Sunday, May 15, 2011

gotta get down on friday.

some people may judge me for staying in on a friday night.
what do i say to them?
well, you have never spent a friday night with moi and thee besties.

first up on the list of plans, work out.
ya, it sucks. but everyone has to do it.
or atleast skinny people do.
or like, people who are TRYING to be skinny.

next step, walking to carls to visit our c.jr friends.
we ate glorified lettuce, basically.
but we sat at our fav table and enjoyed the food,
or lack thereof.

then we came home and thee besties laid in my bed watching he's just not that into you, while i walked around and cleaned my room.
and, of course, we cried. as always.

then we all laid in the bed talking and mellie asked the question that will never go forgotten...
have you read the jennifer love hewitt book i gave you for your birthday yet?
my answer: no.
her answer: let's read it now. like outloud.
less than 1 minute later we started popcorn reading the book.
2 hours later we were done.
cover to cover.

favorite quote:
my body is a temple. not a 7-11.
ohhh jlh, we should be best friends.


  1. It was so great running into you. Such a treat! Glad you are doing well. You look so beautiful dear, as always. Glad you are loving work and have such great roomates. Funny how I haven't seen you in so long but due to the blog world I feel like I see you all the time.