Sunday, July 31, 2011


i went and saw the new smurfs movie this weekend.
okay guys, let's not get judgmental here.
it was fun.
in the this is the silliest thing i could have ever spent 2 hours of my weekend on, yet i am having a blast kind of way.
i adored smurfette, portrayed by thee lovely ms. katy perry.
the cute little smurf village.
and the wardrobe of neil patrick harris.

obviously i am now on the manhunt for a tiny smurfette stuffed animal to sit on my white fluffy bed.
and may judge me for that.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

goin to the chapel.

{FRONT: canongate kirk, the royal mile, edinburgh, scotland}

so let's just face it.
i am NEVER gonna be over all this royal wedding business.
i have made peace with it.
so you should too.
which is why when all the headlines of thee zara phillips wedding started popping up today,
{she is the eldest grandchild of queen elizabeth}
{daughter of princess anne, cousin to prince william}

{in blog terms...cousin-in-law to kate middleton}
{now we are all on the same page}

i instantly spent my ENTIRE lunch hour clicking around the web to see everything going on.
and then it happened...

i realized that zara will be getting married in edinburgh, scotland.
but even more so, she will be married in the canongate kirk church on the royal mile.
which stands right across the street from my old house.

{BACK: my house was the top, far left window of the red building}

every morning i would wake up, walk out to my living room and stand at the window while eating my breakfast.
i would look down on all the people busying about the royal mile, and then across the street onto this sweet little church.
i thought about how this church seemed so overshadowed by the grand cathedral juts a few minutes up the mile. and dubbed it my little church.
i felt a little possessive of this building.
like it was something that only i knew how pretty it was.
i loved the garden surrounding the simple structure.
the peaceful graveyard along the back.
the red doors.
it made me feel safe and comfortable and helped me find a way to make scotland my home.
{after all this IS the church the queen attends}
{i tend to gravitate toward the BEST company always}

my last day in scotland i walked up and down the royal mile with my dear friend darcy,
and took about 20 pictures in front of my church.

so when i saw the picture of zara and fiance mike walking out of my little church friday afternoon from their wedding rehearsal...

i jumped for joy a little bit, and immediately called my mom...almost in tears.

you see loves,
some dreams really are fit for royalty.

{photos courtesy of google images}

Thursday, July 28, 2011

ww j.lo d?

thee amazing and ever classy PMACK dropped by for a visit today with the above beauties in hand.
{seeeeeeeeeeeee...i told you she is one of a kind.}
but what makes her my absolute favorite is what she said when she presented said flowers to moi.
well it was either soup or flowers.
and then i thought to myself, "what would j.lo do?"
and i bought you the flowers.

special thanks to a friend who ALWAYS knows how to make me feel special.
and who clearly has her priorities in line.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

be your teenage dream tonight.

{sisters from another mister? yes.}

i feel i need to start this post by saying one thing.
oh okay, two things.
one: i choose my words, in all aspects of life, very wisely.
two: katy perry is my idol.
so much so that thee bestie decorated our house for the katy perry concert day:
and i might just maybe have cried more than once during the show.
moving on...

as this was my 4th time seeing the big K in concert,
i knew what i was getting into from the beginning.
always surprisingly spot on vocals with a whole lot of sugar and spice. the difference is that last time i saw her {oprah not included} she was an up and comer opening for no doubt.
now she is a chart topping pop star out to prove she is more than sugar and spice.
she's talented. she's funny. she's thankful for her life.

she's not your average girl. this was not your average concert.
from the moment fans stepped into the center,
they were transported to a world of all things katy.
{aka: my version of heaven in all it's glory.}
from digital katy images projected on walls, to life sized katy posters at concession stands, to girls in latex dresses greeting you and ushering you to free photo booth opportunities, it soon became clear that the night was not just about fans seeing their fav gal.
but their fav gal ushering a big fat thank you to her fans.

after opener robyn finished a rather boring set,
mrs. perry hudson brand didn't keep her sold out crowd waiting.
the lights went off...and her story began:
{sorry for the bouncing...i was a bit happy}

the story is of katy, the daughter of the butcher, who is in love with baker boy, the son of the cupcake maker.
during a midnight storm, kitty purry gets scared and runs away.
katy follows her through her kitty door only to find her version of wonderland,
better known as candyfornia, on the other side.
she quickly went into her cute, but lesser known hummingbird heartbeat.
next along her way to find kitty, katy ran into her friend slot, not to be confused with slut, for a stop in vegas.

continuing on her way she came across tweedle dee/dum like mime friends that helped her sing ur so gay, peacock and i kissed a girl.

{whichever man could take his shirt off first got to come up and kiss her}

trusting her new friends a little too soon, katy ate hallucinogen infused brownies made by the mimes.
but rather than eating the cake and growing like alice,
katy ate her cake and soon found herself in the image of a cat,
smack dab in the middle of her biggest nightmares.
{viewer warning: explicit language...well, just one word}

here she sang circle the drain, et and what am i living for.

before transforming from kitty back to katy and singing pearl.
and the tear jerker, not like the movies.
she then took about 20 minutes to play katy's karaoke with the audience.
talking to everyone and playing around with today's hottest jams from other artists.
then she hopped aboard her candy cloud and came out over the audience with nothing but her sparkle guitar and KILLER voice to sing thinking of you.
{this is NOT a zoomed in photo. eek!}

miss katy then found her invitation to the baker's ball.
while crooning hot & cold,
kp went through 7 onstage costume changes.
{using a magic trick she had to sign a non-disclosure statement}
{with penn & teller to learn}

and brought it all home with firework.
it was then time for the baker's gingerbread ball where the stage lit up with her dancers showing their best moves to food themed songs such as i want candy, milkshake and tootsie roll, before kp made her grand entrance and was finally reunited with kitty purry.
kitty helped her welcome about 25 lucky kids from the audience to help bring the show to a close with whitney houston's
i wanna dance with somebody.
here she took the time to, while singing, hug/kiss/take pictures with each of the lucky guests on the stage. even stopping the show to get an iphone pick with one specific gal.

oh but wait, there was more.
after the stage had been dark for only 60 seconds the mrs herself came out in one last outfit, none other than the hershey kiss bikini she wore on the cover of this month's rolling stone, for one last trip to candyfornia to sing california girls.

here she she lived happily ever after with the baker's boy, all the while doing can can lines with gingerbread men, throwing glitter and coins and shooting the audience with whipped cream from a candy cane gun.
not that it is of any surprise to you, my lovely readers, that i loved her so much.
but i was honestly impressed with her graciousness and distinct efforts to connect with her audience.
for after all, she would be nowhere without them.
and for once, it seems we have found a woman who knows this.
she's fine.
she's fresh.
she's fierce.
she is unforgettable.

Friday, July 22, 2011

vury tired.

i may laugh at this clip 20x a day.
but the bottom line is...i totally get where she is coming from.

guys, bein' a livin' doll is tough work and she is vuurrryyyy tired.
you'd fall off your chair too.

as of late,
life is fast and fun and frustrating all at the same time.
especially in my current state of mind.
i apologize for being super absent,
but things are SUPER fast paced right now.
with lots of heaviness on my mind.

tonight PMACK and moi embark on our
grand california 2011 road trip.
our weekend is filled with beach time, family time and the famous orange county fair.
monday night i am off to the big city with sweet mellie and thee bestie for my night of all nights...mrs. katy perry hudson brand is coming to SLC!
and thee bff is going to have her baby ANYDAY!
add on top of that trying to do my best in a very fulfilling, yet stressful job and stressful church assignment and you have one vuurryy tired girl.
i feel i am on the same level as the livin' doll here.

however, i cannot complain.
sooooo many exciting things coming up.
some i can share along the way,
and some that stay just between me, myself and moi.
wish me luck.
promise to check in as often as possible.

Saturday, July 16, 2011 lady?!?

8 days guys...

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

well...where's my drink?

i gave it up today guys.
i am 6 hours into this new life and not yet going through withdrawals.
this new life meaning...a life without diet coke.
at least until PMACK and moi road trip it to CA next week.

you see, i decided this am that i was going to be super healthy for the next 7 days, including giving up my one crutch in life. {ni-ni anyone?}
i was going so strong.
you would be proud.
i even texted a friend to let him know that i was giving up caffeine for the day, so if i seemed unusually please forgive and look forward to brighter days in our future.
his first reply was...doesn't diet coke have caffeine in it??
and then went on with a bet of $5 that i could not make it til the time i got home from work without one.
excuseeee moi?
i never back down from a bet, because i am so competitive it is basically free money in my life.
due to my sheer faith in myself, i upped that anti to $10 and extended the time to next week.
literally 10 minutes after the texting agreement had been made, my sweet co-worker walked into thee office from an errand with a diet coke for me.
my text back to my friend?
hows about we start this thing at 5pm?

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

land that i love.

if you are ever in the market to spoil me,
{and i mean, who isn't?}
you may purchase me the above book.

because there isn't a day that goes by that i don't think of scotland.
and in return i promise to love you forever.
deal of the century.

Monday, July 11, 2011

but i think it's about, forgiveness.

i have this theory:
if you forgive someone, they can't hurt you anymore
{the carrie diaries}

new favorite quote.
i am no good at the whole forgiveness thing.
and yes, i will be the first to admit it.
i guess the bright side is that when i do forgive someone, i forgive you and honestly never look back.
the gloomy side would be that getting me to the forgiveness part is not easy.
i don't get offended every day.
but the second i do, boy is it hard to pull me out of it.

luckily, i can count on one hand the number of people who have deeply hurt me in this world.
{with fingers to spare, thank you very much}
but i am trying this new thing called letting go.
which i do not do very well.
but i am learning it can, in fact, be done.

to me forgiveness is not necessarily letting people back in,
{although in some cases it most definitely is}
but rather letting them go.
letting go of the hurt and pain that really only restricts you from trusting friends and loved ones again.
allowing them to move on free of your bitterness.
and in turn, freeing yourself of the hurt.

and well, loves, i can't think of a better feeling in the world.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

best thing i never had.

ummmm, have you seen this yet?

totally and completely obsessed with not only this song,
but this video!
doesn't she look goooooorgeous?
love love love.
and firmly believe in everything it stands for.
karma brings a happy ending.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

finding neverland.

this week thee dear friend came to visit with her sweet little lady. and considering all the peeps she has to see, i am seriously honored she still remembered me.
looooooovvvveee this girl so much.

and it took some coaxing to get a picture,
but once she found my keys, we were golden.
{girlfriend has good taste in vehicles}

and then, i even got a smile...

after our little lady went to bed,
thee dear friend and i spent a good chunk of time catching up on all things us.
ie: tv shows, life, family, celebrity gossip, books and above all...thee royal wedding.
that's right, we are soooo not over it.
probably never will be.

so glad she is in my life now and forever.
after all, a girl never forgets her first trip to neverland.
nor the best friend she shared it with.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

currently reading...

the carrie diaries
by: candace bushnell

yep, you guessed it,
this is the first in a series of prequal books to the infamous, and very dear to my soul, sex and the city.
i am about 100 pages from the end and so in love with all things ms. bradshaw.
i specifically adore how bushnell takes classic carrie-isms and gives birth to them in our fav crazy blonde's teen world.

it's a fun summer read.
and definitely one i will keep on my shelf to re-read over the years.
{do not attempt if you are not a fan of the series.}
{you will be bored out of your mind.}

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

you look like the 4th of july!

in case you can't tell from the above pic,
i was raised in a family that has a one of a kind way of celebrating holidays.
thee mom had lady liberty glasses for all.
and the 10x6 pool was a hit.
{even if it does end up in the garage in a week, dad}

loved being home.
missing it already.
happy birthday america!
despite my european rantings on the daily,
i really do love you thee mostest.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

no place like home.

i have lots of favorite places in the world.
paris, london, florence, nyc, name a few.
but despite the loveliness of all of the above,
there really is no place like home.

loving this time with my peeps.
despising the day i have to go back.
but for tonight, i am not gonna worry about that.
i am blissfully happy.
and happy is where i will stay.