Monday, January 30, 2012


oh my gracious loves...
did you watch it?
and by it i mean the 100th episode of Gossip Girl...duh.
i do believe it was my favorite episode of gg EVER.
yep, i just went there.
now they have done a lot of pre.tty. fabulous things on this show, especially in the first couple of seasons.
but oh wowwww did they pull out the stops tonight.
from the marilyn monroe/audrey hepburn inspired opening number... a very much married runaway bride.

question is...who does she run with?
and who IS gossip girl?
both those questions are finally answered...
and alls i'm gonna say is neither are who you think.
you know you love it.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

happy birthday to you.

today is thee bff's birthday.

it also, just so happens to be her husband's birthday.

funny how that works. hehe.

i know i talk about her all the time, and honestly all the happy and special things i could say would never even put a dent in truly conveying how much she means to me and what a positive and loving influence she has been, is

and always will be in my life.

{this is the very first party we ever went to together}

{bridesmaid on her wedding day}

{day of her college graduation}

{cutest preggo flapper EVER}

so since i have nearly exhausted my praise on this sisterhood,

i figure it should be her turn to talk.

i sent her a list of a few questions to answer for you loves to get to know her.

mainly because i just feel super sad for anyone that doesn't have an ali in their lives,

or more specifically this actual ali in their lives.


Instead of asking 26 things you are looking forward to in the next year; let’s stick with 2 + 6 which is 8. So what are 8 things you are looking forward to about your upcoming year?

Thank you for not asking for 26 things...I don't think I could come up with that many!
1. Moving to Houston. Although I've enjoyed the last 300 years (okay, it's only been 5, but it feels like 300) that the hubby and I have been in Provo, we are ready to move on from the student life and be closer to our families.
2. Starting a new blog. I am currently working on a DIY/craft blog that I'm going to launch soon. I know, I know, there's already a million other blogs like that out there, but this one's different, I promise. I'll be sure to share it with you so you can let your lovely readers in on it because I'm sure it would peak their interest.
3. Jake to grow up. It may be because I'm a first time mom, or maybe because I know he's not going to stop growing, but I look forward to each new milestone. Next up: sitting up on his own and crawling. I can't wait for walking and talking, too. I'm ready to be able to really play!
4. Continuing to work on my New Year's weight loss resolution. I can't wait to get back into some of those clothes stashed in the top of my closet... who am I kidding, I want to have an excuse to buy new clothes.
5. Winning the lottery. Wait, the chances of that happening are nearly impossible? Okay, then I will go with the more realistic: starting our careers. My hubs is graduating from school in less than three months and has applied for what seems like a million jobs. I have several auditions lined up and an interview for a job teaching music to kids.
6. Singing. I love singing... obviously. I got two degrees in singing and jump at pretty much any opportunity to perform. I have a lot of competitions and auditions lined up and planned for in the next year and I'm working now to be able to kick butt at them.
7. Learning more about myself. I grow up more and more all the time and the majority of that is from learning new things about myself. There are always things to learn about yourself.
8. Doing more of the same. Life is pretty good right now, so I look forward to being able to do more of the same things that I love.

What fun plans do you have for your birthday?

We will probably go out to dinner. My hubs and I have the same birthday, so we usually go out to dinner to celebrate together because neither of us wants to really have to do anything because its our birthday. Plus, there's not really anything super fun we can do when we're living on a student budget and have a baby and nobody around to watch him for free.

If you could share any lesson you learned at 25, what would it be?

Don't be scared. I was scared to finish school, I was scared to have a baby (even though we decided to get pregnant, it was not an accident, it's still scary!), I was scared that both of my best friends were leaving me and moving far away, I was scared of a lot of things. But, guess what? I survived! Not only have I survived, but I've thrived. Things are going to happen in your life that you may not be prepared for, but you shouldn't be scared of those things happening, just embrace them and make the most out of life.

Write the story of our friendship. {in your words…haha}

It was both of our sophomore year of college and we were living in the same condo complex. I think we must have met one of the first few ward activities, but I can't remember exactly which. I do remember that when we met, we just clicked. Jessica is one of those people that everyone loves. I mean, it is really hard not to like her and those who don't are trying not to (not to mention completely crazy!). I guess I'm pretty likeable, too. Either way, we hit it off and never looked back. Through a series of circumstances that I will not disclose here (you never know who's reading!), Jessica spent a lot of time at my condo. My boyfriend, then fiance, (now husband) lived thousands of miles away in Texas so I needed a lot of girl time. So, lots of sleepovers, late-night movie (or Friends) marathons, spa nights, and girl dates ensued. I got engaged over Christmas break and Jessica was a perfect choice for one of my bridesmaids. She's a planner, like me, and has the most fabulous taste (in case you didn't already know), so she was SO helpful in helping me plan (and keep calm). But, I must say that even though we spent so much time together that whole school year and became so close, we became even closer after I got married (and left her in Utah to move to Louisiana). I would say that since I've been married, she and I have become sister-close. We are the kind of friends that can live far apart or close together, see each other every day or 2-3 times a year, talk/text multiple times a day or have a catch up session once every few months. It doesn't matter how often we speak/see each other because we will still be the same friends nonetheless. I love Jess like my own family and am so happy she and I are such close friends.

What is the best thing that happened to you this past year?
Thanks for saving the easiest for last! A LOT has happened this past year, but nothing can hold a candle to having my sweet baby boy back in July. He has completely changed my life for the better and made me a different, better person.

i think, or more like know, what sets her apart is that she literally is thee perfect friend.
not a perfect person, duh.
but definitely a perfect friend.
she never portrays any jealousy towards my relationships with others and makes an effort to welcome all my friends into her life, as well.
she knows exactly what to say and when i need to hear it, she makes any sad situation happy and any happy situation happier.
she is the perfect example of class and generosity.
she knows all my flaws and loves me anyway, knows all my jokes and still thinks i am funny, knows how truly selfish i can be and still thinks i am special.

so happy birthday love.
here's to 26 more together.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

california here she comes.

this is PMACK and moi's self well into our junk food filled road trip to cali last summer.
this picture makes me so happy for so many reasons...
mainly because this is our friendship in a very pretty nutshell.
my head is half way cut off, yet i still manage to have attitude.
i am more worried about what my hair looks like in the picture than driving.
PMACK looks perfect. duh.
the focus of the photo is junk food.
and we have that utah road behind us...
california road ahead of us.

ahem, let me repeat.
utah road behind us...CALIFORNIA ROAD AHEAD.
that's right lovers!!!
my best nice friend ever, thee one and only PMACK, is headed west of louisiana to set up shop for the summer,
and kinda hopefully forever.
when she told me there was a possibility of it happening i was as giddy as a toddler who has just won a tiara.
but when she told me she had accepted the job for realsies i broke down and cried.
like that sheer, 100% happy, life really doesn't get any better than this cry.
because it doesn't...
get any better than this.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

a, b, c...

hey facebook lovers...
and i figure since you all are super awesome and made me winner of not one, but TWO Blogging Awards this past year, that i have come to the right place.
you see my former high school {oxford academy} is currently in the position to receive up to $10,000 from
the Labor Law Center.
all you have to do is go {here} and "like" this page.
for every like they get over the next month,
oxford will receive $1.
get it? got it? good.
{ps...did you read the link for the school? you should}

you know how lots of people look back on their high school days with feelings such as sadness, hatred, loneliness, awkwardness, disdain, bitterness, etc?
well, none of those words apply to my high school experience.
one of the single greatest blessings that has ever come into my life was being accepted to this school.
my years at oxford taught me:
to accept my weaknesses and love my strengths.
to take criticism and learn from it.
to accomplish the goals i set for myself.
that nerdy chic was in before nerdy chic came in.
cher really was right about knee socks.
school doesn't have to be a jail.
that i wanted to be an english major.
that finding confidence in yourself truly is the secret of life.

ya, like a high school can teach you that?
well it can...
and for the lucky 200 kids in orange county each year that are accepted to go to oxford, they understand exactly what i mean.
not to mention, this school literally brought me thee two absolute loves of my life...along with many other friends who i know will never, ever leave my side.
so really, it's the least i can do in terms of giving back.
thanks for clicking.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

she asked.
i said yes.
now the real fun begins.

Monday, January 23, 2012 with the new.

congrats to new bestie alyssa and her new fiancee ben.
our friendship circle is like oooozzzinnnggg with giddy happiness and giggles these days.
besties on a wedding planning kick easily compare to girls at a 1st grade slumber party spilling names of secret crushes for the first time.
there just isn't anything else like it in this world.
events like these for people that i love so dear make my heart oh so happy.

bestie A definitely falls on my list of favorite things about coming home.
i remember the exact moment i met her almost 5 months ago...and it was kinda like magic.
you know those people you meet in life that you instantly knock down all your walls for?
you trust them without them giving you any reason to and you love them without knowing their flaws.
kinda like you have known them forever.
yep, she is one of those.
she gave me a place to belong when i didn't have one.
and friends to call my own...
including her.
and i am forever grateful for that instant little blessing that has turned into a sister soul mate for life.

Friday, January 20, 2012


you know the season one episode of glee when will runs after emma while the club sings my life would suck without you and then he kisses her at the end of the hallway and she is in that green coat with the white hat...ya know, that one.
well, i never thought glee would produce another episode on that level ever again.
in my heart, it has forever been the best one.
like, that is the episode i have compared every single episode that has come since to and none have measured up.
some have come closer than others...but none have been on that same gives you chills until you almost cry level.
until this week.
until she sang this song...

but then again, it might also have to do with the fact that my 9th grade choir girl heart will forever love a little grease...

{oh helloooo chord overstreet...welcome to the freakin island}

and that they brought will and emma back into the mix.

considering glee's track record with me over the past year and a half, it really was like finding love in a hopeless place.
best. episode. ever.

ps- remember how i said chills til you almost cry?
well, i might have lied.
i totally cried in this episode...
the second sue took becky's hand to help her through her heartache, i was dooonnneee for.

Monday, January 16, 2012

wanna be my bestie?

still trying to figure out if i am going to break my competition with myself and get back on facebook to do thee annual golden globe best and worst dressed album,
figure out a way to do it here?!?!
either way, there will be an album by the end of the week.

but until then, i will leave you with my SECOND favorite dress of the night, miss kate beckinsale.
eeek! doesn't she look flawless?
i am in beyond obsession mode over her bracelets and the pictures can't even do this dress justice in showing how it glittered and sparkled with every move she made.
i for realsies hope i can look like this on my wedding day.
not necessarily decked out in the jewels,
but like that fabulous hair and makeup and glowiness.
i guess time will tell if it all works out.
because i really love you, i will leave you with my second WORST dressed of the night.
unfortunately i have to bestow this honor on one of my beyond favorite people in hollywood right now.
and it kind of kills me to do it,
but hey...if even i can admit that katy perry wearing angel wings to the grammy awards last year was the dumbest thing since tom cruise married katie holmes than no one is ever excempt from this list.
which means miss emma stone is now our newest member.
now, i understand lots of people loved this and i can ALMOST see it.
which is probably why i am being tres harsh on her...
and yet it did, so So SO wrong.
the dress itself is not terrible, and it is Lanvin, which is always kind of an ethereal, earthy, funky brand.
but it is too baggy up top for my liking.
and speaking of up top, girlfriend needs to lighten up on the eye makeup.
i mean, does she still have eyes? i can't tell from the heavy black eyeshadow making it's home on her eyelids.
her hair is awesome, as per usual.
but what is going on with her shoes?
are those Jesus sandals?
and worst of all...
i think g. rancic said it best on fashion police when she sincerely asked if we think she bought that at a cowboy western shop?
emma i love you and Easy A is still one of my favorite movies every made.
better luck next time lover.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

thee envelope please.

welcome to one of my favorite weekends of the year loves!!!
award season is officially in swing as of tomorrow and i don't know about you, but my heart skips a few beats when red carpet fun begins.
seeing as we have no idea as to who will be wearing what tomorrow night, the only thing we can do before hand is predict who will go home with not just full tummies and lasting memories, but one of those ever coveted gold and marble statues.

so let us first start with my favorite golden globe acceptance speech of all time.
this was sarah jessica parker's first year winning for her timeless role as the crazy, fashionista, love addict carrie bradshaw.
she went on to win the award 3 more times.

and now here is my list of who i would LIKE to see win tomorrow night.
knowing full and well that many of them will not win.

the help

viola davis - the help

wait, are you not CRYING yet...because i totally was.

BEST ACTOR {drama}
ryan gosling - the ides of march
sure i picked him twice, but we need as much gosling face time as possible.

BEST PICTURE {musical/comedy}

BEST ACTRESS {musical/comedy}
michelle williams - my week with marilyn
as the self-professed biggest dawson's creek fan on this planet...i couldn't choose anyone else for this one.

BEST ACTOR {muscial/comedy}
ryan gosling - crazy, stupid, love
were we not alllll in love with him by the end of this film?
why yes, yes we were.

always have to support my girl isla.

in the land of blood and honey

jessica chastain - the help
she was the light and life of this film. you could not help but just fall so in love with her that you wanted to jump right through the screen and give her a big hug.

woody allen - midnight in paris
because he made a film about paris, he is my hero.

george clooney, heslov, beau willimon - the ides of march

trent reznor, atticus ross - the girl with the dragon tattoo
because it is who my little brother would choose.

the living proof - the help

american horror story
pure, hellishly scary, GENIUS. that is what this show is.

madeleine stowe - revenge
loved her in last of the mohicans, but girlfriend is KILLIN it in this show. literally...with that look she gives everyone. if you watch it, you know the look i am talking about.

brian cranston - breaking bad
this is my little brother's all time favorite show. and recently a good friend got me hooked on it. so basically when you can play the role of a meth cooker and have me rooting for you to not be thrown in kinds sorta should win an award.

it's back this season freshly happy and better than ever. and i still love it more than modern family, which doesn't mean i don't love modern family.

zooey deschanel - new girl
i don't loooovvveee this show, i's criminal, but i do love her.

BEST TV ACTOR {comedy}
johnny galecki - the big bang theory

downton abbey
they should make a reality show based on my mother's obsession over this show.

elizabeth mcgovern - downton abbey

hugh bonneville - downton abbey

jessica lange - american horror story
oh my hell, if she doesn't win this i WILL start a revolt. no one, and i mean...NO ONE on the list of nominees in any of the categories deserves this more than her. heaven help the poor souls that move into her neighborhood.

peter dinklage - game of thrones

good luck to all the nominees...
but let's get real, the part of the night that actually matters is the fashion.
it's do or die folks and this year i am feeling particularly brutal in my critiquing so make sure to stop by next week for the annual best and worst.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

a taste of perfection?

sooooo guys,
i am clearly not ready to comment on the big elephant in my world's room, aka: katy perry's divorce.
i mean, don't get me wrong.
a silly party of me is tres happy.
no, i am not a monster...
but i am happy in that way that you get happy when your bff breaks up with that boyfriend who you kind of always hated but learned to tolerate because she loveed him sort of way.
but still super sadsies and distraught because my girl is clearly hurt.
heartbreak sucks.
especially when your husband, the former sex and drug addict, might or might not have been cheating on you, maxim magazine's hottest woman in the world.
{hooowww does that happen?}

back to me not commenting,
so until i can figure out what i make of this,
which is basically not going to come until she figures out what she makes of this,
i leave you with my favorite katy video...
that just might so happen to coincide with the theme of her new life.

and like for realsies, doesn't she look flawless?
her hair and makeup. the 1940's clothing. THOSE SHOES. the bathing suit that is every one piece lover's dream...
stupid russell brand.
oops, sorry...i forgot i am not commenting.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my heavenly days.

i'm alive loves, and i promise to write more later.
but i am currently in the midst of picking out thee perfect outfit for my first official charity board meeting tmrw.
running a bake-off competition on friday.
beginning our in-office Biggest Loser Competition monday.
and starting the plans for thee company Super Bowl Party in february.

no no, this is not my social life...
this IS MY JOB!
how did i get so freakin luckY?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

next stop, vegas please.

have i ever told you the story about a lovely lady who met her two soulmates in high school and the three have been best friends ever since?
probably so, time and time again...seeing as this is my story.
a story i am thankful on the daily to have.

well loves, months ago kar planned my 25th birthday party in las vegas with us staying at thee paris hotel.
{she knows me well folks, what can i say?}
and wouldn't cha know, then a little thing called life happened and naturally the week of my party turned out to be a week in which i have never felt more like so not traveling
and partying in all my life.
but because best friends don't let you sulk for too long,
i packed my newly 25 year old behind up and we hit the road for a weekend full of everything but what was expected...

ready to hit the my fabulous new birthday gear.

so we pretty much almost died on the trip out, bible.
this was a picture taken at the gas station after our near death experience in which we were so grateful to be alive, and as you can the great state of NEVADA!

only in vegas is breakfast at 2pm a socially acceptable activity.

frozen hot chocolate at serendipity.

dearest kar, our long lost kardashian sister.

birthday shoes are the best kind of shoes.

ready to paint the town pink...and possibly meet prince harry?!?

gosh do i love these girls.

oh hello paris.

i was on paris overload the entire's like my little eiffel tower obsessed heart didn't even know what to do with itself.

sometimes you run into random friends from high school on the strip who then can take pictures of you in front of candy shops. true story.

meet my new friends, they even were kind enough to give the little mormon birthday girl a bottle of champagne. yay?

soaking my blistered feet whilst posing with my birthday gift from casesar's palace friends.
speaking of my lovely gift,
here is a video courtesy of three girls who don't know much about popping open champagne bottles...
{sorry i go into this super irritating kourtney kardashian voice in the end, clearly i was on birthday celebration overload...and NO i didn't drink it. duh.}

i am so in love with these girls and all the hard work they put in to making my birthday week the best ever.
i am very used to being the person trying to make the birthday magic happen for others, so when people turn around to do the same for me i am kind of taken aback at the sincerity and love in the gesture.
i owe so much to these girlies this past month, like...i don't even know where to begin.
so i guess i will start it and end it with a big fat thank you.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

what a way to make a livin.

oh my heavenly gracious loves,
i cannot even begin to express all my happy, overly joyed, blissfully themed feelings toward my new job.
is it perfect? no.
no job is.
but let me tell you, this is probably as close to perfection as imperfection gets.

what do i get to do all day?
hold it a hot second, and i will break it down for you...
thee job consists of three different areas.
first, i am the personal assistant to the ceo of the company.
and as y'all know...i LOVE doing little things like this.
i thrive off of making other people's lives easier.
second, i am one of the chairman of the EPIC committee, which is the in-office charity foundation that works with various causes in the community.
i work throughout the year planning philanthropic events to raise funds and provide an opportunity to give back during the holidays to less fortunate families.
party planning with a cause.
oprah style.
which is the BEST kind of party planning.
third, i am the coordinator of all inner office events.
luckily, i work for a company that understands the idea that happy workers produce the best service, so we are partying it up on the constant to keep up company moral, and because it is just plain fun. hehe.

despite the happiness of my actual job description,
everyone is taught to work with a happy birthday attitude.
birthdays are exciting and fun and full of happiness.
and every time someone wishes you a happy birthday, it feels like the first time you have ever heard it.
my company has brought this kind of an attitude to the workplace, creating an office unlike anything i have ever worked in before.
they have a very specific company culture and i am giddily excited to have the chance to be a contributing part of it.
they work hard, play hard, laugh hard.
and if you ask me, i couldn't ask for anything better.

{photo courtesy of}

Monday, January 2, 2012

so raise your glass.

as per the usual,
new year's eve was a blast and a half for us on the golden coast. it has forever been one of my absolute favorite holidays,
as i can support any night based around all that sparkles and glitters in a whirl of hope for the future.
my time this year was spent with good friends, good food, good games and good laughs.

naturally, i went with thee katy perry look for the night.

my absolute faaaavorite girls in this town.

team "jesalie" kinda sorta rocked the game circuit.

annual tradition of poppers and confetti at midnight. woo!

part of the midnight gang.
and yes, i changed my outfit...
i imagine kim kardashian did too so just let a princess be.

hope you all had a fun night.
here is to our best year yet!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

what would you do...

...with an extra day?

here is a question that has been asked for seemingly as long as time has ticked,
and clearly never really answered.
but lucky for us my bffs at DISNEY are not only asking the question this year,
but helping with a few answers.
in case you missed their BIG announcement last night during ryan seacrest & dick clark's rockin new year's eve...
watch below.

and to possibly get you in the mood for a little celebration, disney had some help from one republic with their 2012 ad campaign.
which is like...pure happiness, guys.

to say moving to california was my best decision made in 2011 would be an understatement.
because of it, i feel my 2012 possibilities are endless.
so happy new year to all.
come play with us here in anaheim for leap year!