Sunday, March 27, 2011

now fight.

this weekend has been tres hurty, to say the very least.
sometimes life really knows how to knock you down.
flat on the floor.
luckily, before things went south, i was able to hit the theatre and see sucker punch,
after a very long ONE WHOLE YEAR of waiting!

if there is one thing i can tell you about this it's you are just gonna have to ignore the bad press and trust me when i say:
this is about as fun as movie watching has been for a long time.
i honestly don't know what the critics were expecting other than a fabulously, spectacular, visual feast thrust upon a useless storyline. duh much?!?

what you are in for:
the movie opens [with perhaps one of the BEST opening sequences i have ever seen] in the home of babydoll.
{the picture perfect emily browning}
her mother has just died and babydoll and her younger sister are left to the care of her evil step-father.
when he opens the will and realizes his now deceased wife left everything to the girls he takes his rage out on babydoll's younger sister...attacking and killing her.
babydoll decides to take matters into her own hands and goes after him with a gun, but she can't pull the trigger.
her step-father uses this story to get her admitted to lennox house, the local insane asylum.
as the step-father fears she will talk and give her side, the real side, of the story, he pays the workers off to put her in line for a lobotomy, wiping out any memory of the past she may have to incriminate him.
she has 3 days to get out...and get out she will.

in order to survive, babydoll turns her asylum surroundings into a burlesque club, her and her 4 new friends cast as the main dancers.
in her alter world, babydoll and the girls have 3 days to escape the club before the high roller {a dashing as ever jon hamm} comes to wisk babydoll and her innocence off her feet.
babydoll is informed, by a guardian angel, that she needs 5 things to free her soul...
a map
a knife
a key
and one more thing she must figure out on her journey.

babydoll's talent is her ability to mesmerize people when she dances.
the girls decide that if they can get babydoll to dance, on different occasions, for the club owners, she can distract them while they find the items they are looking for.

in babydoll's mind, every dance is a fight for her freedom, taking her into an alter-video game type world.
here the guardian angel gives her and the girls tasks they must complete.
once the task is over, the dance is done, and the girls must have obtained what they need.

why this is better than the credit it is getting?
i honestly don't know what more people wanted from a zack snyder film.
snyder always has been, and probably always will be, a so-so story teller with an awe-inspiring imagination, bringing visuals to a movie like no other.
it is fun. and even more mesmerizing to watch.
the story is not wonderful, but that is not the point.
i stand by my assumption that this is THEE perfect date movie.
the boys get hot girls fighting nazi zombies, giants and dragons.
the girls get kick a** costumes, hair, makeup and bedazzlement that would put a drag queen to shame.

it's not brain surgery.
but it is by far one of the better movies this year.
basically it is moulin rouge meets warrior princess video game fighting.
nothing better in my book.
now all that is left to decide is if i will be bedazzled babydoll or zombie fighting babydoll for halloween.

and don't even get me started on the soundtrack.
you can listen for free ---> {here}
emily browning is indeed the voice behind the tracks sweet dreams, where is my mind and alone.
and i knew i liked the movie early on,
but i full fledged fell in love with it during the scene where amber has to get the fire from the mayor and she walks out wearing bedazzled heaven to the mix up/mash up of i want it all/we will rock you.

and finally, this question:
the mystery of whose story it will be, or who draws the curtain, of who sets the stage. who is it that chooses our steps in the dance, who drives us mad, lashes us with whips and crowns us with victory when we survive the impossible?
who is it that does all these things?

it's you. you have all the weapons you need. now fight
{sucker punch}


  1. Very nice review. You have convinced me. As soon as I finish my project, I'm going to go see it! :)

  2. I agree with this post too! I was like meh i dont care to see it, but now i want to watch it! lol!!