Saturday, October 29, 2011

happy halloween weekend!
from my wonderland to yours.

Friday, October 28, 2011

just like the movies.

happy {slightly belated} anniversary to my queen katy.
and her king, russell.
remember how she wore thee absolutely most gorgeous dress i have ever seen in my entire life.
{yes, kate loose this race}
oh me, oh still makes my heart stop beating for a few seconds every time.
i think they have already made it about 364 days longer than any of us ever thought they would.
and as resistant as i was to it at the beginning, i am fully on board this love train now.aren't they like super cute?
go ahead, agree with me.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

last friday night.

we took the annual trip over to knott's scary farm for their version of a haunted house, aka: my version of hell.
don't get me wrong, i love that i am so glad i just ran 5 miles sorta way.
you are happy you ran it once it is over.
but the in between stuff gets a little bit much at times.
and seeing as this was my FOURTH year going, i really only had myself to blame for my minor/major meltdown just outside of the endgames maze.
more on that later...

us ladies gathered thee boys and we headed into our fright night with all smiles...
oooobbbviously i had to do some h&m shopping earlier in the day to calm my nerves about the evening, hence my overly cute top.
thank you.

the night started with ghostrider which always has been and always will be my most favoritest ride at knott's.
however, the line is neeevver long enough for us scardy cats who sit there anticipating all the monsters hiding at the exit of the ride just waiting for unsuspecting people, like moi, to walk off all excited from their ghostrider experience and right into their majorly creepy arms.
[halloween haunt] consists of 12 mazes throughout the knott's berry farm theme park, along with 3 "scare" zones.
basically, you do not walk anywhere without the thought that someone, somewhere could pop out at you.

my downfall of the night was by faarrrr and away the endgames maze.
{you can watch a live feed of people being terrorized ---> here}
the theme was supposedly that the world was over and all the people left had turned life into a gladiator/eat everyone and everything type camp.
basically i was too terrified to really take in my surroundings the whole time.
max had this great way of walking through the mazes in which he walked fast enough to loose our group, but not fast enough to catch up to the people in front of us.
which means we were always in each room by ourselves.
he was a good sport though and let me cling for dear life to him the entire night.
i also made him turn all the corners first, so they would jump at him before me.
clearly, i am thee most selfless human being on this planet.
anyhoo, i had made it through the entire maze with no tears {thank you very much} and could see the light at the end of the tunnel...literally.
i was like super proud of myself when suddenly this scary man popped out at me right before the end.
it scared the baby cheesus out of me and i hurried us on up and out of the maze.
due to max's previously mentioned maze pace, we had to wait outside for our other peeps to be done.
well, when little old me turned around to see if they were coming out of the exit, i did not see my friends, but rather creeper mccreeperson from the end of the maze standing right behind me.
he had followed me out!!!
the next few seconds really were a blur folks.
and i can't be held accountable for any nor all of my actions.
i remember a lot of screaming, and some jumping up and down.
and it ended with me buried into max's chest until the man finally took pity on me and just let a princess be.
no, i am not over it yet.

my dearest and darling rach wins scream queen of the night.
i think anyone could hear her coming a mile away.
she is the type of person these people live to see walking thru their mazes.
i ended the night on a no tear note, which is a first for me and i gave myself a well deserved mental pat on the back for that one.
don't expect it to happen ever again.

overall, it was fabulous fun.
i am ready again for next year.
for least.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

how do you get to wonderland?

i'm still alive loves!
things have been so criz-crazy the past few days,
and on top of it all i am near deathly ill.
okay, not thaaaaattt bad, but still feeling super yucky inside.
promise to post pictures and stories from this past weekend soon.
it may or may not have consisted of 24 out of 30 hours spent at theme parks.
and a few near death experiences...
{do NOT under any circumstances ride the swings at knott's}
{i don't care what they say about your panoramic view of orange county}

tonight was spent trick or treating at disneyland.
true story.
where you are never too old to stuff your face with the best that nestle has to offer.
now this little girl from wonderland is now off to bed.

{photo courtesy of}

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the one that got away.

did my girl kill it on x-factor this week?
why yes, yes she did.
one month and four days until rach and moi's trip to candyfornia!
soooooo incredibly excited.

so long, farewell... my what once was blonde hair.
i'm a little less elle woods.
a little more bergdorf brunette.
it might just maybe look a bit like it should be.
pictures to come after my fab, fun weekend.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

so late, for a very important date.

{i am a sucker for sleepovers}

things are super cray-cray this week...
my real computer is at the hospital and super sicky, which means i am totally mooching off of my parent's laptop until all is right in my electrical world once more.
i am still recovering from pulling an all nighter with rach on saturday.
{we had mucho fun, as can be seen above from our hot tub @ 2am extravaganza}
tonight i am off to get my hair all did and pretty.
and tomorrow our super special company arrives for the rest of the week and i still have a house to clean!
thankfully, this weekend will be spent partying it up at knott's scary farm and disneyland.
probably won't be back for a few days.
love you all.

ps-toats changed my halloween costume once more.
now it is just going to be a super secret surprise for all.
i am SOOOOO excited :)

pps- due to the great computer crash of 2011, which happened FIVE MINUTES into gossip girl last night, thee gg roundup will be postponed for a bit.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

until the clock strikes 12.

wednesday night i got to be a super lucky lady and attend a private party after hours at disneyland with thee mom and thee big bro!
they had special offers on merchandise for everyone, and special types of food not normally sold on regular business days.
{free cupcakes?!? count me in}
there was a special presentation of the parade and then they lined the floats up on main street for a few hours for people to take pictures with characters and see everything up close.
naturally, we ate our way through the park and played on all the rides with no lines in sight.

free parade celebration cuppy-cakes.

i looovvveee these drummers at the beginning of the parade.

princess parade.

mary and favorites.

outside of sleeping beauty's castle.

obviously i was drawn to the natural resting place.

inside the newly improved sleeping beauty's castle.

parade floats lined up on main street.

God bless california, disneyland, and america.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

friday night lights.

10 reasons you should be watching...RIGHT. NOW.
{i mean, c'mon peowple...get some smarts here}

10. critic's darling.
"a miracle of a series about bighearted people in small-town america."
tv guide
"what may be the best dramatic series in the history of television. that's right: history."
los angeles times
"simply one of the best-acted, best-written, best-produced shows on television."
usa today
"breathtaking in how it captures ordinary life set against extraordinary passions."
the associated press

9. it's for ruheal y'all. i am blessed with plenty of long live the south! friendships. and they can vouch that the dillion, texas spirit of football isn't just made for tv. people really DO change school boundary lines to keep a quaterback. duh?

8. text from thee dear friend: she was once a doubter {like all of you} and she finished her first run through the entire series last night. i, in fact, received this text from her..."thank you again for showing me the light. i hope to share the love with someone, who like me, won't know what hit 'em. i think i'll start the series again tomorrow."

7. when i grow up, i want to be tami taylor. no joke. Her cutesy outifts, that head of hair, her wit, that southern charm, the smarts, the attitude you don't mess with, the hot husband...and most importantly the marriage that any person in their right mind would pay big money to have themselves. and i mean, she named her daughter gracie-belle. bless her television fake soul.

6. it doesn't go out with the trash. often once a show becomes successful, or moves to cable tv {both of which this show did}, they slut it up and trash it up simply because they can. fnl is 5 seasons of i wouldn't even be embarrassed to watch this with my dad type entertainment.

5. the lights are moving to the big screen. and i can pretty much already guarantee you it will be better than the first {and i LOVED the first}. so before you start seeing previews for it and then decide to watch it on the bandwagon. start now...while you still can be considered an original fan.

4. two words. one name. tim riggins. guys, #33 is the love of my life. for seriousness here...there is no man in the history of the real world or the tv world that does to my heart what tim riggins did to it every friday night for 5 years. no man.

3. clear eyes. full hearts. can't loose. i dare you to watch this show and NOT apply this motto to everything you do in life. from the small things to the real important things like...which brand of laundry detergent to buy this week.

2. and the award goes to... kyle chandler recently won best actor for his turn as coach taylor and the show won for best writing in a series at the emmys. come on, any show that quotes "sweatin like a whore in church" was bound for that podium one day.

1. still not for yourself.

bottom line:
it's the best show in the history of television.
trust me here...
i watch eeevverryyything. i have watched everything.
i love a lot of tv shows.
but nothing compares to this.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

it's almost my party...

my two darling and best friends have been working
{super hard, seemingly non-stop}

to make thee birthday this year super special.
they have planned a multi-day bash that would make any bergdorf brunette swoon and giddy with joy.
{and seriously is almost a little scary considering how well they know me}

we will be spending a weekend here...
followed by a night with her...only my girlfriends could figure out a way to get to me paris and in the same room as ms. kp all in the same week.
clever ladies aren't they?
might i add they planned this completely on their own,
without any help from me.

happy birthday to moi!
{in a month}
and special thanks to the two loves of my life.

it's the small things.

monday thee mom went off to get her pretty on
and get her hair did.
she came home with a sweet surprise for me...
my fancy, shmancy, favoritest HAIRSPRAY!
{that as a current professional stay at home person i cannot afford on my own}

now folks, this is thee best can of anything you will ever find in your life.
as was recommended {here} by kate, i can't really endorse this any better than she already has.
a little bit goes a loooooooong way.
and once you spray it on, that hair of yours isn't going any.where.
it's the best thing for volume, hard to curl hair, bangs that are in the awkward phase and frizzy fly always that are hellbent on not being tamed.
it may not come cheap,
but nothing good in life really does.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

under the sea.

super sorry for the break loves,
but lucky for you today i am sick in bed with not much to do but watch my tv shows and catch up with you fine folks.

this past weekend thee family and moi went to my FAVORITE place in the entire california area...SEA WORLD!
like for realsies, there are very few things i love more in this world.
we have a long running family joke about myself and this park.
wayyyy back when moi graduated from high school our family took a big vacation to florida.
seeing as i was like super wrapped up in being a diva about leaving high school and thinking my life was going to be over, i wanted nothing to do with planning the trip.
once the tears of graduation had passed and i realized i wasn't going to die the day after my graduation party, we headed off for our two week vaca in hot, humid and lovely orlando, florida.
one morning, on our way to disney world, we passed sea world and i innocently asked what day we would be going there on our vacation.
to my horror, shock and awe i was told we WOULD NOT BE GOING TO SEAWORLD on the trip.
i could have cried loves.
my favorite place and we weren't going!
my family explained that since i had refused to help plan the vacation {which is true} they had no idea i wanted to go.
since that day, my obsession with sea world has been our family joke, but let me tell you, my love for this place runs deep and true.
i honestly don't know what it is, but i could go back every single day and never get tired of it.

we started the day off at the dolphin show.
which is a combination of cirque de soleil tricks and dolphins.
aka: fab.

ventured on over to the arctic exhibit and saw the beluga whales.
{or white dolphins, as some dumb dumb dad tried to tell his poor kid}

the polar bear had just woke up from his nap.
suuupppeerrr cranky.

this is like the hit and miss ride of the century.
it really only works for an hour a day and is broken the rest of the time.
but super worth it, it's a family fav.

the seal show was all decked out for halloween haunts.

kinda a bit sad that the trainers can't get in the water with the whales anymore.
but still fun.

i pretty please want one.

it was trick or treat day and this family had my favorite costumes.
please pay special attention to the baby dressed as a parrot.

night time shamu show.
are you finally getting my obsession with this whale?
i dragged my poor family around that whole darn park to make sure we got as much shamu in as we could.

i woke up sunday morning announcing to my family how much i missed my friend shamu.
already ready to go back!
and yes, free willy was one of my favorite movies growing up.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

toddlers & tiaras.

one of my dearest and darlingest blogging friends thee texan belle tagged me in the above picture on [pinterest].
{one of these days i will have to tell you about thee friendship story with this lady because i kinda sorta just love us}
with the following caption:
audrey hepburn costume. Too cute. Umm I hope one day @Jessica Bradley dresses her future daughter like this.

i mean, obviously this child could already be mine...
her slightly upturned head.
the way she is wearing those oversized sunglasses like it ain't nobody's business.
those pursed lips. like she is about to shout,
nu-uh, i ain't doin that. no.

don't worry miss texas,
when the day comes i will surely take a picture of my child dressed like my idol.
in fact, my dear future daughter will probably have to be ms. hepburn every halloween.
clearly she will have various outfit choices...thankfully audrey played a lot of different roles.
as i feel it will be my duty in life to raise a girl who possesses class like this world has never seen.
and i hope we are still great friends, when that day comes, so i can send you the picture.

{photo courtesy of []}

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

livin' the teenage dream.

shut the front door and guess the heck what?!?!?!?
my bestie/partner in crime/sister from another mister is taking yours truly to see thee one and only,
my idol for a lifetime,
mrs. katy perry hudson brand
on november 22nd to see the last performance of her california dreams tour and to celebrate thee birth of moi.
tickets were insanely expensive {which is why i was not taking myself} and i am seriously too blessed to have people so generous and loving in my life.
i can't wait!
oh my gosh...what am i ever going to wear?

just a little taste of why i am so excited...

sooooooo happy to spend my big night with my 2 favorite ladies on this planet.
25 ain't gonna be so bad after all lovelies.

Monday, October 3, 2011

thee gg round-up: beauty and the feast

annnnnddd we're back.
another monday has come, and almost gone.
which means gossip girl has presented us with another week of criz-craziness,
aka: thee happiest hour of my week!
{and i have a pretty happy life...which is saying something!}

this week we are presented with blair coming out and officially saying she is pregnant.
of course, the one person she decides to confide in is...dan freakin humphrey.
be still my beating heart?
and beatrice, her fiancee's evil sister, tends to overhear the news and will obvs hang this over blair's head at some point.
chuck is beyond feeling, like literally.
serena and charlie/ivy are skipping out on hollywood and headed back to the upper east side to stir up trouble.
and nate archibald is, well, he is looking good but still sleeping around with the cougar.
{is this storyline boring to anyone else to death?}
here are the thoughts, screams, wishes and upsets from this week's viewing:

-first off, can i say watching gossip girl on my new surround sound is like beyond heavenly bliss. something only a true gg fan could appreciate.

-how is it that blair wears thee most mismatched prints, and yet tends to make eeevvveerrryything go together flawlessly?

-you are pregnant too? we are like sisters now! already the best line of the evening. gosh i love dorota.

-whoooooo is the father? obvs guys i want it to be dan. just let me be in my little dan/blair dream world for a while folks. just LET. ME. BE!

-oh nate's hair looks so good this season. soooooooooooooooo dang good.

-i swear, blake lively's hair is the only head of hair that looks good in a high ponytail.

-i am so over this charlie/ivy storyline. i mean, i'm sorry...but if i wanted to see semi-well dressed stuggling people on tv i wouldn't be watching this show. this is the show i go to escape the real world, thank you very much.

-love the plastic surgery joke. because for some reason, evvverryyooonnee gets their lips done and they all end up looking weird. like you would think with all the flawed lips in past {lisa rinna, meg ryan, catherine zeta jones, courtney cox} people would get the hint that it doesn't work. but they do not.

-loving serena's coral top-shop blazer right now.

-this kitchen scene looks like my ill fated attempts in that gosh forsaken room. seeing as it is a result of nate trying to cook, i feel like this is just another reason why he and moi are meant for each other.

-blair, why are you gonna take fashion advice from a girl wearing a dress that looks like a mexican poncho tied over with a belt. blegh.

-serena is so dumb. like really, really dumb. but heaven knows i love the girl anyway.

-half the time i can't understand what louis says. when is he leaving again?

-guys so i'm kinda thinking blair and dan had sex. and that is the ending to his story that he couldn't have vogue publish. is that too cray cray for even this show? i don't know. but you can bet thee bff and i have already had a text conversation about this possible plot disaster/awesomeness.

-oh my gracious, blair's dress at the charity event. no like for realsies people, oh my GRACIOUS. i can hardly breathe right now.

-this priest is hot. someone has gots to makeout with him at some point this season. just a thought. i mean, you don't hire a priest that looks like that without having some ulterior plot line. do you?

-beatrice just sucks. and she isn't even pretty. which means i am having an even harder time putting up with her than charlie/ivy.

-elizabeth hurley is fine. minus her being the love interest of nate. DATE SOMEONE YOUR OWN AGE NATE. remember the days when you loved blair, or serena, or anyone within 10 years of you? i do. and they were great.

-oh holy hell he is hot.

-is charlie/ivy wearing no pants? or peach colored leggings?

-once again, blair's dress. i don't think you people can even imagine what i am looking at right now. oh and those earrings. matched with the blue purse? heavenly.

-at least blair washes her hands after throwing up.

-what the heavens? she told dan she is pregnant. guys, I LOVE THEM! even if they are never together, the fact that dan is now the person she tells everything to/runs to when she needs help makes me all happy inside.

-ugh beatrice. gag me now.

-okay so i have this new idea: if charlie/ivy were to just let everyone know who she really is, i wouldn't hate her so much. like if she were just a truthful person {haha...on this show?} i would have no reason to want to ring her neck. because she is pretty. and that really is my only requirement for someone to stay on my show.

-this poor cory monteith look alike. beware of the charlie/ivy!!!

-bam people. BAM. i knew they didn't hire that hot priest for no reason. his purpose is to make out in the back of limos.

-how is this show almost over? it has only been on for 7 minutes. i swear.

-looovvving this song at the end.

-guys have i ever told you how much I'M LOVING BLAIR AND DAN right now??? their conversations are like the best things ever.

-oh wow, she is keeping it? say hello to mommy waldorf.

-okay so i'm pretty sure dan isn't the father. but i'm pretty sure CHUCK IS!

-and again, i'm loving this song. whatever it may be...

-blair: what if i loose everything? dan: you'll still have me. I AM DYING RIGHT NOW. DYYYIIINNNGGGGGGGGGGG. like i want to get up and prance around my house. but i won't.

ready to find out who daddy waldorf will be?
tune in next week.
until then...xoxo.

it sorta gives me chills.

guys, i feel it is no surprise to you that i am like a movie watching queen...
chances are if you haven't seen it, I HAVE.
and probably a billion times, as i tend to not get bored of things too easily.

now i have my favorite movies,
and i have my favorite movie stars.
but would you like to know my faaavvv movie scene of all time?
well, congrats, it's your lucky day and i'm gonna tell you.
see for yourself...

{sorry the quality is terrible}
{but it was the only one i could find}

it never gets old.
never, ever, never, never.
maybe it's because it was filmed in my hometown.
maybe it's because liv tyler is just the cutest, classiest thing since audrey hepburn.
i really don't know...
but i do know it's my favorite.

what's yours?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

life in the blue box {part one}

yesterday i finally took some time to clean up my room and snap a few pictures of it...although, for this record, it is still very much a work in progress.
i need a bookshelf, pictures printed for frames, curtains, etc.
but i have no problem showing it off in bits and pieces of its un-perfected glory.

in terms of my taste in decor, i am not, never have been, never will be the kind of girly girl who has the taste of a professional decorator.
in fact, i find houses with that model home quality vury not me.
{no offense, because chances are those people are going to think this is the ugliest room in the world}
so in terms of decorating my room, i did not want it to look perfect.
some of the colors don't match,
{although i fully plan on getting a new bedspread}
{even i know dark blue and tiffany blue clash}

and i wanted it to still have a very moi quality:
the girl who decides every morning if today she is going to be a lady or a 5 year old disney princess connoisseur.
see for yourself...

as previously mentioned the bedspread has gots to go.
the vanity fair book is something my brother gave me for christmas a few years ago and it is one of my most treasured possessions. it has beautiful, full page portraits of the most famous pictures to ever run in the magazine.
the bedstand is finished off with pictures of my darling little cousins, my autographed taylor swift book and {of course} my hello kitty alarm clock.
the tv is ugly, but hey...i'm not gonna complain.
as for the wall decorations, the paintings were an idea from thee dear friend's college room.
the set is a total of 4 pictures, two of which are displayed here and 2 of which i will be receiving for christmas.
with the top shelf i wanted to pull in my love for disney with my love for everyone in my life,
{promise the empty frames won't stay empty for long}
plus a plaque with my favorite quote:
if for a while the harder you try the harder it gets, take heart, so it has been with the greatest people who ever lived.
{jeffrey r. holland}

this is a messy picture but i wanted to show my favorite {okay, second favorite} addition to the room.
i turned my shoe rack into a magazine/computer/whatever i want it to be stand at the end of my bed.
this idea is courtesy of the set designers in gossip girl, as they did the same thing with balir waldorf's dorm room.
and in case you are wondering where to get your very own edward cullen pillow, i can't help you there. super sorry.
thee gg bestie gifted this lovely addition upon me.

obviously, you can't have a tiffany bedroom without the queen of it all.
this is on the wall you see when you first walk into the room.
i would have shown you the whole wall, but as you can kind of see...underneath the picture ain't so pretty.

the door to the room is on the very left of this picture,
{you can see the white trim around it here}
and behind this entire wall is my lovely closet.
i spent 3 days completely deconstructing the old closet
{like literally...i took shelves out, built new ones, etc}
and now it fits EVERY. SINGLE. item of clothing/accessory/ everything in between i own.
blessed be the day!
the ceiling shelf on this wall houses all my dvds.
and yes, the katy perry picture needs a black frame to go with the rest of the frames.
working on it!

this is my favorite part of the room...
where all the magic happens.
i have always watched those celebrity reality shows
{aka: keeping up with the kardasians}
and wanted a place where all my makeup was set out in one big area so it doesn't get dirty and is easily accessible.
i made it happen.
the drawers are filled with curling & flat irons, creams and brushes.
the sliding shelves on the second level are full of perfumes and hair products, with jewlery and baby loubies in the middle.
and the top shelf is a mixture of my shrine to emily giffin and my headbands.
the picture on the top shelf was done by {inslee hayes} and is one of my favoritest things ever.
each of the books to the left of the picture are written by my beyond favorite author emily giffin.
the picture showcases the heroines from each of those books, reading their novels.
fabulous much? i think yes.

whelp, that's it for now...
as you can see it is an eclectic mix of classy, sassy and happy things that are a daily reminder of how grateful i am for my life and the darling people in it.
once complete i will take pics of it as more of a final product.
but i didn't want you to think the requests for pictures had fallen on deaf ears.
happy sunday loves.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

i guess you're stuck with me.

yesterday i had the beeyooonnnddd fun opportunity to go to a taping of the abc family hit series
Melissa & Joey.for those of you not watching this show, get on it NOW!
it's not brain surgery, but it is a fun 30 minute escape from normal life.
M&J follows city councilwoman mel burke as she inherits her niece and nephew due to the fact that their parents can no longer take care of them.
{mother in jail for money laundering, dad on the run from the bueno}
as she is a super busy, childless, non-married lady not used to having to take care of anyone else in her life, she hires a nanny...or a manny named joe longo.
joe coincidentally used to work for the mel's bro-in-law, and as a result lost millions in the fall of the company.
let the chaos ensue.

if have never been to a tv taping, it goes a little bit like this:
we arrived at cbs studios and were checked in and sent to one of many lines of tv tapings waiting to be walked back to their studios.
after about 30 minutes, they walked our line on back.
lucky for us, our lot was wwaaayyyy in the back so we got to see tons of other stuidos where they film the insider, et, the talk and the famed studio lot where they filmed will & grace.
we got to walk down a fake nyc street,
along with a suburban neighborhood where they were getting ready to film a scene for csi:ny.
once in our studio they took us through extreme security and escorted us to our seats.
they gave us programs for the evening that looked like this:

and we were lucky enough to sit smack dab in the middle which allowed us to see all the sets for the night.
it looked kind of like a model home all layed out in one big line.
the front yard lead to the front door, which lead into the living room, which lead into the kitchen, which lead into the dining room, which lead into the back yard.
last night's set was a bit different than viewers will remember the house looking,
but all we were allowed to know is that the changes in the house are part of next season's story line.
we waited about 30 minutes for everyone to be seated and then our new friend roger came out as our official studio host/party coordinator/warmer-upper.
we watched an episode of the show to get everyone ready and then it was time to meet our family.
out ran stars taylor spreitler, nick robinson, joey lawrence and melissa joan hart.
i feel i need to interject here and officially say that everyone is prettier in person.
like tv doesn't do these people justice.
now moving on...
as executive producer of the show, mjh took the microphone and welcomed/thanked everyone for coming out. for those of you wondering, she has this instantly calming demeanor.
kinda like someone you have always known. very sweet and fun.
she explained what was going to happen through the night and begged us to keep laughing, even if it was in a scene they had already done 3x.
and then the filming began.
they filmed the scenes in chronological order, so the audience could see the story unfold the right way and therefore react accordingly.
some of the scenes not filmed in the house were filmed earlier in the week.
in that instance they stopped the live taping and had us watch tv screens with the scene on it so they could record us laughing.
they did mess up a few times, and it was funny to see how their individual personalities dealt with having to improv.
{joey lawrence is hi-larious!}
in between breaks and re-sets, roger came out to party with the crowd.
they had an in studio dj to keep the mood upbeat and help us host dance contests
{in which the stars couldn't help but join in on}
and roger quickly became our best friend and by the end of the night everyone in the room knew who jon-michael and i were. eek!
about half way through the taping it was pizza party time {literally} and everyone in the audience was given pizza, water and treats. yay!
after about 4 hours and mmaaannnyyyy retakes later, it was time to say goodbye.
the cast came out for their final bow and then they kind of stuck around while melissa joan hart literally gave everyone, including the extras, a hug.
you can tell she is very much the mom on set.
and that was it.

for any of you in the la area wanting to go to a taping,
head on over to {} and see if anything interests you. it's completely free!
i can't promise you a pizza party,
but i can promise you fun.