Friday, February 4, 2011

click my heels 3 times.

tonight was girl's night.
aka: going to dinner, frozen yogurt and vegging out while watching dawson's creek dvds until we are too tired to keep our pretty little eyes open.
while at dinner, and celebrating our big oprah surprise, we decided to come up with who would play us in a movie...
which quickly evolved to casting romantic interests, friends, plot lines, wardrobe choices
and our very own happily ever afters.
i know you are just dyyyying to hear the sitch on thee moi rom-com?
okay, here is the 411 of a blockbuster coming to you:

leading lady cast as moi:thee ever classy anne hathaway.
single, workaholic fashion editor working at vogue.

thee mr. moi:chris pine. duh much?
high power new york city attorney.

circle of friends:

ms. ginnifer goodwin as my dear, sweet mellie bellie.

thee bestie as portrayed by emma stone.

jt will play my real life justin t.
we will also be co-workers at vogue.
[hey it's my movie...i can do what i want to]

obvs kp will play my sassa frass of an assistant at vogue.
she will tell me things i don't really want to hear, but need to.
my voice of reason.
she will also sing the theme song for my movie.
[bet you saw that one coming...]

jake will play the random movie eye candy.
he will be a free lance vogue journalist, photog, whatever.
more importantly my character will kiss him once, or twice.
nothing serious, of course.

jessie e. will play my ex-boyfriend with whom i still have a great friendship.
i know this doesn't happen in real life lovelies,
but we had to figure out someway to get him to the wedding at the end, to then meet emma stone and create thee perfect lead in to thee bestie's bio-pic.
[did i mention our movies are a trilogy...because they totally are]

city backdrop:new york.
thee only city in the world where i want my big screen drama to go down.

wardrobe staple:
would i really walk around nyc in anything else?
ummm...i think not.

the plot is still under wraps,
a classy lady doesn't give everything away up front lovelies.
all i can promise is there is a happily ever after...
and it ends in florence. yes, as in italy.


  1. how come i dont get to be in this production!!?? super sad face :*(

  2. I would totally see this, and not going to lie... sounds an awful lot like my biopic... Perhaps I could be a remake with a few things changed? :)