Friday, February 25, 2011

off to see the wizard

seriously, i am all giddy and happy inside over this weekend...
road trip with two best friends.
sleeping in my bed, in my house.
spending an entire weekend with my family.
catching up with my CA lovelies, whom i miss more than life.
the academy awards.
oh yes, and oprah.

stay updated with the festivities, thoughts and happenings on twitter ---->[here].
or wait until we get back for more blog postings.
see you tuesday loves.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i don't know how she does it

soooooo much to do in the next 36 hours.
and no shot in hades of having enough time to do it.

yours truly is currently in the midst of holding down an overly full time job.
pulling off a surprise themed bday party for a special 21 year old.
church responsibility...ya know, just planning a dinner for 150 peeps, nbd.
working out like i'm the next biggest looser.
attempting to maintain a social calendar.
laundry, cleaning and packing for california.
scheduling out the festivities of california.
getting ready for the oscars.
picking out thee outfit to be presented to my queen, aka oprah, in.

all i want to do is sleep.
but that certainly is not in the schedule until next tuesday.
and that's if i am lucky.

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i love moi, i love moi not

holidays are one of thee many things i love about life.
i cannot get enough of the build up and day of celebration.
and although most of single-dom hates the ever dreaded valentine's day,
i have actually learned how to, single or coupled, make it one of thee best holidays of the year.
and, as per usual, this year was no exception.

i heart v-day/i heart me-day [weekend] festivities included:
screening of valentine #1, chris pine, in unstoppable and a fab catch up dinner with megs.
screening of valentine #2, justin bieber, in never say never.
valentine shopping with the newly coupled gabe, whom i love and adore.
screening of valentine #3, garrett hedlund, in tron.
dinner at thee ever classy wendy's with besties.
a few episodes of dawson's creek.
work. work. more work.
diet coke.
being serenaded by a high school mens choir at work.
[still have NO idea who was behind that one]
shopping for materials to make bieberlicious t-shirts with
thee girls.
special screening of first wives club.
pizza and ice cream.
lots of sleep.

oh, and most important...
thee most perfect v-day prezzies from thee parents:

if it sounds like a blast, that is beacause it was.
sure having a valentine is sweet.
but the bottom line is you should never stop loving yourself and the people around you.
so why not center a holiday around it?

Monday, February 21, 2011

gg round up: while you weren't sleeping

well it is an 18th b-day party for my recently un-favorite eric van der woodsen this week,
which really only means major drama is sure to ensue.
because when has someone turned 18 on this show and not had something life altering happen at the same time?
need i remind you of blair and chuck on her big day?
i thought not.

i feel like my show finally has it's groove back.
a crazy blair waldorf, a falling in love dan humphrey, an almost having sex serena van der woodsen, a conniving chuck, sexy nate and a lily who comes through with her never bare bank account at the end of the day.
gosh i love this world.
ready for the rundown? here we go...
-i think the reference to eric possibly becoming a convict is supposed to be funny. the problem is, when an actual ex-convict is the one giving the warning, it just becomes creepy.

-if lily and rufus ever break up, i can't even think of what i will do. but i can assure you, it won't be pleasant.

-omg! blair's croc skin pink purse is covetable. i mean, not as covetable as the marchesa dress from last week, but surely covetable.

-hold it, when did blair waldorf become a 40 year old woman who is running the world? as much as i love it, this is a a stretch even for my normally unrealistic new york world. there is no shot in hades one of the biggest magazine corps in the world would let a 19 year old run a part of their company.

-kelly rutherford has a cold. obviously. as a recent cold recoveree i feel especially bad that she has to pretend to be healthy when she prob feels like crap. except that if i worked on gossip girl, i would never take a sick day in my life.

-oh wait, i love that lily and chuck are in on this together. yay for the feistiest family on earth.

-the foreplay between dan and blair makes me so happy. because he is exactly what she needs...someone who knows her game, is not afraid to cross her, yet desperately wants her to need him. once again, she and i have so much in common.

-i feel like blair's hair grew at least 3 inches from when she was getting ready this morning.

-i spy with my little eye raina falling for nate. or nate falling for raina. either way, this is gonna get ugly. aka: FAB-U-LOUS.

-"i blair waldorf need dan humphrey's help." finalmente girlfriend.

-okay so it's not like nate didn't TRY to throw raina back at chuck, as was planned. it was a weak attempt, but let the record show an attempt was made.

-little known dream of mine: i have always wanted to live at the top of a hotel. think a little less eloise, a little more tory burch.

-crap crap crap, who let vanessa back on this show!!?!?! no seriously, who? i will hunt you down. got it...HUNT YOU!

-remember how the trailer for limitless has the soundtrack to the social network cued into it?!? yes, i've seen that movie a BIT too many times. i just can't help how in love with jesse eisenberg i am. and i make no apologies.

-i am happy to know that nate is as terrible at just dance 2 as moi. which might have something to do with him being high at the moment? anywhoo, i knew we were a match made in heaven. point proven.

-serena's sparkle sensation party outfit is right up my ally.

-ben, how old are you? ten? why does it mean that serena is automatically choosing her mother over you, simply because she doesn't want her to go to jail for her minor/major mistakes of past. maybe that is the way they play in jail, but this is the real world. or the upper east side, which is close enough to the real world. or at least any real world i chose to know.

-blair waldorf had shoe issues today too!!! it makes me feel not so bad for falling flat on my face this afternoon in my 5 inch heels :(

-if i had just wrote a check for $100,000 to anyone, let alone someone my mother hates, i feel her eyes would have gotten 10x as big as mama vdw. maybe she is just used to her kids getting into trouble?

-i almost forgot what vanessa had done to make everyone hate her so much. whelp, now i remember. and am once again reassured that she needs to be away forever.

-ummmm did dan humphrey write blair's blog post for her?!?! hellooooo most perfect man on this planet! can she just kiss him already?

-oh ben. that was quite the threat. once a con always a con?

-okay, seriously now, vanessa witnessing the ben on damien threat? why oh why can we not just get rid of her already? all she is is desperate and not fashionable. two of my least favorite things in the world.

-i love that mama vdw can only call people by their full names, "thank you benjamin."

-please be blair at the humphrey door...please please please...YES!

-"i think someone freaky friday-ed me, this can't possibly be my life." oh blair, just accept that you love him and let's get on with this humphrey-waldorf show down.

-oh my helllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, best last scene of gossip girl EVER!!! or at least since blair had sex with chuck in the back of his limo after going from audrey to pussycat doll at the burlesque club. oh heavens, now you all really have room to judge me.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

tweet tweet

whelp lovelies, it has finally come to me joining twitter.
not that i expect anyone to want a play by play of my life on a daily basis.
[except thee mom]
so come on over and follow follow me...

although currently just a moi account,
in the coming weeks it will be switched up to be a bestie account.
because everything is better when your best friend is involved.
and as our sunday school witnessed today from our team teaching,
you will be nothing less than entertained.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

gg roundup: it-girl happened one night

this is toats late, but i chose valentiene's day celebration over gg this week, which means i didn't watch the episode until this morning.
so considering the facts, i am mighty on top of things.

anywhoo, things are shaking up on the upper east side, which means i am not quite as bored this week as i was last week.
and, of course, i always love a good party.
especially, a chuck bass is thee rundown:

-serena is suggesting a girl's night v-day with massages and manis. thank you gossip girl for spreading the world that valentine's day is not an excuse for single women to be bitter about their lives. get over it and get fabulous. or get massages and manis with your bff.

-hoorrrayyy! i feel like the gg stylist might just maybe have read the post from last week about ben's hair. or they got tired of paying blake lively extra money to make out with the grease ball. either way, ben's appearance as a whole took a step up this week.

-serena is wearing so many layers her cleavage doesn't have room to peak out?!? she really MUST be in a valentine's day slump.

-wait! blair has short term memory loss and can't remember how sweet dan humphrey was to her last week and is therefore, once again, treating him like brooklyn trash? this is why i love the girl. i feel like she has as many commitment issues as moi. soul-sisters.

-gg quote of the night: "who do you want to spend valentine's day with." {eric} "blair." {dan} although i understand it is just to manipulate her into publishing his story, a girl can dream.

-oh my heavens, i just realized the reason why gg has been so boring the past few weeks. 1.) blair has been nice, which is just...well...boring and 2.) nate archiblad has gone from leading man love interest hottie mchotttie to side-kick business man of chuck bass. i don't like blair being nice and i don't like nate not making out with people. gg gods, please change. gracias.

-omg! blair is wearing the marchesa diane krueger wore to cannes. in love. i would give a kidney for that dress. no really, i think if given the option i would do it.

-if chuck wasn't creating the venice love room just to manipulate raina, he would be a dream boat of a boyfriend. shucks.

-hold up a minute folks, did raina actually think that chuck wasn't a lying, scheming piece of hottness? she is walking away from him like she is SURPRISED he has no heart. these people never learn.

-during a commercial spot for 90210 i realized the worst thing that show ever did was get rid of ethan. he was the only saving grace.

-for as much as these people are surely paying outrageous amounts for cell phones each month, there is a severe lack of communication on the upper east side.

-poor b. she looks like a crushed puppy when she figures out that chuck is in love with raina. well, look at the bright side, at least she is realizing this in the most covetable dress on the planet.

-dear blair: when a man like dan humphrey tries to hold your hand to comfort you during your time of immense sorrow, you do not pull back. you jump on top of him and make out with him until you forget that someone by the name of chuck bass even exists. duh much?!?

-blake lively looks stun-n-ing in the black ralph lauren on her way to meet her convy boyfriend.

-i wouldn't mind a hot boy watching anti-valentine's day movies with me via phone from 2 different locations. especially if my location can be a bed that looks as comfy and fluffy as blair waldorf's and his face can look like dan humphrey.

-for some reason it seems like the teacher/student/love interest storyline is hot these days. it is slightly disturbing, but toats okay if the teacher looks like mr. fitz on pretty little liars. it isn't okay if he is an ex-con and looks like ben. bad move serena, bad move.

-eric, having spent your whole life on the upper east side and having a sister whose best friend is the conniving blair waldorf, i would expect you to know how to get out of being blackmailed by now. i mean, this shouldn't even be a storyline that lasts more than 2 minutes.

-oh and damien is back...i hate gossip girl all over again.

Friday, February 18, 2011

muskateers. sisters. soulmates.

tonight i stumbled upon a piece of paper titled:
top reasons to heart jessica bradley
[aka: moi]
said letter was given to me by sweet mellie and thee bestie the week lil bro left on his mission and i was a bit blue.

thee reasons:
1. she introduced us to the sheer brilliance of katy perry, drop dead diva, & sex and the city.
2. she throws the most outlandish, themed, and organized parties!
3. her fashion sense is unrivaled.
4. she'll get a diet coke with you any day, any time, for any reason.
5. she makes yoga endlessly entertaining
{and goes with you for yogurt afterwards}
6. she is always your biggest advocate, even if deep down you know you're wrong.
7. she remembers everything important to you and celebrates it, no matter what it is.
8. she keeps you up to date on all celeb gossip.
9. dance parties with her are always a good time.
10. she makes the best mix cds.
11. her high kicks are indescribable.
12. what happens in vegas ends up on facebook.
13. she is truly one of the most amazing women and friends, but she doesn't realize even a fraction of how incredible she is.
love, mel and jo

the thing is, all these aspects of moi are nice to be reminded of every once in a while.
but what is even better is i have two incredible friends who have chosen to look at my good, rather than my many flaws.
i love them.
and apparently, thankfully, they love me too.

[photo courtesy of]

Thursday, February 17, 2011

waiting for something.

i am so excited for [this movie] to come out...
i don't even know what to do with myself until may 6.

if you are one of 2 people in this world who hasn't read the book yet, purchase it -----> [here].
truly promise you won't regret it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

two days too early.

okay, i just can't take it anymore lovelies.
[or maybe it is super hard to find hints to a movie that hasn't even come out yet?]
either way....thee halloween costume of 2011 is:
ms. babydoll
from zack snyder's soon to be released sucker punch.

i think it was a mix of her over the knee boots and ahhhmazing makeup that won me over.
either way, come this halloween i am going to be a bit more elle woods in the hair department,
a bit more pretty woman in the shoe department,
a bit more awesome all over.

obvs we will do some modesty adjustments,
i know class better than to go all britney spears on this world.
only 8 more months!

check out the trailer to the movie below:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i guess i'm just a sucker for love.

tonight we might just have dragged a few willing men to the movie theatre, to witness the phenom that is
justin bieber.
when you ask how this happened, i should just remind you that at one point in my life i wanted to be an attorney.
enough said?

don't worry lovelies, they enjoyed every single minute of it.
i even do believe they were sinigng along with biebs and luda during the finale.
shhhhhhh...don't tell.

we may or may not have dressed up:
we quickly became the envy of every 5 year old girl in the theatre with us.
they were AMAZED we nailed the bieber fashion statement of wearing sequined hearts on our sleeves.
we felt no need to tell them we had cheated by already having seen the movie once.

and yes, the above mentioned boys were fully aware of the outfits before consenting to the field trip.
i think they secretly wished they had been in on the trend.
we changed their lives. of this, i am sure.

i am just an ordinary girly girl, converting the world...
one belieber at a time.

let's play dress up? {part 3}

halloween hint #3
the title of her film is something commonly found
in a candy store.

Monday, February 14, 2011

let's play dress up? {part 2}

halloween hint #2
the name of the character is inside this song...

have you guessed yet?

[ps-isn't this video fun?]
[one of my favs...along with 427 million other]
[people who have viewed it on youtube.]
[also, it was filmed at the city walk in la.]
[i miss home today.]

Sunday, February 13, 2011

let's play dress up?

whelp lovelies,
it is almost valentine's day...
which means it is officially time to start thinking about halloween!
thee fav holiday of the year demands thee proper preparation.
now, big bro is the only other soul on this lovely earth that knows the plans for thee costume this year.
but let me tell you, we are going for slighly epic come october.
it's better than kp...just sayin.

over the course of this week i will drop 5 hints to lead up to the reveal on friday.

hint #1
her current place of residence is, in fact, an insane asylum.

happy haunting loves.

one less lonely girl

okay lovelies,
this is going to take some major convincing to get you to believe me.
but i am telling you, if you are looking for a 100% inspirational, feel good, want to stand up and cheer by the end of it movie for your valentine's day season go and see...
justin biber--never say never.

now you are laughing.
but i am not even joking in the slightest!

i dragged my sweet mellie to the theatre with me at 9:30am yesterday manana,
and i think she was less than jazzed.
i have just come to accept my love for the biebs,
she had not yet reached that place in her life.

we sit down,
obvs the oldest people in the theatre without the signature child by our sides and get ready for, what we think will be, a cutesy concert story of bieber.
little did we know this movie has just as much heart to it as it does outstanding concert scenes that keep you questioning,
is this kid really only 16 years old?!?!

at one point my previously doubtful sweet mellie turned to me with tears in her eyes and said,
i'm crying!!!
[the scenes between biebs and his grandpa are def ones to bring tissues for]

when you walk out, after having thee time of your life, you can't help but think:
this kid is nothing less than uber talented.
[home videos of him playing drums as a toddler will BLOW YOUR MIND]
this kid is successful because he has surrounded himself with nothing but hard working, grounded people.
[his 2 managers are just about thee cutest ever...see clip below]
this kid is the real deal.

below is a clip from my FAVORITE part of the movie...

never again will i feel like fame has
come unjustly to this 16 year old.
well done biebs.

now go go go go goGOgoGOgoGOgoGOgoGOgoGOgo to the theatre,
and get ready for the best time you have had there this season.
promise is a promise.
and i PROMISE you will not be dissappointed.

don't believe me...
maybe you will take entertainment weekly's word for it.
click ---------> [here]

Friday, February 11, 2011

support thee troops

obviously i was planning on seeing this movie from the moment the cast was announced.
i am a 100% loyal j. garner fan.
and y'all know where i stand on mrs. katy perry-brand and a certain man she just happens to be married to.
i guess it is a good thing that it looks as if lending my support this way won't be an entire waste of time nor money...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

thee yellow brick road.

if i were attending the oscars this year,
i might just maybe like to wear this dress...
[pink IS my signature color, after all]

or this gem from a collection
inspired by ms. grace kelly...
[i feel the louboutins on my feet could really be showcased with this]

or these from
the new spring collection...[maybe in the melon color of the dress in the back]
[which yes, was lea michele's dress at the golden globes]

all are fabulous.
all are from oscar de la renta.
all would be approved by joan rivers...i think.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

thee gg roundup: panic roommate

i have been thee WORST gg blogger in the past few months, but i vow to be better from here until the end of the season.
for you, for chuck bass, for all of the above.

promise is a promise.

i have to admit, i am bored to tears right now.

nope, take that back, because having tears in my eyes would mean i have some sort of emotional investment in these people right now and i do not.

which always happens, every season, and then i get right back into it again…so i am holding out.

mainly holding out for the sure to be hook up of our classy, most of the time loveably evil, upper east side queen bee blair waldorf and that boy from the wrong side of town [ahem, brooklyn] who wears bad fashion quite well and seems to have a heart of gold, a one named dan humphrey.

please please, pretty please.

gossip girl gods i am begging for this.

it won’t work out, but this is not the point…i just want to see how in the world they are gonna make this go down.

and blair’s sure to be frantic reaction when she realizes the hate she has toward him is really love. and a man who doesn’t know who christian louboutin is, nor does he care to know, really isn’t that bad.

despite my increasing boredom with our current situation of affairs, here are a few thoughts from last night:

-baby v has been gone for a few episodes now and i could not be happier. her stupidity was bothering me. if you can’t stand the heat of the big, bad world of scheming, lying, selfish upper east siders, than get outta the kitchen. and, if i have anything to do with it, she will stay outta the kitchen.

-same goes for jenny humphrey. i do not miss her nor her nasty hair extensions and raccoon makeup.

-i cannot get on board the train for this new girl that chuck bass is wooing over to save his hotel. i just can’t. so much so, that she has been on this show for 3 weeks now and i don’t even remember her name.

-blair’s internship cracks me up. so does epperly. so does that name.

-only blair waldorf would solicite sex from the ex-love of her life to her boss so she gets a good performance review at work without feeling a wee bit jealous. she really is a cold hearted biatch. but i love her.

-nate. flannel. no bueno. who let the costume designer for twilight into the building?

-happy to see nate is not longer slicking his hair back. the same cannot be said for ben. someone needs to give the ex-con a makeover. hit him into a tanning booth and chop that hair. he is like a newer version of dawson leery, and that is NOT a compliment.

-eric van der woodsen. i love you, but the fact that you haven’t learned yet that damien is a lying piece of dirt just baffles me. where did eric’s confidence go?!? where, oh where? because i liked him A HECK OF A LOT BETTER when he had it.

-blair looks fab fab in a ponytail, she should wear it up more often.

-“trust’s like riding a cute bike.”—best quote of the night, by faaarrrrrrr.

-florence. i love florence and the machine. except i like her a titch better in an eat, pray, love type setting.

-remember when chuck bass couldn’t even tell b. waldorf that he loved her? and now he is showing perfectly good strangers [that girl whose name i can’t remember] his private hiding place in the hotel when he was little. oh chuck, you have made great strides. or just really are as conniving as everyone makes you out to be.

-nate archibald. i think i just fell into major love with you. sound of music is your favorite movie? you and your sweet face thinking julie andrews is hot?!? all previously worn plaid on this show is forgiven.

-only serena could pull off a plunging neckline with a scarf. no wonder she needs a scarf to keep warm, there is no fabric on her body.

-this whole eric and damien and dan thing is killing me. boys, leave the revenge ridden and hateful plots to the ladies. they do it better.

-wahhooo, serena’s con lover doesn’t have to go back to jail. instead she gets to kiss his pasty face. i bet they upped b. lively’s salary for that. she probably said, “until this man hits the tanning booth and gets a socially acceptable haircut i demand $1000 more per episode.” or something like that.

-i have tried to believe for the past 45 minutes that cautious, never take a risk rufus humphrey would allow an innocent ex-con who initially didn’t do anything wrong, but was mis-accused of raping his step daughter and thrown into prison by his current wife forging above referenced step-daughter’s signature and then while innocently in prison plotting to get rid of this mentioned step-daughter through the means of his crazy sister drugging her and leaving her to be sent to rehab with a ruined reputation in the middle of brooklyn [gasp!], into his home to live. now really…come on.

-however, i do not have a hard time believing that this step-daughter would then semi-fall in love with the ex-con and kiss him. because really, this is serena van der woodsen we are talking about. she has done more stupid things…we just don’t have enough blogging space to list them all.

-blair gets epperly’s job. heaven help all the people who work in her new department. on a positive note, b’s already sky high/through the freakin roof fashion stalk just went even higher. i have a feeling her outfits are going to KILL it.

-girl whose name i can’t remember has fallen for chuck. well done bass. i already see where this is gonna end up: bass and girl fall in love, until bass sees blair doing something so schemingly selfish even he couldn’t have come up with it and he re-falls in love with her, unnamed girl is heart broken, she de-jobs bass and he is left to figure out a new plan in life. just sayin…it could/will happen.

-song at the end is steller. as is always the gossip girl soundtrack.

whelp lovelies, there ya have it. another week down. another mess made. sure to be cleaned up and then re-made next week. but until then…xoxo.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

cuz i'm just a summer girl.

true story:
2 summers ago i partied it up with garrett hedlund at comic con.
little did i know then, it was the best 45 minutes of my life.
[until i party with oprah, obviously]
[yes, that is mr. hedlund next to the ever beautiful olivia wilde, promoting TRON]

okay, in all honesty we had NO idea who he was at the time.
but i made lil bro take mucho pics because i knew someone THAT good looking wasn't going to stay anonymous long.
i was right. as per usual.

moving promised last night,
my additional thoughts on country strong:

i loved it and i did not love it all at the same time.
mainly i loved the entire movie, not so much the end.
i won't give anything away, because you deserve to be just as surprised as i was...
but i was NOT prepared for it.
in fact, i am still not over it! [can ya tell?!?]
garrett hedlund...hottie who can sing AND act.
leighton meester...just as good as being a country beauty queen as she is an upper east side queen bee.
tim mcgraw...his role in the blind side was not just a fluke, the man was amazing!
gwyneth paltrow...the best...duh.

oh and the soundtrack is better than the movie itself.
and because i love you so much, i have added a few of my fav songs for you to hear.
i're welcome.

my personal favorite...
words i couldn't say

summer far my fav look of the entire movie
i may or may not have done leighton makeup today for church.
jenna may or may not have done leighton hair.
needless to say, our lives are forever changed.

chances are...
don't even get me started on this voice.

title song of the film by gp.
country strong.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

you're gonna give in to me.

a day i was dreading with a capital D turned into one of the best of my year.
special thanks to a very special soul sister from the south.
we ended up at the theatre tonight seeing country strong.
sooo many thoughts on this movie, to be saved for a later post.
[some good, some bad...still mostly so sad from the ending]
but the only things you need to know tonight are:

garrett hedlund has officially been de-benched and is on the island.
[and yes, he sure did just knock jessie off the top spot.]
did i mention he has a voice that goes down like buuuutter?

leighton meester has thee prettiest eyes in the world.

gwyneth is dynamite.

these two are almost as perfect together onscreen as reese and joaquin.

sweetest song i have heard in forever.
i do believe this was the point in the film at which jenna and i officially melted.

Friday, February 4, 2011

click my heels 3 times.

tonight was girl's night.
aka: going to dinner, frozen yogurt and vegging out while watching dawson's creek dvds until we are too tired to keep our pretty little eyes open.
while at dinner, and celebrating our big oprah surprise, we decided to come up with who would play us in a movie...
which quickly evolved to casting romantic interests, friends, plot lines, wardrobe choices
and our very own happily ever afters.
i know you are just dyyyying to hear the sitch on thee moi rom-com?
okay, here is the 411 of a blockbuster coming to you:

leading lady cast as moi:thee ever classy anne hathaway.
single, workaholic fashion editor working at vogue.

thee mr. moi:chris pine. duh much?
high power new york city attorney.

circle of friends:

ms. ginnifer goodwin as my dear, sweet mellie bellie.

thee bestie as portrayed by emma stone.

jt will play my real life justin t.
we will also be co-workers at vogue.
[hey it's my movie...i can do what i want to]

obvs kp will play my sassa frass of an assistant at vogue.
she will tell me things i don't really want to hear, but need to.
my voice of reason.
she will also sing the theme song for my movie.
[bet you saw that one coming...]

jake will play the random movie eye candy.
he will be a free lance vogue journalist, photog, whatever.
more importantly my character will kiss him once, or twice.
nothing serious, of course.

jessie e. will play my ex-boyfriend with whom i still have a great friendship.
i know this doesn't happen in real life lovelies,
but we had to figure out someway to get him to the wedding at the end, to then meet emma stone and create thee perfect lead in to thee bestie's bio-pic.
[did i mention our movies are a trilogy...because they totally are]

city backdrop:new york.
thee only city in the world where i want my big screen drama to go down.

wardrobe staple:
would i really walk around nyc in anything else?
ummm...i think not.

the plot is still under wraps,
a classy lady doesn't give everything away up front lovelies.
all i can promise is there is a happily ever after...
and it ends in florence. yes, as in italy.

we're the lucky ones.

please view this clip.
then proceed with reading...

the reaction of the ladies in this audience was my exact reaction this morning at approx. 8:14am when thee bestie called me to tell me:
we are going to
oprah's red carpet oscar special

me and her. her and moi. me and me and her and her.
for me, and my totally geeky celeb loving self, this is better than austrailia!
going to the place where the oscars take place,
for thee oprah show...
how is this my life?!?!

i don't know how we lucked out on this, but we did.
don't worry, i already cried in sheer joy this morning.
excited is thee understatement of the century.

going to the oprah show has been my dream since i was a little girl.
it is on my list of things to do in life, but considering this is her last season, i had all but written it off.
dreams do come true, lovelies.
of that i am sure.

ps-please pray natalie portman wins best actress.
so that she will come play at oprah with us!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


if my hands could hold them, you'd see
i'd take all these secrets in me
and i'd move and mold them to be
something i'd set free.

i wanna darken in the skies
open the floodgates up.
i wanna change my mind
i wanna be enough.
i want the water in my eyes,
i want to cry until the end of time.

i wanna let the rain come down,
make a brand new ground.
let the rain come down tonight.
{let the rain--sara bareilles}

and my theme for thee month.
[totally brill song, btw.]
[see the video below as proof.]

welcome february.
you are one of my super fav months of the year, and i have a sneaky feeling you are going to be quite good to moi.

[photo courtesy of]