Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{guest post} thee fab singer.

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guess what loves??
i have another super special guest post for you tonight!
today was a cray cray busy day & super fun night, so lucky for me {and you} the next guest blogger i had lined up sent in her stuff to me this evening!
her being thee fab singer, aka my childhood friend angela.
i can't dish out enough praise for this lady.
she is such an example to me of someone who embodies class and sass in a way that i can only one day dream of.
she is one of the few people you meet in life who is good.
not in the behavioral sense of the way, but in the personality sense of the way.
she has one of the most honest, sincere and good hearts of any of my friends.
{and her post tonight proves it}
she always looks gorgeous {probs because she toats is} and is as gracious as gracious gets.
don't you love people who are gracious?
it is a rarity these days and a tough skill to master.
one that she definitely has.
i have known angela as long as i can remember.
for realsies.
she has, thankfully, always been in my life.
and wouldn't ya know, last year she married my brother's best friend.
don't you love how life works?
she also has thee most gorgeous singing voice you will ever, ever hear.
and that is not me over emphasizing something for writing purposes as i sometimes/so often do.
i am talking the kind of voice that makes you cry.
every. single. time. you hear it.
so without further ado...i present thee fabulous, classy and ever lovely angela...

Hello hello hello! My name is Angela, author of the blog Grahangela ( “Grahangela” is the celebrity moniker my husband’s brother lovingly bestowed upon us. I think it rolls off the tongue just like “Brangelina,” “Bennifer,” and “Speidi.”

I am so honored Jessica is allowing me to guest post. Her blog is one that I follow religiously and I am consistently amazed and amused at her writing style and unique outlook on things. She really does know how to make it “rain glitter” in the blogosphere!

Jessica has given me free reign to post on whatever my heart desires, which sounds great EXCEPT that I am sooo indecisive! I kept vacillating from topic to topic, trying to think of something that would draw tears, provoke thoughts and make you laugh ‘til you fall off your chair. But, really, I’m just not that good. However, I have chosen to write about something that has had a crucial impact in my life. And that is this: TIMING.

Things in life don’t always happen when and how you want them to. Truer words were never spoken, right? We can plan all day, checking off our lists and preparing for any outcome our minds can imagine. But then, inevitably, our path will have a detour. It’s like when you’re driving on the freeway and you find out, only too late, that your exit is closed and you’re forced to find an alternate route. It’s not too much of a stretch to say that our lives are always “under construction.”

When I was a little girl I had everything planned out. I had my list of qualities I wanted (no, more like required) out of my future husband. I had kid names picked out. I thought I’d get married right after high school, pump out five kids all while finishing college in four years and then make it rich, becoming a famous singer (all the while maintaining a Wonder Woman physique). Perhaps I was a little naïve. Or a lot naïve. But as a kid you think you can do anything and you can’t imagine any detours in your perfect plan.

Let’s compare what really happened with what my 10 year old self envisioned. I did finish college and in fact went on to graduate school to get a Master’s in Social Work. I still sing but never made it big. I’m a social worker instead. Rich? No . . . unless you’re counting salary in warm fuzzy feelings instead of dollars. I even got married . . . but at 26. (Gasp!) Still no kids, except for our dogs. The Wonder Woman physique? Well, my husband thinks I’ve got it! He may or may not be biased, though. Did I detour from my original plan? Totally. Am I upset about it? No way! Had things not happened this way, I wouldn’t be the person I am now. The person my husband fell in love with.

It was during life’s detours that I got to know myself. I remember one particular moment when I was discouraged. I didn’t get why life wasn’t happening according to my plan. I think I was particularly disappointed in the fact that I had no eligible men in my life and I thought I was going to be single forever. It was at this time that I got some wise advice from my brother. He told me to be a “renaissance woman.” He said this was the time to better myself in every way – to become the best Angela possible. I’ll admit it sounds cheesy, but some of the best advice in the world comes with its side of cheddar.

I got to work becoming the me I’d always wanted to be. I studied hard, exercised, ate healthy food, read up on topics that were interesting simply for the love of learning, and strengthened my relationships with friends, family and my Heavenly Father. During that time I learned what it is to notice and love the simple things in life. The things I didn’t notice before because I was so consumed in adhering to my life’s plan. It was a truly enlightening time. It was then that I realized it was ok to be alone. It was ok to fail. It was ok to be scared. There were things to be learned in loneliness, mistakes and fear. These were chances to progress. My faith in God, life and myself grew tremendously.

Who knows why timing works out the way that it does? Some would call it fate. Others divine intervention. Others chalk it up to chance. I personally believe that there were lessons God wanted me to learn about myself and the world around me. Lessons I wouldn’t have learned had life turned out exactly the way I expected. Things happen for a reason. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade one bit of what I have now. Yes, life has its bumps, but the positive far exceeds the potholes. Life’s detours have led me to where I am now, with so many unexpected and meaningful adventures and blessings along the way!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

how great Thou art.

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99% of the time i spend on here i try to keep everything funny and peppy and happy and sarcastic and sparkly, which is exactly the way i like my life.
some may say i don't live in the real world.
and to them i would say, bah, humbug! i just figured out a way to make it rain glitter on an almost 24/7 basis. and i make no apologies.
but lovelies, i am not a ding dong dumb dumb because i know that with that 99% comes the 1% of life that just plain hurts.
and because i like everything on this blog to stay all of the above referenced things,
i take a break when the hurt comes.
because you don't want to read about my aches
and heaven knows...i really don't want to share them.
extremely private person.
party of one...
right. here.

but in spending lots of time on my knees these past few weeks and with my nose in some great and uplifting literature, i have come to the conclusion that...
guess what?
life isn't all about me.
and my problems.
and my hurt.
{cray cray idea...right?}

this holiday season i am not working {yet} and instead of looking at this as a burden because i can't sit still for 2 seconds,
i have decided to look at it as a gift.
now i have the time to dedicate myself to others, rather than myself.
{because changing my nail color every other day really is not necessary in life}
therefore, this christmas season i am yours.
{relatively speaking...obvs}
i have set specific personal goals, as well as more general goals that consist of moi being more aware of those around me, their struggles, and anything i can do to uplift or carry their load.

this morning started with me getting my now seriously skinny behind out of bed at 7:30am,
{guys, i haven't eaten in 2 weeks...i don't even know who i am anymore}
and heading over to the bishop's storehouse.
for those of you not familiar with this term, it is a small market supplied by the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints in which people who have gone to their church leaders and expressed hardship can go and grocery shop without payment.
there are no cash registers.
there is no anger.
just lots of people ready to give love,
and lots of people ready to receive it.

i will admit, the experience had me a bit freaked out at first.
but like i say, if things in life aren't scary sometimes than you never get to the really good stuff.
and i did...get to the really good stuff.
once i stopped panicking i felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude not only for the blessings in my life,
but the undeniably sweet and gracious people i was helping who literally know how to count their blessings one by one.
they caused me to realize how fortunate i am.
and how much i can give.
i don't think they will ever know the impact they had on my relatively insignificant world this morning.
one little girl with bouncing curls came up and asked me to sit and read a book to her while her mom shopped.
and let me tell you loves,
i have never cried while reading a hello kitty book before, {clearly}
but today i did.
it was truly humbling.
and i am forever grateful.

the entire morning i had this song in my head,
and because i love you all and am toats about giving these days, {hehe}
i decided to share my fav FAV jaw dropping, tear jerking rendition with you.
and remember your blessings.

living thee teenage dream.

{moi all sparkled out for my b-day date with mrs. katy perry hudson brand}

oh my gracious!
i found out this morning that, thanks to all you fine peeps,
this here little blog has made it to the FINALS for thee blogging awards.
honestly, is this how natalie portman felt all awards season?
no wonder she was so happy all the time!
well, that and she was pregnant and in love, but whatevs.
details, details...

please head on over right {here} to vote for moi as your
favorite singles blog
favorite pee-in-your-pants funny blog

thank you in advance.
i love and adore all of you.
which is why i am officially back!
{read above post for details}

Monday, November 28, 2011

{guest post} thee texan belle.

i promised you all that despite a short break on my part i wouldn't leave you out in the cold, and i'm a lady who keeps her promises. bible.
i am super duper excited for our guest post from my darling and dearest friend, thee texan belle.
i really think you will love her as much as i do.
or like, alllllmmmossttt as much as i do.
you see, she and moi's self became friends our freshman year of college.
not like "hang out after class" friends, but friends who apparently really had all the same interests because we seemed to have all the same classes.
and wouldn't you know, the pattern continued as we had at least one class together every semester until we graduated.
and thanks to blogs and facebook and twitter we have become even better friends now that we live half a country apart.
funny how that happens, huh?
i just adore this girl.
for realsies.
fact: she is an uber talented cake maker.
i mean, we aren't talking just regular cakes or even really pretty cakes with fancy frosting.
we are talking cake boss style cakes...with the themes and the shapes and all the fun little things all over them.
the type of cake you would rather stare at forever instead of eat.
clearly, she will be making my future wedding cake.
although, i have yet to discuss this with her.
lucky you, it's your turn to adore her too...

Howdy y’all!

I’m so honored that the fabulous Jessica is letting me do a guest blog post for all you lovely, beautiful people while she is taking a little break. I’m really excited to share one of my favorite movies with y’all, but first, let’s get to know each other a little. And by that I mean, I’ll introduce myself.

I am Miss Nesbit, and I hail from the great state of Texas, hence the name “Texan belle,” which Thee Burgdorf Brunette graciously bestowed upon me. You can find my musings on life, grad school, and things I enjoy (and/or obsess about) here (with more frequency) and here (with a little less frequency). I like lots of things, but the important thing to know about me right now is that I love movies.

So much so, in fact, that I try avoiding answering the question “What’s your favorite movie?” because I can’t possibly name just one. I mean, I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens! (Name that movie! Did I mention, I also quote movies a lot, too?) However, I tend to like the comedy genre more often than not, and there are three movies that really define who I am (meaning, I quote these the most, so seeing these films may help you understand me more.):
Galaxy Quest
All three of these are hilarious and awesome, and I highly recommend them all, but for today I’m going to focus on the less well-known one, Mother.

It was written and directed by Albert Brooks in 1996, and it stars both him and Debbie Reynolds. It has a few other cameo appearances from some people you might recognize and some you definitely should, like Lisa Kudrow. The premise of the movie is that Albert Brooks’ character, John Henderson, is a forty-something-year-old science fiction writer who is not only suffering from writer’s block but is going through his second divorce. After some contemplation, he decides that the problem he has with women (and possibly his writer’s block) must have something to do with his relationship with his mother, played by the amazing Debbie Reynolds.

So in an attempt to figure out what his relationship with his mother has to do with his current situation, he decides to move back in with her. The subsequent situations are incredibly entertaining and hilarious. Debbie Reynolds is excellent and funny, and she does a wonderful job at playing a completely endearing but also a little odd mother. There are so many great lines in this film. For example, this is one of my favorite scenes:

Now can you see why I love this movie so much? There are so many other scenes that are just as great, and you seriously need to watch them all. It looks like it’s not available through Netflix at the moment, but it is available through Blockbuster. (And I’m sure you could find it by other means as well....)

Well, I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I do, and I hope you can check out the other two as well. I’ve loved talking with you and sharing Mother with you, and I’m glad Jessica gave me this opportunity. Feel free to come visit me at my other blogs, and don’t be a stranger, y’all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

speak {vote} now.

oh my gracious!
i feel like i could not have picked a worse time in life to take a self-imposed blogging break because there are just too many good things happening that need to be posted about.
alas, i am still on a personal break.
no worries, i would never leave you all unattended for too long...
that is just bad mothering.
i figure since i am in a constant state of hurtiness these days,
i would line up some happy guest bloggers for you over the next few weeks.
thee texan belle is the first up...she is hi-larious!
and totally sweet.
she knows just what to say and when to say it, and i am excited for her fabulousness to translate over into your lives.

anywhoo, i am invisibly here today to let you know that thanks to YOU,
i was nominated for two Blogging Awards!!!
cray cray, right?
well loves, i stopped trying to predict the world once kim kardashian got her totally unexpected divorce, as i am sure you did too.
so not over it, duh.
but, my little labor of love is nominated for:
favorite pee-in-your-pants funny blog
favorite singles blog
i toats understand now how tina fey felt once mean girls became famous.
for realsies.
so please please pretty please, as one of my birthday wishes, hop on over to karen's blog {here} and vote for moi.
{make sure to scroll all the way down the list for the ballot}
according to my blog tracker, you wonderful people read from over 70 countries around the world.
eek! i expect my troops to come out in full force! bible.
but i sincerely would be so super duper excited if you would take the time to vote.

and as it is thanksgiving, i want to thank you for being part of my little world here.
i never dreamed when i started this blog 3 years ago that i would become so attached to each and every one of you!
special thanks to all your sweet comments and emails over the past week.
during this holiday season i am especially grateful for God, family, friends, y'all, high heels and taylor swift.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

california dreams come true.

consider this a post that is not really a post...
meaning, i am still on an electronic break from life,
but i had to break radio silence for something THIS important...

are you ready for it?!?!?

i don't think you are...

but here it goes...

wednesday, november 23rd
{which just so happens to be the day i was birthed into this world}
which means yes, i am attending her concert 2 nights in a row next week.
and yes, they will be my 5th and 6th times seeing her live.
you see, katy announced last week on the ellen show that she wanted to do something super special for her fans, since they got her around the world in a string of hundreds of sold out concerts.
therefore, she and russell decided to rent out the staples center {no big deal} so that she could give out all the tickets to the concert that night completely free.
well, this morning we were informed that we are the lucky winners of a code to get tix.
and tomorrow is the morning we get to activate our code and claim our prize!!
did i mention the concert is being filmed for her upcoming movie?
because it totally is...justin bieber has nothing on my girl.

see her complete {and utterly adorable} interview right here.

no one thought it could be done.
but i had hope, because my girl would never let me down.
same soul, two bodies.
that is what we are.
happy birthday to moi!

now for realsies i am gone.
until this hurt is healed...or something like that.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the one that got away.

and so i bid a short goodbye to my little blog and all you fabulous friends.
i really adore each one of you,
but it is time for a break.
i will be back when my heart doesn't feel so hurty inside.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

rumor has it.

i feel like i walk a fine line with this show.
it totally stresses me out. bible.
some weeks i just adore it so much i want to wrap it up and gift it to every depressed person in this country because it is a guaranteed mood lifter.
and other weeks i seriously hate it.
no, the word hate doesn't even begin to describe how i feel about it on those weeks.
and this feeling has nothing to do with the politics of the show...
{which is why most people hate it/stopped watching it}
it has to do with the fact i think west side story is a boring musical, and since that is the school musical this season, it is alllllllllll they sing.
i am sorry if that statement offends anyone...but it is honest to goodness how i feel.

now back to my show...
granted, it has fallen a long way from it's incredibly graceful first season.
when every episode was a hit and i never thought it possible of having a miss.
now most episodes are a miss and every once in a while you get a hit.
last night was one of those nights.
my holy hell i think my heart almost stopped when idina menzel came out singing lady gaga's you and i.
but for realsies it stopped when this happened...

can i get an amen?

be us against the world.

while the world is out all caught up in the hunger games trailer,
{sorry loves, i never boarded that ship...oops.}
i am all caught up watching this over and over...

this song is seriously one of her best.
does it not give you chills every time you hear it?
and please, someone fed-ex me that fluffy dress immediately.
it is my birthday week, after all.

ps-today is the day my troops find out if we win our katy concert tickets.
luckily, i already have tickets to the night before.
but with an opening like this... would want to go as many times as possible too.

Monday, November 14, 2011

thee gg round up: the big sleep no more

oh, it's a great day loves.
i am out of the not so great state of utah, home in my own bed and my computer is fixed!
which means, our gg round up is offically back.
things are heating up and falling apart, as per usual, on our upper east side.
soon to be princess/mom B is up to no good proving that chuck hasn't changed, serena has decided to blog against gossip girl and diana, charlie/ivy and nate have themselves in a it's so awful it's good and i can't stop watching it love triangle.
add to that one bloody masquerade and we have an episode.
here are the thoughts...

-guys, i can already tell you that chuck on a tennis court with a bottle of wine equals B having an audrey hepburn dream in the form of my 2nd favorite AH movie, sabrina. don't judge the fact i can decipher things like this within seconds.

-how is it that nate is thee hottest person on this show and yet, he has thee worst plot lines? is this supposed to be my tv show equivalent of a lesson that looks are not everything?? well, i'm sorry but i'm not doin' what you tell me {said in a mackenzie toddlers & tiaras voice}.

-for the love of everything on this earth that is holy, someone needs to cut dan's hair. i am gonna hold my own personal form of an occupy riot pretty soon. for realsies.

-is that a dead animal around serena's mid-section? holy gracious, i would say we need to kill it...but obviously this has already been done. duh. peta is gonna have a hey day in the morning with this outfit.

-elizabeth hurley has gots. to. go.

-blair's cheetah print dress with a kate middleton-esque still my fashion overloaded heart. and i don't even LIKE cheetah print people.

-is blair ever going to start showing that she is like, future queen mom of the world? or is she gonna be one of those super skinny people that only shows 2 days before they actual birth the child? probably the later.

-spotted: future serena love interest in the form of ivy/charlie's ex-boyfriend. guys, i could write this show. just start sending the paychecks now.

-"but i simply cannot have chuck chucking with my head." quote of the episode.

-nate has the worst taste in women. the worst. it's like, he just needs to fly 3,000 miles across the country and find me already.

-i have more in common with blair than i ever care to truly admit to anyone. bible.

-oh dear hell. i can't publicly admit what i am helling about over here...but oh. dear. hell

-i'm not even really sure what is going on at this party. like, is there a point? could we have picked uglier masks for everyone? i want them to be feathered and bedazzled! pronto.

-YEESSS!!!!! a blair and chuck kiss is always the best part of an episode.

-wait is that a bathtub of blood? guys, i am so confused.

-i don't think there is a single night of the week that all these people don't leave their parties with broken hearts. is anyone ever going to be happy again?

-dan, did you really think that at like 19 you were gonna have a best-selling novel. my gracious, do we really have 2 more years until all these people are finally legal? i feel they are gonna start having kids here pretty soon. oh wait, they already are. thanks B.

-i need blair's nightgown. this is not a want people. i said need.

-can charlie get her terrible hair and life off my show already?

-i have a hard time believing any grandfather would prostitute his grandson out just to "rehabilitate" his image. i don't know...maybe that's just me.

next week is blair's baby shower.
let the fabulous fun {and mommy fashion} commence.
until then...xoxo.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

someday i'll fly away.

well, i am off lovelies...
on a totally last minute get away.
ready to embrace my spontaneity,
and clear my pretty little mind.
until next week.

{photo courtesy of}

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

show me how you burlesque.

last night i watched burlesque.
and guess what wasn't terrible!
it wasn't great either.
but it certainly was entertaining.
and has a surprisingly solid cast.
granted i heard awful things about it which means i went into it with a below zero expectation mark.
and i might be a titch biased because i am a true to the core christina fan.
i also strangely think that girls dancing around to good music in sparkly lingerae, with fake eyelashes and glittery makeup is incredibly glamorous and fun.
{moulin rouge is a top 5 movie in my book}

this is my favorite song/musical number of the film.
it also, just so happens to be the most wildly inappropriate one,
{go figure}
so don't watch if you are easily offended.
i think it's all in fun.
but i know my opinion is not shared by all.

and this was by FAR my favorite costume of the entire film...

{fyi: negative comments about aguilera's weight gain will not be published.}
{she has gained weight...duh}
{but poking fun at it is how our society gets into trouble}

it was a mindlessly fun film.
and sometimes that is all movie watching should be about.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a little island getaway.

lovelies, it has been a while since we visited {thee island},
and as the weather is changing to the cooler end of the scale,
{which is about 60 degrees for us spoiled california gurls}
i decided it was time to finalize the fall/winter line-up and make some commitments for a few months.

#1--chris pine.
i mean, is this ever going to change?
will a southern belle ever give up her can of hairspray?
is there really a chance of hell freezing over?

#2--shane west.
ladies, it's not like we didn't all sit in the movie theatre and simultaneously cry/fall in love with him as he became the man every girl dreams of one day having in the it's so terrible it's good chick flick a walk to remember.
if you are me, then you followed him on over to ER and are now currently watching him in nikita on friday nights.
heaven help my heart.

#3--chace crawford.
ladies, it's gossip girl season and forgive me for having such excellent taste.
don't pretend like you wouldn't sacrifice all your values and then some for this pretty face.

#4--taylor kitsch
well, if you didn't follow my advice to take up a good habit with friday night lights, than i am pretty sure i just proved you wrong.

#5--colin egglesfield.
guys, something borrowed was like the movie of my yeeeaarrr.
didn't hurt they gave me a pretty face to look at.

whelp, i think we learned two things from this excersise...
a.) clearly i have excellent taste
b.) i have excellent taste
thank you and you're welcome.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

viva la candyfornia!

watching this video brings two significant feelings...

1. i miss my little brother more than annnyyyything.
{he is serving a mission for our church in mexico, he has been out for 11 months}
2. i am soooo excited for rach and moi's kp concert extravaganza i can hardly stand it. 21 more days!

{sometimes for strangeness the youtube windows on this don't show you the full screen, if this case is ---> here to see the whole video}

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

blustery day party.

it's super windy outside today.
no worries, i am not complaining...i will take wind over snow anyday, thank you.
and i am snuggled inside doing laundry, cleaning, listening to christmas music and going a bit pyro with the fall candles.
i couldn't really make up my mind this morning as to which holiday to celebrate today.
so i figured a little bit of both never hurt anybody.
yes, i am still in mourning over kim kardashian's divorce.
but it is like super too soon for me to talk about it,
so just let a princess be for a bit.

i have muy fun halloween pictures to share.
but i hate the photo editing feature on my parents computer so i must be patient and wait for mine to return from the electronic hosptial.

happy november to all!
it's the big 25 for me this month.
don't worry, i won't let you forget it.

{photo courtesy of}

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

too much of a good thing...

in terms of shopping, today was like a super big day with lots of choices and fun new things to purchase.
my options, due to the fact that i really am thee PERFECT marketing confection of my generation, were as follows:

miranda lambert's new album - four the record
crazy, stupid, love on dvd
water for elephants on dvd
justin bieber's new album - under the mistletoe

due to the fact that black friday is fast approaching and probably most, if not all, of the above options will go on super clearance and the fact that i am on a self imposed super budget...
i only allowed myself the purchase one of the above options.
can you guess the winner?!?!?!?!

that's right.
i am now the proud owner of justin bieber's new album.
{sorry PMACK, i know i have disappointed you}
it is muy festive and fun.
the others are now on my birthday list and you may purchase them for me any time you please.
thank you.