Thursday, September 29, 2011

love the skin you're in.

i often receive compliments on my skin,
{you people really are too kind}
{because i don't feel my complexion is anything noteworthy}

and then am asked what products i use to create the look.
well, the thing with skin is one thing works great for one person but maybe not the other.
however, today i received a text from one of my favoritest relatives ever asking for some skin-sential advice.
so here you go, thee secrets to my really not so flawless skin...
{there are blemishes, i promise}

makeup remover: dr. bronner's magic soap
folks, there is a reason magic is a word in this title because it is seriously just that.
i find mine at my local health food store and use it at night to rub off all that fun makeup i wear everyday.
my skin completely turned around the second i started using this soap, and believe me i have taken pills, prescription creams, chemical peels, etc...nothing has worked like this $5 bar of soap.
it comes in all different scents, but peppermint is my fav choice.

eye makeup remover: vaseline cocoa butter jelly
just rub this all over your eyes and wipe that mascara away.
no stingyness nor black residue!
plus it smells like a hawaiian vacation in a tub.

overnight spot treatment: neutrogena rapid clear fight & fade spot gel
ever have one of those yucky blemishes that seems to just get bigger and bigger?
do you have super sensitive skin that creates a scar once the blemish is "clear"?
because I SURE DO!
slap this on at night {and during the day for the really bad ones} and i promise you will see miracles happen.

overnight moisturizer: pond's clarant b3 cream
i like this better than the $50 bottle of clinique even better cream i used to love.
plus, buy this in the travel section of target for $1 and it lasts approx. 6 months, a little certainly goes a very long way.
it is super lightweight and soaks into your skin immediately and helps even skin tone.

my everything gel: aquaphor healing ointment
i actually prefer mine in the little tube so that i can carry it with me everywhere.
{and believe me, i do}
i learned the tricks of this gel from thee kardashian gal's makeup artist.
so what are those tricks?
i put it under my eyes every night and also use it over blemishes i have picked at and are currently super hurty. it creates a thin protectant over them so they don't get worse.
and it is the best chapstick ever!
i have this terrible habit of biting my lips when i am nervous so i put this on them at night and whaaalllaaa...all healed up in the morn.

daytime moisturizer: mac oil control lotion
this may be purchased at a department store, but you drugstore shoppers should be aware that this bottle of loveliness runs at about $20. which really is only a couple dollars more than a good moisturizer from your local wal*mart will cost you.
this creates the perfect light weight canvas to put my makeup on with, helping specifically in my oily zones without taking the moisture out of my face.

foundation: stila one step foundation or cover girl nature luxe foundation
the stila foundation is a God-send from heaven itself. but can get a bit pricey. the reason i love it is a tiny, TINY bit on a foundation brush spreads over your entire face. the magic to this foundation is it is a primer, foundation, concealer and powder in one.
don't think this possible?
well it is.
never in my life have i received as many compliments on my makeup as i have when using this foundation. TRY IT!!
for those on a tighter budget, the cover girl foundation {aka: the taylor swift makeup} works almost as well.
it gives super smooth and effective coverage all over.
it feels kind of like a mousse when you are putting it on your face.
i noticed a huuggeee difference in my skin once i started using this foundation.
plus, it has spf. YAY!

powder: mac mineralize skinfinish
yep, this is my splurge of the group!
but never ever do i regret the meals i sacrifice to afford it.
although almost $30 a container, i promise you, never have your hard earned pennies gone to a better skin product.
powder is a tricky art to master, as it leaves most people looking cakey and fake.
this simply blends in with your foundation creating a super smooth, airbrushed type look all over.

concealer: revlon color stay blemish concealer
this goes on super thick, but in the good way.
once you put this over your blemish 99% of the time it literally blends in so well it looks as if nothing was ever there.
it doesn't dry things out or become crusty 1/2 way thru your day.
and contains salicylic acid to help heal the blemish while it conceals.

under-eye concealer: almay wake-up under eye concealer
i discovered this when i was in my i wanna be like kate hudson phase...i know, i know...not my finest hour.
but it did lead me to thee finest under-eye concealer i have ever used.
paint just a bit of it under your eyes on those mornings where it seems like you didn't get a second of sleep, blend in and poof...dark circles suddenly aren't so dark.

well folks, there you have it.
it takes a village to raise a child.
and a bucket load of products to make me feel pretty.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

hello! laughter and fun.

so due to that whole article i wrote last week on thee new moi and how she trusts people now, i feel like i can trust you all with one of my deepest loves in life.
like something i only share with my best girlfriends.
this would be my absolute obsession over...

want to know my beeeyoonnnddd cray cray way of figuring this site out? here it goes.
sooo way back in snowy february i met this lovely gent.{no seriously, he is lovely and a complete gentleman}
{few people leave me smitten upon first meeting}
{had he proposed...i would have said yes. that's not me being dramatic}

so, naturally, as any gal in this techy century would do, i decided to follow {him} on twitter.
once upon a day, he mentioned a gal pal named sophia rossi. aka: {sofifii}
i clicked over to see what she was all about and oh. my. gosh...
like seriously, i don't think i have ever liked someone so quickly in my life.
the. funniest. gal. alive. the end.
well, a few months later sophia began HelloGiggles with her besties, mrs. zooey deschanel and molly mcaleer.
not only is it perhaps my favorite website out there...giggles is currently set as my home page.
yep, we are in a committed relationship.
BIG steps here people!

upheld by a series of writers {staff and guests} this is like your favorite magazine coming in the mail everyday, for free!
here are some of my recent fav fav articles:

{OMFG! You Need To Watch This}
thee top 3 shows you should be watching.

{Happy Birthday Gwyneth Paltrow}
happy birthday to thee star america loves to hate.

{Effortless Chic Divorce}
maintaining class in one of thee hardest situations you could ever go through

{10 Reasons I'm Not A Kardashian}

like them or leave them, we all fall into this category

{Dear Future Husband}
a letter to a man that does not exist quite yet

so hip hop on over to this site and get ready to not only giggle,
but fall in love.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

tune in tuesday.

i am about two weeks late on this train...
mainly because i have to admit, as much as i have loved the girl in the past, i was SUPER skeptical of thee comback album.
but i am currently in listening obsession over demi lovato's
girlfriend wins for thee disney diva with a voice that could bring anyone to their knees.
favorite tune is fix a heart.
listen below.

and go Go GO purchase this album.

thee final verdict.

as of tonight all my shows from my {previous list} have premiered, minus the ones not starting for a few months.
some have been added {pan am},
some have been taken off {modern family, the new girl},
some never happened {breaking bad, i will watch the dvds...promise}.
so what made the final cut?
here is my weekly breakdown...

9:oo - the good wife
10:00 - pan am

8:00 - gossip girl
9:00 - hart of dixie
10:00 - the playboy club

8:00 - glee
9:00 - ringer

10:00 - revenge

8:00 - the vampire diaries
10:00 - it's always sunny in philidelphia

8:00 - nikita

there you have it lovelies.
i am feeling very confident this schedule will bring lots of drama and happiness into my california dreamin life.

Monday, September 26, 2011

thee gg rundown: yes, then zero.

it's back lovelies!
i am seriously like a girl in a candy store tonight...i don't know about you but i have been waiting for this episode since the second last season ended.
here is where it left us...

chuck showed the ultimate sign of love {or self pity...i vacillate between the two} by almost literally placing blair in the prince's lap. which means she really had no option other than to accept his proposal and put herself in future queen position.
serena was off to california to find she hasn't pulled that one on us before.
now that chuck had nothing tying him to nyc, him and nate were on their ways to wherever the game of place your finger on the globe and this is where we will go took them.
lily was still on house arrest.
and dan was trying desperately to shut down the feelings for blair.

whelp, the gang is back in all it's glory.
the waldorfs and the humphreys are living it up on the upper east side. one family is planning a royal wedding while the other tries to shut down the humphrey/waldorf love tell all about to be published in vogue.
while chuck, nate and serena are living it up on the golden coast, katy perry style.
and here is our run down....

-oh wow, who gave rufus the makeover? he looks better than ever. and i mean that in a totally i am too young for him but would still take a shot at it kind of way. is there some phrase for the opposite of a cougar? the catherine zeta-jones maybe? just a thought.

-THEY CUT NATE'S HAIR!!! whomever made this decision needs to be given a raise. stat.

-blair's save the dates. classy. i fully believe in doing this. done and done.

-is it just me or does eeevvverryyoonnneee look better this season? or maybe i just missed my peeps that much over summer.

-serena was made for california living.

-this lady is mocking blair's choice for peonies as compared to CARNATIONS?!?! ummmm, excuse me but WHO. ARE. YOU? i can't even comprehend this so, moving on.

-oh my hell. is serena pregnant?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? i just lost my breath.

-blair's flower dress is killing me at this moment. in a good way.

-"los angeles is a plastic surgery layover. not a place you live." i won't take offense to this, only because it was said so brilliantly.

-guys, i still miss nate and serena. only because that much beauty together on a single screen is like so rare these days. can't they just have a child or something for the betterment of the human race?

-hold it, who put rufus in the checkered shirt? no seriously, who?

-is dan still in love with blair? i don't know why i am rooting for this story line, but i so am. not on a permanent basis. but more of a i just need to see it to be satisfied sort of basis.

-kate didn't have to wear diana's dress. so blair should not have to wear this snotty queen's hand me downs. i mean, if only for the fact that us fans deserve a fabulous royal ball gown of a wedding dress to love and adore. and then see her run away in because we all know there is no shot in hell this wedding is actually going to happen.

-oprah reference. let's have a moment of silence for my favorite human being ever!

-and then another for blair's oscar de la renta ballgown.

-ugh! no! vim. why does nate not realize he is hot enough to get women his age. i don't understand the cougar attraction. i'm so over this storyline and it hasn't even started yet.

-isn't this the girl jake gyllenhaal brought to the golden globes because he had just dumped poor tay tay? jenny lewis or something.

-oscar de la renta has never looked so good as in the doorway of the humphrey apartment. in fact, i highly doubt oscar del la renta has ever been in the doorway of the humphrey apartment.

-and once again, a glimmer of hope squashed by that stupid prince. can he just get out of our lives already? he is taking up dead space on the payroll.

-who is this lady on the date with chuck bass related to? because she sure did not get this role due to her acting skills nor her natural looks.

-oh gosh serena. you are seriously like thee most bleeding heart person i have ever seen on tv. why in the world would you listen to this guy's i have student loans and crap speech and be okay with it?

-humphrey! just lie a little and get the girl. stop being so gosh darn noble.

-blair! how can you be so dense? do you not watch the same audrey hepburn movies i do every sunday afternoon? let's get it together here gurl.

-blair's makeup this season is like A+. way to go.

-darota is pregnant. equally fun. but not as dramatic. dang.

-nate has the worse taste in women. he should just fall for me. thank you.

-can blair find the story and then be in love with dan??? i want i need i want i need.

-vanessa. she is bringing turmoil to my life and she isn't even on this show anymore! atleast jenny is out of the picture...i will take what i can get.

-okay, so i guess the peony gesture is kinda sweet. but i am still so on this humphrey/waldorf kick that i can't appreciate it as i normally would.

-hold it. wait. just hold it. BLAIR IS PREGNANT?!??!?!?!?!?!? i need a moment folks. like a looonnggg moment to comprehend this. how am i gonna know what to wear on a daily basis if we are going down this path. my closet...and myself are crushed.

-i thought we'd gotten rid of this blonde girl. i refuse to learn her name only because i keep hoping she will be gone forevah!

in case you missed it,
watch's top 3 moments from the premire below...

until next week.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

ready to fall.

eek! happy fall loves!
as a special welcome to my most favoritest season ever, i decided to give you a sneak peak into the 5 favoritest songs for my current life moments...
{you're welcome}

1. soldier - ingrid michaelson {listen here}
2. you & i - lady gaga {listen here}
3. only prettier - miranda lambert {listen here}
4. you can't stop the beat - glee cast {listen here}
5. part of me - katy perry {listen here}

also, make sure to check out the side bar for new lovelies that i can't stop reading about!

Friday, September 23, 2011

do you trust me?

to the above referenced, age old question that really never came onto my radar until leonardo dicaprio asked it to kate winslet in what is still one of my favorite movie scenes of all time, {ya, i just went there}
i usually say, no.
i am not someone with an innate sense of trust.
i am extremely guarded.
extremely protective of my life/feelings.
extremely emotionally closed off from 99% of the human population.
no big deal?

a while back someone told me they thought another person who had started to spend more time with me had suddenly started having a better sense of style, as well.
they said that during the discussion in which this topic was brought up, they both chalked it up to my influence.
and instead of being flattered {as a classy girl would have been}, my first thoughts were...
{selfish wench i am, i know}

i have been hurt in the past.
big deal. we all have.
i am no exception to the rule, nor am i even close to being in the contest for the most hurt person on earth.
but for some reason i tend to be the type of person who instead of learning what trust is through those kinds of bad situations and applying it positively in my life, i have instead built a wall.
we are talking rapunzel tower tall,
lord of the rings style thick wall.
and let me tell you...ain't no one coming thru there too fast.
there is no sharing through the wall.
no letting people climb over it.
no windows and no doors.

and yet, the only person to blame for this large and lovely wall is myself.
no one asked me to build it.
no one forced me to build it.
i can blame fate and luck and bad people all i want...but i built the wall with no help from any of those three.

with this recent move i decided to leave thee emotional baggage of life back in utah.
the hurt, the pain, the betrayal...that girl in ballet class when i was 5 who wore the blue tutu and for some reason i super hated her.
yep, i left it alllllll back there in that big desert.
the baggage felt blah. that state is blah. so i figure, they can be great friends together forever.
because no one is forcing you to be bitter,
or upset,
or down in life.

and now that i am free of said baggage, i feel more me than i have in a very long time.
some say it's because certain lovely people have come into my life the past months that have helped me see things a little more clearly.
others {ahem...myself} would say it's because i am almost 25 and i need to grow the hell up.
either way, i have worked hard to have a very true group of people around me who i don't ever plan on letting go of.
just letting more in.
doesn't mean they won't hurt me.
doesn't mean i won't hurt them.
but what it does mean is that i deeply trust they would never do anything to intentionally affect me...nor i them.
and sometimes, that is all you can hope for in life.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

i want. i need.

so guys, i have a birthday coming up.
and i give any of you permission to purchase these for me.
please. thank you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

so good.

guys, i'm truly love, love, looovvvinnggg the new shows this season.
and the new seasons of old shows.
here are my thoughts on those who have debuted from thee previously blogged about list:

drop dead diva
we are actually one episode from being done for the season. and i have said it before and i will say it again, if you are not on board this train...get your cute behind up and on it!
there are few shows on tv right now that i love more than this.
it knows how to have heart, but still not take itself too seiously and have some fun with some pretty outrageous guest stars.
i am sure a marathon will be on this wknd as a precursor to the season watch!

the playboy club
my review of this is going to be super biased because 2 mins before the show i tweeted that the only reason i was giving this show a shot is because i love jenna dewan tatum, and 2 mins later she, yes THE ACTUAL JENNA, tweeted me back.
set in chicago during the 1960's the scene is centered around the playboy club.
it's not a stripper club loves, it's like a members only hooters, except the bunnies have more clothes on than the hooters girls.
the show centers on maureen, the new bunny in town who gets caught in the back room being almost raped by chicago's crime boss, bruno bianchi. luckily, she is found by a hot shot lawyer and she ends up stabbing bianchi in the neck with her heel.
they throw the body in the river and begin a psuedo {but not really psuedo} flirtation to cover up where they both were the night of the disappearance and put on a front for bianchi's son, john, as he begins a not so nice investigation into what happened.
add in tons of intriguing subplots and club dance numbers and you have a solid show.
all in all, it's a fun watch.
less slutty than i had imagined it would be.
probably will be canceled in a few episodes, so i'm gonna enjoy while i can.

the new girl
loved this show. like really really loved it.
new girl zooey deschanel is left with no where to go when she finds her long term boyfriend cheating on her. so she moves in with three male strangers and let the hilarity ensue.
here's the deal loves...i would take drama over comedy anyday.
so as much as i love this show, it's on the same time as ringer, and my tuesday night beyond addictive soap opera is gonna win out.
it's funny, it's cute, it's fresh.
but i have never been one to sit down and watch a comedy week after week.
and this one will be no different.
i will watch it during commercial breaks, and possibly on the internet a few days after.
go ahead...judge me.

it's back!
after my tumultuous feelings toward it last season evened out with a spot on season finale, i was ready to give my high school kids with the big voices another try.
and loves, i'm sooooo glad i did.
it's back to the cutesy, not annoyingly preaching days of old and opened with a hit songlist that included: we got the beat, ding dong the witch is dead and you can't stop the beat.
loving the potential story lines of the season.
and as always, brittany never ceases to make me laugh out loud.
and finn never ceases to make my heart stop for atleast. 2.5 seconds everytime he enters a room.

meh. it has been average since the first episode of season 2 and will continue to be this way until cancellation, which won't happen for a while because somehow, somewhere there are people who actually watch this show for seriousness.
the season opened with the kids making the transfer from summer after high school to college.
it's boring.
none of them went away or did anything with their lives {shocker much?} and yet, i can't stop watching it simply because annalynne mccord's turn as naomi, the high school bad girl turned good girl with an extra sassy attitude {think blair waldorf of the west coast} still continues to amuse me.
and that is that.

vampire diaries
can we talk about how i almost cried at the end of the season opener?
okay, let's not. it's kind of embarrassing...moving on.
for fans of the show we all know stephan sold his soul to klaus {aka: vampire devil} last season to get the cure for damon who had been bitten by werewolf tyler.
stephan and klaus are on a no man left alive tour of the east coast, while stephan's girlfriend, elena, is left back in mystic falls with no inclination of where he is and if he will ever come back.
this episode opens with elena's 18th birthday bash. caroline coming to terms with her bitter feelings toward matt and stronger feelings toward tyler. damon learning that the only way to get the girl is to be nice to her. alaric living with the kids and coping with the death of jenna, elena and jeremy's masters student aunt turned vampire turned sacrifice for all mankind. and jeremy seeing ghosts of girlfriends past.
tune in. tune in. tune in.
that is...if you are ready for another addiction.

new favorite show of the season. so far.
bridget {played by sarah michelle geller} is a fugitive running from the fbi and the fact that she is the only witness to a major muder. she runs to nyc where her twin sister siohban {also played by smg} is living the essential park avenue princess life with her husband of 5 years and the teenage step-daughter who hates her, juliet. while on a sisterly weekend away in the hamptons, siohban commits suicide and bridget sees the perfect opportunity to stop running from the law. she goes back to nyc as siohban, hoping for a newly normal life, but quickly learns her sister didn't live the perfect existance she wanted everyone to think she was living.
at the end of the first episode we learn that the real siohban not only did not commit suicide, but she is alive and up to no good in paris.

pretty little liars
currently on a break, take the opportunity before the rest of season 3 returns to get all caught up. the liars come back for a special halloween extravaganza at the end of october, so you have plenty of time.
centered around 4 girls being haunted by the ghost of their mysteriously murdered bff, alison, this show gives new meaning to night time soap that keeps viewers guessing and coming back week after week.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

flashback to coming home.

thee drive from utah to ca was nothing less than kind of awful.
by the time i got home i was fully panicked, sick and had to put myself to bed as to not go heywire on any of the guests floating around this house for my brother's birthday party.
let's talk about the forest fire that was across the freeway and therefore shut it down an hour away from home.
or let's not. i'm still bitter. obviously.
so it's a good thing the next morning we all up and adamed ourselves on over to laguana beach for a comfy, cozy and classy birthday breakfast for thee big bro at my favorite restaurant in the world, las brisas.
{aka: the place where ryan seacrest eats. amen.}
we were joined by thee grandpa and two of my favorite people in this state, {graham and angela}.

the restaurant sits right on the ocean, and in order to get the table with a view you need to get there about 30 minutes prior to opening.
no worries, other crazies line up too.
the breakfast is a buffet with any and all breakfast foods you can think of.
even some you can't think of like...
a breakfast enchilada anyone?
the service is IMPECCABLE and you truly feel like an overstuffed princess by the end of it.

{view from las brisas. helllloooo california}

{graham, angela, moi and thee big bro}

{g&a being decoys so i could get a picture of the barely dressed yoga instructor}

after, we walked along the beach for a bit and then it was back home to unpack my two cars of crap...i mean lovely possessions.
and to my surprise about 10 minutes after we got home this lovely lady showed up on my doorstep!
thee highschool bff!

as you can see, she even remembered our birthday boy.
words cannot express how much i have missed this lovely lady over the past two years.
she and i have been thee best of ladies since our overly priced nap during kiss me kate on our nyc 2001 trip.
{happy 10 years rach!}
and in fact, she was the only CA friend who came to visit me the entire time i was living out in middle of nowhere utah.
obvs she has major brownie points for venturing to the land of the unknown :)
also for being an angel and helping me unpack previously mentioned stuff.
special gracias to all who made the day magical,
and less stressful.
i am loving being here.
and miss kp was right, the grass really IS greener here.
but did we ever doubt her?

Monday, September 19, 2011

it's easy as a-b-c.

found this abc's of me on ms. danielle's blog over at {sometimes sweet} and figured i would play along.

A. Age: 24
B. Bed size: i'm a twiner. same bed i have had since i was a little girl. except i DO have a pillow top cover on it now which makes a wooorrllddd of difference loves.
C. Chore that you hate: i actually like to clean. it is one of the only things in this world that relaxes me. cray cray, i know.
D. Dogs: nada.
E. Essential start to your day: eating breakfast. and maybe a diet coke. but i said MAYBE people so stop getting all judgmental on me here.
F. Favorite color: pink
G. Gold or Silver: i like silver jewlery better. but think that gold sparkle shoes far outdo silver sparkle shoes.
H. Height: 5'9"
I. Instruments you play: piano
J. Job title: currently i am a professional stay at home and play all day person.
K. Kids: nada
M. Mother’s name: cynthia
N. Nicknames: jess, jessie bear, princess jess, kp, jbrad
O. Overnight hospital stays: never
P. Pet peeves: people who don't respect an opinion
Q. Quote from a movie: Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion's starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don't see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often, it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it's always there - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know, none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge - they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I've got a sneaking suspicion... love actually is all around. {love actually}
R. Right or left handed: right handed.
S. Siblings: one older brother and one younger brother.
U. Underwear: all i will say is le mystere {aka: thee oprah bra} is the greatest thing to happen to woman kind since voting. {find them ---> here}
V. Vegetable you hate: radish
W. What makes you run late: i try to avoid being late at all costs
X. X-Rays you’ve had: dental
Y. Yummy food that you make: hahahaha. is this a trick question?
Z. Zoo animal: anything at sea world. it's like my favorite place ever

Sunday, September 18, 2011

live it. love it. watch it.

what i am about to do is slightly hard for me because i am never one to make a commitment to something out in the open, let alone announce it to the world, until i know it is a sure thing.
which means i usually do not start watching new tv shows until i know for sure they have been picked up for a full season.
but i am taking a risk this year people {baby steps} and publicly announcing my loyalty to a few {or like alot} of shows prior to them cementing prime time status for the year.
anyhoo, here are the tv shows i will be watching this fall season...
[in no particular order]
gossip girl
once upon a time
drop dead diva
the new girl
pretty little liars
vampire diaries
grey's anatomy
mad men
the walking dead
hart of dixie
it's always sunny in philidelphia
breaking bad
the big bang theory
modern family
american horror story
and maayyyybeee the playboy club

which means as these either go north or south on the list of likes and dislikes i am sure you all will be getting a talking to.
no worries though ladies {and gents} thee gossip girl rundown will be back in FULL force tuesday morning, september 27th.
until then, hip happy watching.

thee emmy showdown.

best and worst dressed is up lovelies!
and in record time, if i may be so proud of myself.
best of thee night goes to the every classy and fabulous, ms. nina dobrev...
to see the other besties and quite a few worsties hop on over [here] to the facebook album.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

it's beginning to look alot like...


thee fam, friends and moi ventured on over to the wonderful world of disney yesterday as it was the first day of halloween time in the parks.
[and yours truly finally has her pass!]
God bless disney for realizing how important halloween is in a person's life.
aka: my life.
no expense nor pumpkin was spared in dolling the park up for the holiday.
as per custom we rode thee nightmare before christmas haunted mansion, ghost/space mountain and a few other fun rides that kept us away from the cray cray crowds.
we ate popcorn out of coffin tins and ended the day with white chocolate candy corn sugar cookies [simply di-vine!].

it's my favorite time of year.
and i am FINALLY spending it in my favorite place.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

have you seen that movie?

oh loves, i know i am weeks late in posting this,
but am grateful i am because i just watched thee perfect film a few days ago to start us off.
so here we go...

{the conspirator}
released: april 15, 2011
directed by: robert redford
starring: james mcavoy, robin wright, kevin kline, justin long, evan rachel wood, tom wilkinson, alexis bledel
rated: pg-13

thee story:
seven men and one woman are charged with plotting to kill the president, vice-president and the secretary of state. the woman, mary surrat, owns the boarding house the government believes is the place in which john wilkes booth and the others met in and hatched their plan to assassinate the president and attempt to assassinate the others. set in post civil war washington, former union soldier and new attorney, fredrick aiken, reluctantly decides to defend surrat against a military court. surrat is put on trial not only to determine her own guilt in the matter, but as bait to bring booth's right hand man, surrat's son john, out from hiding and in to justice.

the key to enjoying the film is to set aside all personal beliefs as to what really did or did not happen and realize this is simply one person's opinion on a lesser told storyline that is part of one of the greatest tragedies in american history.
agree with it or not, i loved the intricacy and detail taken to create not only the lesser known tale of surrat, but also to bring to life the snippits of the story any man, woman or child could talk to you about in casual conversation. from the assassination of lincoln in the theatre to the smoking out of john wilkes booth, all are brought to the screen with care.
the acting is absolutely phenomenal.
and i may not agree with redford's politics, but i do agree with the way he makes films. shot entirely on location in savannah, georgia the scenery is beautiful, as well as alexis bledel's entire scarlett o'hara-esque wardrobe.
i have found this story fascinating since i was a little girl and my parents took me to [lincoln's home] in springfield, illinois and then to [his tomb].
a few years later my grandparents took me to ford's theatre where lincoln was shot and to see the blood stained pillow he died on and the gun he was shot with.
all images i will never forget.

overall i would say the film was the perfect blend of entertaining, creepy and riveting.
it definitely is a fun film to talk about after watching, just to see everyone's opinion on the matter.
give it a go.
and come up with an opinion of your own.

{ps- to those of you who have expressed interest in writing an article of your own,
get ready because i will be contacting your shortly!}

Monday, September 12, 2011

what about breakfast at tiffany's?

thee tiffany bedroom is DONE!
minus the actual moving in part of it.
but the painting and trim is finished.
along with any desire i ever had to be a professional painter.
just kill me now, thank you.

which means you will be seeing more of me around here...
as it should be.
i have tons of stories about my first week in california.
along with my first have you seen this movie? post.
but as for me right now...i am off to bed.
i did not fall asleep until 4:30 this morning.
and seriously?
how is a princess supposed to be without her beauty sleep?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

boy you got my heartbeat runnin' away.

so our family may or may not have inherited this bird a few months back that is adorable, but seriously doesn't know how to SHUT. UP.
she has major abandonment issues and if you so much as turn around to walk out of the kitchen, she begins screaming until you come back and:
a) take her out of her cage and carry her around with you
b) sit at the dining room table next to her and just let her be in your presence.

as a girly girl who has NO problem being alone at any given time,
i obviously have a hard time relating to PEOPLE who act this way, let alone...a bird.

well, yesterday while getting ready for my day i was blasting a little nicki minaj
{don't get me wrong, i hate her...but super bass is a good song people!}
and the bird stayed quiet.
basically willing to give anything a try i skipped to the next minaj song and still...quiet.
i tried stopping the music and she started screaming again until i pressed play.
and as much as i don't love nicki, i hate hearing that bird even more so i kept it a going.

obviously thee first person i had to text about this was PMACK,
as she knows every. single. word. to any nicki minaj song.
{or the ever fabulous PMACK, famous for her flawless head of hair as she asked to be referred to as during any and all future blogging exploitation}
and the text i received back from her:
oh my gah. what's even more magical is that i turned on my car and super bass came on as i opened this text. it's like, Jesus approves of our sisterhood and unity.
now do you understand why i keep this lil sassa frass around?
if only you could have read the email i received from her last night.
but it's full of secrets.
yes, kinda like gretchen weiners' hair.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

pin it guurrrllll.

one of my new found
i live in california now so will have lots of spare time on my hands beccause i don't have to stress about being homesick

goals is to get into this thing called pinterest.
i was invited by lovely & dear twitter friend jen.
and have been quite sporadic on my pinning at best.

so come on over and follow me at:
i promise to keep it all fresh and fierce for ya.

Monday, September 5, 2011

california dreamin.

oh my gracious!
i have been soooo cray cray busy with thee big move that i have neglected you, and for this i am sorry.
but i can't promise to be around much this week,
as thee bff's and moi are attacking my room and making it a little less 16, a little more almost 25.
think blair waldorf meets carrie bradshaw.
eek! i am excited!

so until i can sit down and let you know what i have been up to the past few days,
{because yes, in true moi fashion, i hit this california ground running}
i leave you with this...

and the news that thee bff's, possibly some fam and moi are GOING TO THEE FINAL CONCERT OF THE CALIFORNIA DREAMS TOUR 2011.
i guess b-day wishes really do come true.
i am a lucky, lucky girl.