Wednesday, June 29, 2011

toddlers, tiaras & falling apples.

the other night PMACK and moi ventured to the land of target for a little grocery shopping.
you see, the grocery store by my house is what i consider "ghetto"...especially on a monday night.
no and thank you.

while on our way over PMACK was talking with her mom on the phone.
PMACK is a southern belle, remember, which means she was raised by the ultimate of southern belles.
so when she asked her mom, via speaker phone {thank goodness}, if she watches a show called toddlers & tiaras, you should have seen the looks on our faces when she not only replied in an affirmative manner.
but she started quoting our fav, all star girl...mackenzie.
{mama belle does THEE BEST impersonation of mack-mack's mom, juana}

fast forward a few minutes...
PMACK had hung up with mama belle and i was now on the phone with thee mom talking to her about a movie.
PMACK shouts in the backgroud, hiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
and you know how thee mom replies?
i'm ruuhhhheeeallll happy she is there with you. tell her i'm ruhhhhhhhheaaal famous.

this was not planned. duh.
because you can't make up two bestie's parents simultaneously quoting toddlers & tiaras on the same night, in the same hour, without knowledge of the others' quotations.
the apples of sass and class have not fallen far from the trees.
it's no wonder we are who we are.
we were raised by the best.

Monday, June 27, 2011

won't take nothin but a memory.

have you heard this song lovlies?

something so sweet and forever true about it.
no wonder it swept the award ceremonies this past season.

also currently obsessing over my trip home this weekend.
to visit the people and the house that built me.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

he ain't seen me crazy yet.

do you ever have those days where you take a step back and think...
how the heck did i end up here?
well, yesterday while i was smack dab in the middle of nowhere shooting a gun i had one of those moments.
no. big. deal?
ahem...very. big. deal.
so let's back it up a bit.
the day started with us stuffing our faces with some good old fashioned southern PMACK breakfast cooking.
seriously, my girl knows her way around a kitchen.
ever had a beignet?
yep, neither had i. although yesterday i stuffed about 12 of them in my mouth. one right after the other.
{i will send something special to anyone who can name that movie quote}
then we were off.
sure enough we got a bit lost on the way out there.
like going 20 miles in the wrong direction.
but the great thing about a good country ipod mix and perfect company is that
things like that only make the trip even more fun.
eventually we found our place and got right down to business.
and yes, little old, prissy, kate middleton in training me
shot. a. gun.
i do not have a bruise on my shoulder to prove it,
{i'm kinda like a natural}
but i sure do have the pictures.

{PMACK showing us how it is done...girlfriend killed it.}

{do i look nervous? because i was sure i was going to kill someone}

{i know, i can't believe it either.}

{can't tell you what happened here, i promised him i would forgive and forget}

{yes, we are alot of fun.}

guys, i think i could get this whole southern belle with an attitude thing down pretty quickly.
because as my bff miranda lambert would say:
i'm gonna show you what a little girl's made of...
gunpowder and lead.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

show 'em what you're worth.

yesterday was email day for thee lil bro.
aka: one of my fav fav times of the week.
so i opened up the personal email he sent to me and started reading.
yada, yada, i love you, yada yada and then the BIG news...
i have to quote it straight outta the gate, so i don't flub something THIS important:
everyone here loves the "firework" song by katy perry. it's super catchy. i will admit...i love it too.

bam. bam. bam.
my work is done here folks.
i'm ruuuhhheeeaaalllll proud.
real proud.

Monday, June 20, 2011

all american saturday night.

i have a confession lovlies:
i went to a rodeo.
now don't stop reading,
because yes this is really me typing these words.
i know, sometimes i don't even know myself,
so don't feel too betrayed.
basically i agreed to go whist i was still in my i want to kiss kiss kiss garret hedlund until my head hurts phase of life.

so on saturday night sweet mellie and moi ventured to pleasant grove for thee strawberry days rodeo.
i have to admit, once you get past the smell and the dirt it isn't half bad.
except that you never really get past the smell and the dirt.
or at least i did not.
nevertheless, i had a blast!
slightly bitter my parents didn't raise me to be one of those glittery cowgirls who can race around the barrells super fast.
{but they may be bitter their mothers didn't raise them in the art of high fashion}
{ooooooor maybe not}

and i am pretty sure if one of the bull riders had proposed to me in that very instant i would have said yes.

{hey mom!}
{that's the belt you gave sweet mellie when she came for a visit! tres cute!}

{channeling my inner chiles stanton/leighton meester}

{thee goodman boys couldn't resist being in our diva shot}

in the middle of the rodeo i got the following text from PMACK:
how's the rodeo leighton?
country strong guys, country strong.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day.

dear daddy:
thank you for letting me be daddy's little girl
when i needed to be.
and for spoiling me.
and then punishing me when i acted like a diva brat.
thank you for making me take piano lessons.
and driving me to school everyday so i could be on the dance team.
thank you for encouraging me to do everything i ever wanted,
and then making me do all the things i didn't.
thank you for painting my room pink.
and for taking our family to the field of dreams, even though none of us believed it was out there and we all thought you were going to drop us off in the middle of nowhere.
{true story.}
thank you for keeping our family together and happy all these years and those to come.
and thank you for making me feel so loved.

you are my hero in every sense of the word.
one of my best examples of hard work and consistency.
thee biggest defender of my dreams.
the best husband to my mother.
and full of great wisdom that has always pulled me through the tough times.

i love you.
happy father's day 2011.

{photo courtesy of james weins at}

sweet dreams.

as a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was have slumber parties.
i looooovvvvveeeeddd them.
i had a girlfriend for most of my childhood with whom i would have slumber parties that lasted from friday night to sunday afternoon.
and don't even get me started on how happy we would be when we had monday off from school and could extend the fun one more night.

so it should be of no surprise to anyone that i am 24ish years old and still hosting slumber parties.
yesterday while PMACK, sweet mellie and moi's self were sitting in our hallway discussing life, PMACK suddenly shouted, let's have a slumber party tonight!
say no more girlfriend, it is on.

{my hair got a little cray cray after jumping on the beds. yes i am 12}

{consistently in a battle with our remote control.}

{as b.spears would say, she's not that innocent folks.}

{oh PMACK...}

{queen diva bee}

{i got my phone taken away during truth or dare.}

{sweet mellie writing love notes as part of her dare}

finally around 3am we retired our pretty selves to sleep.
and bounced up {okay, so there was NO bouncing} this morning at 9am sharp to be in our seats at church not only on time, but early.
not that i am proud of this or anything.

{photo courtesy of}

Saturday, June 18, 2011

we're rruuuhhheeall famous.

{mit & pmack at thee very gatsby party}

i am a big fan of giving nicknames to my nearest and dearest.
not that their parental given names aren't lovely, but if i feel a soulmate'ish connection with you be prepared for me to call you by anything but your birth name.
i tend to give out nicknames that have to do with a situation, place or thing that we shared together leading us to a little thing i call, thee new level of friendship.
{more to be expounded on a later day}

that said, thee southern belle and moi reached this level a few weeks back when we were mutually going through individual royal obsessions.
mine, as you all know, was with thee royal wedding and a new found goal in life to be all things kate middleton.
s.belle's was with a little show called toddlers and tiaras and a little demon, uh i mean diva, child named mackenzie.
{see clip in post below}

enter thee nickname phase of our friendship:
PMACK {thee southern belle}
shortened version of princess mackenzie.
basically giving her the right to act like a spoiled, southern diva 24/7. {nothing new nor hard for her}
MIT {moi}
acronym for middleton in training.
giving me the right to prance around in dresses and blazars all the while waiving to the crowds of people that flock toward me on a 24/7 basis.
oh okay, so i don't take it thhhhaaaattt far.

thee names and those they represent could not be more opposite.
but then again, neither could we.
people are always a bit surprised upon discovering we not only get along, but we have one of those i don't know how i ever lived without you in my life previously and don't plan on letting you go anytime soon friendships.
just another reminder to never judge a person until you have a chance to walk in their princess heels.
or whatever they may put on their feet at the beginning of the day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

pretty please...

...tell me you are watching this:

basically these days i walk around and randomly tell people
im ruuhheaall famous
and you see this is a test.
if you look at me like i am a cray cray i clearly know you are not watching toddlers & tiaras.
which means i don't trust you.
like we probably can't be friends because you won't be able to accept me.
so really, it's not me being a brat,
i am just saving you time in the end.
but if you look at me and laugh, cry, break out in your best pageant wave or quote...
we are meant to be soulmates.

case in point:
sweet mellie's response to one of my sudden famous outbursts?!?!
{please see trailer above}
{and you will understand why she is my best friend}

ps-many points of this post are drop dead sarcastic.
many are very serious.
but i'm not gonna tell you which is which.

pps-i have now hooked 99% of my co-workers on this show.
we walk around the office these days shouting things like,
you are drivin me nuts.
you're welcome TLC.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

next stop: vegas please.

during thee brief blogging hiatus,
PMACK turned the big 2-1.
due to the fact that she is one of my absolute
fav people in this world,
i wanted her birthday bash to be nothing less than the best.
enter the cliche, but never boring, idea to go to las vegas.
and to las vegas we went.

thee boys back home placed bets on the condition
each of us was going to come back in.
i was suspected to eventually drive on the
wrong side of the road.
of which came true, but not in a harmful way to
anyone in my vehicle.
promise. promise. promise.

{shopping in caesar's palace}

{diva den does vegas}


{thee birfday princess and her list of 21 things to do}

{high school bestie court and moi with our new friend...who knows?!?}

{birfday princess dancing on the bar at coyote ugly}

{it's like coming home}

{we left the birfday princess in vegas and came home with mulan}

a few selected pics might just maybe have been placed in a
"never to be viewed by the public" file.
but that's the great thing about best girlfriends and a city like vegas...
we never kiss and tell.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a crazy little things called...

i'm back!
still healing and figuring life out,
but definitely feeling better about a few things.

you see loves, i have this constant need instilled in me to always be achieving more and pushing boundaries.
which is a blessing 99% of the time.
it has allowed me to accomplish above and beyond in my life.

unfortunately, right now is the 1% of the time where my overachieving ways come to hinder my progress, rather than fuel it.
i feel at a stand still in life.
and i equate a stand still with failure.

except, last week i received a sweet piece of advice from one of the most important women in my life, in which she told me to just focus on being the best moi possible.
and upon becoming a better person, life will fall into place.

added to that, thee mom has placed me on mandatory relaxation for the next 3 weeks.
got it...RELAX. just enjoying the success i have found in life, and the people i have chosen to share that life with.
genius much?!?

so loves, for the first time in YEARS i am going to try this thing people call relaxing.
i am not very good at it.
so i guess in my own twisted way i view it as a challenge i need to overcome.
part of my restored path to becoming a better person.

i do not know what my future holds.
but i do know i am blessed and thankful for those blessings.

so glad to be semi-back to my old self.
MUCHO stories to tell.
{vegas was epic}
looking forward to sharing...
and relaxing.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

still not feeling like moi.
therefore doing a self imposed blogging break until i can be me again.
super stressed trying to make super big decisions about life.
letting go of a few things.
trying to hold on for dear life to others.
no one wants to read a sob story.
and quite frankly, i don't want to tell it.

love you all.
hopefully vegas this weekend will heal my soul.
if not, i am sure something else along the way will.
it always does.