Monday, August 29, 2011

famous in a teenage dream.

{PMACK and moi thrift store shopping}

speaking of celebrity likeness.
received this text from PMACK today.
{remember how she works for the tampa bay buccaneers now?}

i love that you think of me every time you hear miranda.
{as in lambert}
she's like celebrity jenna...

and katy is like celebrity jessica.

guys, i know by just looking at them you couldn't find two more different people.
but then again, that's what makes us the best.
class and sass.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

an office proposal.

i once was told by a boy friend.
{a friend who is a boy...not the other way around.}
{glad we got that cleared up before it became an issue.}
that i am a mix of pam from the office...

and sandra bullock's character, margaret, in the proposal.

obbbvvviously i jumped a bit on the defense about the later reference.
i mean, have you seen the proposal?
she's a monster for 2/3 of it.
he then told me that i should be honored because not only is she beautiful, but she wears those red soled shoes that i love through the whole thing.

and then i proceeded to get vurrryyy scared about the reference to these two women...
because apparently this boy knew me better than i thought.
but on the same note, i was super happy that when we went to see the proposal in the theatres and after had a 5 minute discussion about her shoes...
{okay, it was more like a lecture}
he was actually listening.

so i decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and focus more on the fact that he thinks i am a pam.
now isn't that just precious?

Friday, August 26, 2011

sometimes you just have to ask...

ooooooobviously i need this book.
you may buy it ----> {here}.
for yourself.
or for moi.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

cause i see sparks fly.

if ever there was a girl out to prove to the world that fairy tales do come would be thee ever darling, ever humble, ever fabulous taylor swift.
as we all know, t. swift's fairy tale is not necessarily in the romance department these days.
but rather the fact that it seems this 21 year old songstress is still in awe over the idea that she can sell out 4 nights in one of the world's most famous arenas.
the fairy tale that if you work hard enough, anything can happen.
and, of course, that someday her prince will come.

but these days swift isn't so worried about her prince, but more so enjoying the fact that this week alone approx. 54,000 people in the greater LA area have paid anywhere for $30-hundreds to hold a ticket in their hands with her name on it.
she doesn't take this for granted, as she spent a good deal of last night uttering nothing more than simple thank yous to her crowd.

the night started with a video, narrated by thee tay tay, about certain moments in life.
that there is always a time for everything, but more importantly the time we tend to over look is the time to speak speak now.
and then out popped taylor from her stage in a glittery gold dress with fireworks and sparklers all around set to sing her current single sparks fly.
up next was the first single off her new album {and my personal favorite} mine.
she then turned her set into a nerdy college school yard for her you weren't the person i thought you were country-rock tune the story of us.
{supposedly about a cold run in with joe jonas at an awards show}

the school yard then turned into an 1800's prairie porch set with a tap dancing railroad worker entertaining the crowd during t.swift's change into a white lacy number.
in this set she sang our song {my fav FAV from her first album} and her tune that is so fun to sing angrily along to that i honestly think it ill never get old, mean.
because as tay tay said, some people are really nice. and others are honestly just down right mean.

as taylor exited for another costume change snow started falling on the stage and down came a cinderella type bridge from the ceiling and up from the stage came swift in a glittery ball gown at a white grand piano to sing back to december, her i'm sorry to actor taylor lautner.
the stage then went black with the ringing of a telephone going over the audience.
if ever there was such a thing as a slutty voice, this is what came on the answering machine with taylor leaving her infamous message:
now go stand in the corner and think about what you did.
the lights go up and taylor was now in a sequined red dress bouncing around the stage and running along her cinderella bridge while singing better than revenge.
{her public condemnation of actress camilla belle...or so they say}

the bridge then rose back up into the ceiling with the stage now being set to resemble a church on the day of a wedding.
out came the bride and her bridesmaids walking up the staircase to the groom while taylor appeared in a retro purple dress and white gloves narrating the festivities to the title track of her album, speak now.
her and the groom ditched the wedding and ran off the stage.
and as he made an exit, she ran into the crowd greeting, hugging, kissing, her fans while making her way to a sparkly tree at the back of the stadium.
here taylor sat under her tree while singing a ukulele version of fearless,
and covering songs from other artists.
she then moved through the crowd back to the stage while singing you belong with me, coming back to a set with dancers dressed as stereotypical high school students and clips from her famed music video about the nerdy girl who gets the guy playing in the background.

then the a sweet little familiar tune started to play and taylor kindly asked,
would it be alright if i brought my friend justin bieber out to sing with me?
and let me tell you ladies, gents and whomever else reads this blog...
you have never, and i repeat NEVER, heard a deafening sound until you have heard the screams of 13,500 girls processing in their little minds that in a matter of a half a second their teen idol will be on stage with their other teen idol.
it was almost too much for their little minds to process.
heck, it was almost too much for MY MIND to process!

{photo courtesy of}

but out he came, and him and tay tay did a cute duet of his song that is thee most watched youtube video of all time, baby.
and as quickly as he came, he went.
and miss taylor was back to her fairy tale.

her stage then turned into an enchanted forest with glittery trees while taylor emerged in a gold, floor length gown to sing the appropriately themed, enchanted, whilst being surround by ballerinas.
the forest quickly turned from enchanted to haunted as cirque de soleil dancers emerged from bells while swift sang haunted.

with yet another costume change under her belt swift came out to talk to the crowd while introducing her last song of the night, long live.
the red velvet curtains closed on her stage but, of course, the cheers didn't stop.
when the curtain opened again swift was on a couch in her most elaborate and gorgeous dress of the night, a golden glittery tulle confection, as she sang fifteen to nothing but her guitar and pictures of her band and friends in their prime year on the screen in back of her.

quickly the opening melody to thee song that made our girl a super star, love story, began as she bounced off her couch and the lights went up on a stage flanked with dancers dressed for a fairyland ball.
swift began to sign and was escorted to a rapunzel like tower, which she got into, and then floated across the audience high enough for any person in any seat in the house to get a good look at her.

when she came back to the stage she finished her song as the glitter came down and she not only proved to her audience that fairy tales come true,
but sometimes they even come true for those who seem to so truly deserve it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

and i was like baby...

went to the taylor swift concert tonight.
this kinda happened in the middle of the show...

{not my video...but thanks for sharing!}

crowd went nuts.
i went nuts.
my MOTHER went nuts.

tonight will now forever be one of the best nights of my entire life!
seeing my sweet mom bounce and dance to the biebs and ms. swift was priceless.
full review of the show manana.
until then...xoxo.

Monday, August 22, 2011

whistle while you work.

it's that time of year again!
let the great facebook cleanout of 2011 begin.
may the best men/women be left standing.

{photo courtesy of}

Sunday, August 21, 2011

sweet dreams are made of this.

last night i slept for the first time in 2 years without the help of tylenol pm and/or melatonin.
for those of you who know me personally and have witnessed first hand how incapable i am of ever relaxing...
this is a very. BIG. deal.
in fact, i had a bowl of ice cream tonight to celebrate my new found peace in life.

dorothy was not only right about risking her life for a pair of beyond fabulous shoes,
but there truly is no place like home.

{photo courtesy of}

Saturday, August 20, 2011

california here i come.

if you are a toddlers & tiaras watcher,
{and if you are not...think about the things you are doing wrong in life}
than you know that ni-ni...she was a hard workin lady.
but thankfully, she retiurrreedd.

well loves, i am certainly not retiring anytime soon.
however, this hard workin lady is on her way
to a much needed vacation!

i am off to my fav hot spot {home} to have fun in the sun, with the fam and a little lady name taylor swift, relax, shop, and get my life organized for the BiG move in 2 weeks!
see you in 5 days utah.
promise to keep you updated loves.
if you miss me thhaaattt much, which let's get honest,
you might...
check out thee twitter for the latest {HERE}!

{photo courtesy of}

Friday, August 19, 2011

manhatten meets california.

spent last friday afternoon with this lovely lady.
{please ignore the carazy shadows of the picture}

she's kinda famous. atleast in my world.
she can be famous in your world too if you just hop, skip and a jump on over to her blog:
[mormon in manhatten: {no} sex and the city]
and prepare to get ADDICTED to her writing.

i have to say i was a bit nervous to meet her.
she is honestly someone who i have come to look up to through her wise and often hilarious big city words of wisdom.
but i can assure you that the fun and genuine person she portrays on her blog does not even touch the fabulous lady she is in real life.
kind. warm. inviting. funny. fabulous.
she's the type of person you spend time with and think:
i want to be more like her.

don't believe me?
well here is your chance to meet her too!
she is currently in the las vegas rendition of jersey boys.
so grab your tickets now loves!
and meet her after the show.

i made her an honest promise i would do just this asap.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

do you see what i see?

guys, there are few things i love more in life than a good old fashioned night at the movies.
or a night with a movie.
yes there is a difference.
if you don't realize that difference, than we have mucho to learn here lovelies.

due to the fact that i own over 250 dvds
{yes in the move i counted them, ocd much?}
i feel there are a few reasons behind why i am at times asked for my opinion on good movies.
now i understand that i have a tendency to have extreme love for films that are marketed to 12 yr old bieber fans,
{monte carlo anyone? it really was a blast}
but another hidden talent of mine is to find a movie that no one else saw, and fall in love with it as well.
so i am instating a weekly you might not have seen this blog post.
ultimately i would LOVE it if any of you hard core movie goers wanted to publish your advice
{as you know, frequent guest blogger lil bro is still away serving}
{which means i need you to fill his void}

but for now, you get to hear from me. yay?!?
i think yes.

the goal will be not necessarily to find thee most hidden indie movie of all time and shed some light on it,
but rather to share thoughts on a good movie recently seen/watched again for the 100x and make sure YOU have seen it too.
eek! i'm super excited.
first post to come later this week.

Monday, August 15, 2011

thee gossip girls.

guess what?!?
i'm alive!
and very much so as a matter of fact.
as i am officially 2 weeks and 3 days away from california living,
i am all moved out of my house and semi-moved in with my darling {and life saving} friend megan.
{sooooo glad she and moi are in agreement that homeless gal on the streets with boxes of stuart weitzman shoes was never gonna be a good look on me.}

after long days at work,
a few hours of gossip/catch up,
getting our inner chefs on in her kitchen,
{she's taken it upon her kind soul to teach me}
we are now laying in her princess bed watching bachelor pad.
no, like fur ruhealz peowple, i don't even think kate middleton rests her pretty little head in a bed this comfy.

you can take the girl outta the diva den.
but you can't take the diva out of the girl.

ps- can't wait to tell you about my meet up with {mim}.
she is just as fabulous/lovely/fun as you can imagine.
another story for another day loves.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

one fine day.

guys, in 10 years i have a feeling this will be my life.
hair in rollers.
little one's hair in rollers.
on thee phone with, ooohhhh, probably my madre.

don't judge me.
because i surely wouldn't be sad about it.

{photo courtesy of}

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


yesterday i had thee following text conversation
with [ms. KT]...

moi: ms KT. this is your favorite jessica. i would like to announce i am moving back to california in 3 weeks and will be expecting to see you asap.
KT: ahhhhhhhhh!!! this is the best day of my life. we will do so many things such as workout, make healthy dinners at my bachelorette pad, watch girli movies, and talk about boys.
moi: good! i will need a social life stat and i am putting you in charge of finding me one.
KT: i am just your man! we will be partaking in so many activities you will be so sick of me.
moi: oh that makes my heart happy. i can't wait to get sick of you :)

guys, have i expressed to you how excited i am to move?
my people.
my place.
my home.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i know a place...

...where the grass is REALLY greener.
guess what?!? guess what...guess what...guess what?

i'm moving to california!!!!

despite the sheer happiness i feel for this decision,
it does not come without thee bittersweet.
i have absolutely loooovveedd my time here in utah.
i needed it.
i became who i am here.
i grew up.
i am proud of what i have learned along the way
and thankful for all those i learned from.
i came here 2 years ago not knowing what i wanted in life.
and i am leaving now not knowing what the future holds for certain,
but certainly knowing what i want.

looking forward to:
sex and the city nights out with thee high school besties.
endless nights laughing on the couch with the fam.
running along the river bed by my house.
new job. new adventure.
playdates with my little cousins.
helping put back together broken and hurty lovelies.
halloween! thanksgiving! christmas! new years!
saturday mornings at the swamp meet and afternoons at the beach.
meeting new people.
falling in love with my life all over again.

i'm so excited it almost hurts.
although a little stressed at all that needs to get done in the next 3 weeks. eek!
i don't know what i am going to do with myself now that i won't have to be homesick anymore.
all the free time i will have on my hands. oh my!

whelp, i am off to pack,
but i leave you with my sheer joy and, of course, my anthem...

Monday, August 8, 2011

he said, she said.

a few weeks ago when PMACK and moi ventured home for a visit, thee mom showed me the following video...

obviously, every time i watch it i am in tears by the end.

reasons moi becomes emotional during the viewing of this video:
did you notice their accents? oh scotland, land that i love.
her shoes! her glasses! i want! i need!
the oh so sweet message.

it constantly amazes me that thee most powerful thing we have to show love or indifference toward another person is the words we choose.
so be kind.
there is no reason to be any different.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

make a wish.

every girl has a wish list.
or at least any girl that knows what is good for her does.
as we are entering the fall season,
aka: thee season of my birth,
i have spent the past few days creating my very own wish list.
ya know, just to give you prezzie givers a real nice place to start.

teenage dream by OPI
obviously i need this nail polish,
if you have to ask why than i can't associate with you anymore.

elvis dvd collection.
at one point in my life i owned this collection, but no longer do.
it's normal for a girl to have a crush on a dead guy...right?

smurfette stuffed animal.
it's my thing, let it go.

this is edinburgh children's book.
scotland annyyyttthiinnggg is the key to my heart.
you may purchase it at the kiddy kitson style store at downtown disney.

strawberry rhubarb apron from anthropologie.
guys, i am trying to be better in the kitchen.
and i honestly believe if i were to have this draped on my body real magic could happen.

anne of green gables boxed set.
every girl needs to own this.
and apparently i am not every girl because in my current state,
i am gable-less.

audrey hepburn barbie.
she's my queen.

and now for the prezzies that put the wish in wish list...

black patent louboutins
sure i love all the sparkly designs this shoe comes in.
but for my maiden pair of loubies i want the simplest,
chicest look.
basically so i can wear them morning, noon and night.
and to bed.

barbie kitchenaid from williams sonoma.
every day that i walk past the window at ws i have to have a moment of personal silence for this kitchenaid.

las vegas.
i want to go here and celebrate my 25th birthday.
guys, my love for vegas is like the only tacky thing about me so let a princess be.

tickets to see katy perry on november 22nd at the staple's center in los angeles.
sure i have already seen her,
but this is KATY people.
and this show in particular is the very last of her tour.
and it's in california.
i have a feeling the lady who put thee gurl in california gurls is going to pull out all the stops for the final night on her candy coated stage.

thank you in advance.

who's that girl?

i get asked a lot of questions in life.
some are the general, how are you?, and others are the more specific:
when are you getting married?
{when chris pine moves to utah}
what are you doing these days?
where did you get those shoes?

but of all the curiosity killed the cat type conversations i have with people, i would say about 72% of them start with 4 simple words:
who is katy perry?
once i get over the complete and utter shock of someone living on God's green earth and not knowing my idol.
i go into my 1:31 minute discourse
{yes, it's timed...okay, no it's really not}
on who she is and why their life specifically will be happier and more complete with my gal in it.

so for all of you lovelies who are not around me to hear the discourse,
but are still shockingly unaware of miss katy,
here is some help...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

holiday dreaming.

unlike a pussycat doll,
when i grow up...i don't wanna be famous.
but i do wanna find someone
who can build this for my little girl.

{from the movie the holiday}

oh okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, it will really be for me.
no judgment.
and hey! if he happens to look like jude law i will consider it a bonus.

Friday, August 5, 2011

last friday night we were fearless.

although i am still very much,
and will forever be,
on thee kick of this lady...
i am going to see this little lady in concert in
19 days.
so my car is currently experiencing a little switch in tunes on thee repeat.
but then again they are real life besties...

so i guess i can do a bit of rotating.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

raise your glass.

holidays are a BIG deal to me.
like big bIg BIG deal.
my favorites are as follows:
{in a very particular order}

1. halloween
2. christmas
3. new year's eve
4. valentine's day

which is probably why my heart skipped a few beats when i saw this trailer while waiting for crazy, stupid, love this weekend...

so raise your glass loves.
it's gonna be awesome.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

get it? got it? good.

if there is one thing my mother taught me that i KNOW to be true...
{other than you can't buy class}
it would be that karma is a bitch.
and you are too.