i am ooozzzing over this interview.
mainly because john krasinski is just too cute for words...
aannnnnddd gentleman...
sometimes when you take a chance on that girl who scares the living daylights out of you,
it might just maybe work out.
ohhhhhhh i don't know...just a thought.