Monday, January 31, 2011

besties and worsties {part dos}

another awards show...DOWN.
there was some great, some good, and some awesomely bad fashion last night on the carpet.
here is a small taste of what is to come in thee facebook album manana.

best of the night:
angie harmon
did you really think i was going to choose another?

2nd favorite of the night:

nicole kidman
she's BACK!
that risky perfectionist i feel in love with so many years ago

honorable mention:heather morris
she's a loonnnggg cry from her gleeky cheer outfit

too good to be true?!?tina tina fey!!
who told tinz that black was not the only color on the wheel?
they should be knighted.

worst of the night:

kate mara
a dress that looks like a pre-school art project is never acceptable.

log on to facebook tomorrow night for the full she-bang.

thank you loves, for being birthed.

wishing a hip hip happy birthday
to a few veeeeery special peeps:

jt and moi.
thee love of my life.

thee bff and moi.
we finish each others sentences.
she's the charlotte york to my carrie bradshaw.

thee OTHER jt [obvs not con moi]
hey hey now, we welcome ALL birthdays on this page.
no lovely left behind.
and i fear dear timby would have felt a tinsy bit left out if he wasn't included in the b-day blog fest.

now go have a piece of cake,
on these three.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

sweet dreams are made of this.

it's official!!
thee bestie, sweet mellie and moi's self are off to see the wizardess of candyfornia.
mrs. katy perry hudson brand herself!
july 25th in salt lake city.
[i know, i was surprised myself she would make the sacrifice to come to this blasted state]
word on the street she has FIFTEEN costume changes, a set of sugar, spice and everything nice and the entire theatre is going to smell like cotton candy.
totally excited.
totally can't wait.
i guess all that's left to do is find an oufit!?!
oh my!

some call it karma.

so much for a rockin weekend my lovelies,
i literally have not left my house since friday.
and as much as becoming a connoisseur of different flavors of tea can be quite exciting at times...
i can't wait to get back to solid foods.

it seems as if karma has finally hit me and my big fat mouth and together we have encountered the sore throat from hell.
no seriously, i don't think i have ever been in so much pain in my entire life.
and that is NOT me being my usual dramatic self.
i guess this is what i get for being a sassa frass on a 24/7 basis?!?!

the good news about being sick is...well, not really much.
i am currently in the middle of an always fab audrey hepburn marathon.
and can take as many naps a day as i please.

but let me tell you...
never again will i take the ability to speak without squeaking nor the ability to eat solid food for granted.
and that's a promise.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ring the alarm.

[thee story of my life.]

tonight was my night to cook.
let's just say...
we ended our evening purchasing dinner from my 2nd favorite red-head, wendy.
and we will leave it at that.

in much happier news...
post coming soon will focus on meeting, greeting and maintaining almost bestie status with a particular bachelorette.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

why you gotta be so mean?

okay lovelies.
due to recent and not so recent events on this blog i am enforcing 2 new rules:

1. you will no longer be able to comment anonymously.
just so you know, i am A-OK with people who respectfully disagree with me and my thoughts.
so go ahead and express feelings, ideas, etc...
i am NOT okay with people who hide behind their anonymity on a blog in order to bully and put others down to make themselves feel better.
if you need to do things like that to survive, go comment some place else.

which leads me to thee next new rule...

2. all comments will here forth be moderated, by moi!
here is the deal lovelies, i am fine with criticism of myself.
sure it hurts...i can take it.
but when it comes to posting tasteless comments about thee loves of my life whose stories and pretty faces i share on this blog, nothing less than uplifting and fabulous posts will be accepted.

and to you...yes YOU.
you know who you are and apparently read this blog often because you took multiple chances to post and re-post comments that rather than prove a point, show the extreme lack of self-esteem you, yourself, possess.
like i said, attacking me is one thing.
but you picked a fight with thee wrong girl when it comes to attacking her friends.
so stop reading this blog.
and go find yourself some class.

did i mention i have taylor swift on my side for this?
because i totally do...

Monday, January 24, 2011

i almost forgot.

thee only problem with
having family come to visit... then remembering
why you miss home so much.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

boyfriends and besties.

well lovelies,
one weekend at thee sundance film festival, and i have found a new mister...
no need to fret,
thee bestie found one too...
more stories, photos and treats to come.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

when you wish upon a star.

true story:
thee fashionista bestie gets in line to ride the matterhorn [yes, at disneyland], on a normal day.
that is to say normal until she looks at the crowd of boys standing in front of her.
she thinks one of them, particularly the one in the black sweatshirt, is a bit special.
so she turns to her friend and explains to her that this kid looks exactly like [jesse eisenberg].
her friend looks at the group of boys and then back with thee serious of serious faces and exclaims, it is.
well thee fashionista and friend proceed to get on the sled in back of thee maaaaybe special kid in the black hoodie.
now once the ride is over my girl has a decision to make.
obviously making the right one,
she walks up to black hoodie boy's group of friends, turns to him specifically and asks,
are you in fact THE jesse eisenberg?
black hoodie hottie responds with an affirmative yes.
then throwing all promise of never being a giddy fan to the wind asks if she can get a picture with him because, well, because she loves him.
he says yes. immediately puts his arm around her. and tells her he, in fact, loves her too.
and bam...thee product of thee happiest moment on earth.

for those of you who live under a rock,
eisenberg most recently played facebook creator mark zuckerberg in the social network.
you know, that little movie that is ranking up the best picture of the year awards like paris hilton goes through men.

things i love about this story:
remember how mr. eisenberg was just chillin IN LINE with friends? no special escort, no going through the exit and cutting in front of everyone else.
thee fashionista has humbly and kindly bestowed him to me, now that ryan reynolds is back on the market.
one of my fav people got to meet one of her fav people,
and i am a sucker for happy endings.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

currently so in love...

...with this soundtrack.before lil bro left for his mission,
he bestowed upon me the gift/responsibility of babysitting his ipod for the next 2 years.
now lovelies, before you think this frivolous info,
please consider this ipod has exactly 32.7 days,
yes daaayyys of music on it.
i seriously find something new every hour.
it is like going on an itunes binge without the credit card bill at the end.

so when i found the golden globe winning soundtrack,
i might just maybe had a totally geeky freak out.
and the proceeded to listen to it, on repeat,
for the rest of the day.
scratch is still going.

excuse you...i've had a day

if stressed really is desserts backward.
than i am producing enough to supplement a candyland.
cupcake anyone?

but after thee longest of long days,
[good thing i only wore 3 inch heels today, instead of the standard 5]
i came home to an ever fabulous evening of yoga, food,
[ahem, that I made!]

and an episode or two of fringe, with an ever fabulous favorite person.

on a much happier note...
48 hours until thee big bro, thee high school bestie and moi blow a hole in this town.
can't wait. so ready. yay us!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

with a little help from my friends

[thee dear friend and moi waiting for the rain to let up at wimbledon 2007]

meet thee dear friend.
we met one night through mutual friends and during a weekend when we seemed to be the only two people left in provo, had the slumber party to end all slumber parties and have been best friends ever since.
i honestly and truly consider her one of thee most loyal, trustworthy and honest friends i have ever had the honor of loving.

but tonight is not about us.
instead it is thee sister to thee dear friend and her equally dear husband.
a few nights ago i received an email from thee dear friend sharing her sister's story and asking to spread the word via any network possible.
well you, my lovelies, are my network...
and considering you are reading this from 68 different countries around the world,
[yes, i sure DO keep track of you all...surprise!]
i figured this is my first step in helping a family so special to me receive a blessing they so deserve.

meet holly and kumen [here]. <---yep, click right there. as i have never met them personally,
please read the words from thee dear friend about their story:

My sister Holly (one of my very closest friends and a personal hero of mine) and her husband Kumen (equally wonderful in every way) have been married nearly 7 years and wanting to start their family for just as long. Unfortunately, they have learned a hard lesson, which is that Heavenly Father has other children that he wants to place in their home. Through unwavering faith in the Lord, they have decided to take their chances with adoption, realizing that they've now made themselves incredibly vulnerable and could continue to have their hearts broken over and over again. They're excited though, and as their biggest cheerleader through 2 failed In-Vitro Fertilization attempts, I couldn't be more thrilled that they've taken this step. They are truly some of the greatest people I know. Recently I asked Holly if she and Kumen would take Naomi if something were to ever happen to me and Steven. 2 other siblings had beat me to it! Turns out I'm not the only member of my family who thinks they'd be the next best thing to raise our kids.
You can direct anyone to their profile. It could be someone in your ward who knows somebody in their brothers neighborhood across the country who is considering putting their baby up for adoption. It could be a student at the high school you work at. That is why word-of-mouth is so wonderful! So many people can be reached. Thanks for your time and check out their profile today!

well lovelies, i know you are all amazing...why?
because only amazing people would be classy enough to read this blog.
so please, from the bottom of my heart, visit holly and kumen's page and spread their story around.
because i truly believe that through sincere word of mouth and the power of prayer their miracle will occur.

i owe thee dear friend and her family so much.
she has been one of the most honest
and positive influences on my life.
i trust her with everything and anything.
4 years ago she and i traveled to neverland [aka: london-town],
mostly on her fathers generosity, creating memories that will last my lifetime.
her family helped make my dreams come true
and now i feel it only right,
that i do my part in returning the favor.

Monday, January 17, 2011

my new social network

heeeey jesse eisenberg.
welcome to the island.
hope you enjoy your stay.

remember how i was in the same ROOM as mr. eisenberg 2 years ago and could have cared less?
no need to sigh in despair for me, i already hate myself enough.
if i had only known,
i would have introduced him to my epic charm.
and won myself a walk on that red carpet last night...
...holding his hand, no less.
[picture by moi: jesse, emma stone, woody harrelson]

Sunday, January 16, 2011

my besties and my worsties

if you are a [fbooky friend], thee annual golden globes best and worst dressed will be posted manana.
if you are not a fbooky friend of mine...
you might want to consider doing something about that.
before tomorrow night and you miss out on all the chic fun.

until then, i leave you with a taste of the album...

best of the night:
[olivia wilde, house]

worst of the night:
[julianne moore, the kids are alright]

j.moore...use some of your hard earned money and get a mirror!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

thee golden weekend

awards season officially begins tomorrow night!
i seriously feel like a 5 year old on christmas eve.
muy excited for the glitz and glam.
even more excited that my girl might win!
but, of course, most excited for the annual best and worst dressed.
get our your claws ladies,
this red carpet is always a tres chic bloody battle.

Friday, January 14, 2011

...that was such an epic fail.

considering today is friday, i figured it would only be fitting to continue down our katy grammy road and introduce the second song from kp's {soon to be award winning?} cd.

track #2
last friday night
katy, our lady, wrote this song as an ode to mindless partying, the consequences that may or may not unfold and automatic repeat button usually pressed on such events.
katy says:
"it may not have much substantive content,"
but she wanted it to convey the same upbeat theme of "i gotta feeling from the black eyed peas," calling it her new version of [waking up in vegas].
all i can say is with katy doing videos the way katy does videos,
i can't wait until this one becomes a single.
[ps-this is sweet mellie's favorite track]
[pps-this song is rated pg-13...don't get offended lovelies]

Thursday, January 13, 2011

no regrets, just love.

guess what lovelies?
the grammy awards are 30 days away!
and in case you missed it, my girl kp is nominated for 4 awards,
including ALBUM OF THE YEAR!

now i can ramble on about why i think she deserves to win,
[as of last week it was named one of thee biggest money makers of 2010]
or i can do you a favor and let you figure this out for itself.
so, my dear lovelies, over the course of the next 30 days i am going to let you listen/watch for yourselves.

track #1
teenage dream
katy, our lady, wrote this song after meeting her now husband, russell brand.
katy says:
"i wrote that song in santa barbara and it was a really pure moment for me...and it kind of exudes this euphoric moment where everyone remembers what their teenage dreams were. it's really emotional, really's intense being in love and being a teenager."
all i have to say, is if this is what comes from marrying russell brand...sign me up for that.
[word to the wise: turn your speakers up as loud as they can go.]
[and be prepared to press replay.]

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

pacey's love for hula shirts...

...will finally come in handy.
because lovelies and gentleman,
please join me in welcoming the newest member to
[thee island of moi]...
mr. joshua browning jackson carter.[never has a cup of whatever is in that mug looked soooo good]
you may call him josh.
or pacey.
either name will do.

now as is the rule,
to bring one on you gotta kick one off...
only 6 peeps allowed at a time.
5 lovely men and moi.
soooo long jakey, and farewell.
you are doubt about that.
but you dumped my girl tay tay flat on her cute little behind and i can't forgive you for that right now.
benched. done and done.

remember when big bro got to meet j. jackson this summer at comic-con?totally jeally.
trying not to think of it.

thee american camelot

maybe it is the fact that i truly believe she was one of the most effortlessly classy women to ever walk this earth.
maybe it is the fact that when i went to DC with my grandparents at 10 yrs old, i stood out in the rain at the foot of their graves and cried little girl tears over a legacy i was just beginning to comprehend.
maybe it is the fact that i find their perfectly flawed history fascinating.
and maybe it is the fact that even as conservative as conservative comes, i believe jfk to be one of the greatest presidents america has ever had.

a part of me believes all the reasons above lead to the fact that i am just about as bummed out as bummed out comes that the history channel axed the 8 part mini-series
the kennedys.

lucky for my canadian readers,
you still get to watch it this spring!
please do tell me how it is.
i am totally jeally.

big shoutout to my just discovered readers in winnipeg!
a part of me is not so secretly wishing you are related to jonathan toews and can
hook. a. sister. up.

Monday, January 10, 2011

i guess she was late...

...for a very important date.

while chatting with thee mom today, she dropped the news the my sweet little bunny passed away last week.
now for any of you who know my family, you have observed 2 things about us:
1. we are not really animal people.
2. every single one of us fell completely head over heels in love with our very own white rabbit.

she hipped around our back yard like she was
the queen of her wonderland.
ate only the poshest of posh bunny food.
and had learned to hop into our house when she was hungry.

dear grim reaper of my world:
this bergdorf brunette's family is TIRED of loosing people and things in life. we are done.
thank you.

[thee bloggy beauty] must have sensed my sorrows, and sent me the greatest of great emails.
informing me of [this] print based on my FAVORITE of favorite book series.
[this english major's heart skipped a few beats]
naturally, in my state of depression, i used my allowance for the week and purchased it.
very merry un-bunny day to me.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

best idea of my life

moi, like most mois, have a folder on my desktop full of lovely, pretty wedding ideas.
wait, you don't have one of those?
okay, maybe i am thee only moi who has the folder.
bridesmaid dresses are stereotypically the worst part of the wedding.
heck, so much so they even made a [fabulous movie] about it.
now i would NEVER subject my darling and dearest ladies to such torture and probably won't even be too picky about what they do wear.
except when it comes to the feet.
to find out more about the requirements
[which they have all been warned of]
hop on over to [thee bff's blog to read more]...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

meet ms. KT

once upon a time i had this reeaaallllyy cool summer internship,
which turned into a great job amongst great people.
on my first day of work i walked through the doors in my mint green sear sucker jacket with ballet pink high heels feeling a combination of excitement and fear.
i met the girl whose job i was going to take over and quite frankly, she scared the you know what out of me.
over the course of the next few weeks fear turned into awe, which turned into respect, which turned into us realizing we were kinda exactly alike, which turned into what i would say is to be a life long friendship.

she is the kind of friend who:
you can indulge in television obsessions with.
when you decide to get fit fast, climbs stairs on lunch at work.
[side note: stairs of a 17 story skyscraper...3x up and 3x down]
[we couldn't walk for daaaaaays]
introduces you to the fact that tuesday taco night does not only exist at del taco.
secretly and deep down has the same love for
all things girly as moi.
gives you a be-dazzler, to decorate your brand new office with, at your brand new big kid job.
gives advice beyond her years, and is always listening when needed.
listens to dr. laura in the car with you.
goes with you to see important, historical films such as
the house bunny
teaches you how to mingle at political events.
does pilates under a tree in a public park with you.
and who participates in a few other girly guilty pleasures in which we have sworn to never unveil to the public.

if i had stayed in ca a bit longer, i would like to think we would have eventually become roomies.
but even from 1000 miles away i am never letting this little siss sass out of my bestie circle.
because she is...and she knows it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

skinny b**** in the kitch

tonight i made dinner for thee besties and moi.

and guess the heck what?
not only is my kitchen still standing and all appliances within are fully in tact...
it actually tasted kinda good.

holy heavens...
i might have the desperate housewife gene in me after all.

[disclaimer: thee title of this post is in reference to {this} novel]
[so yes, mom and dad, i am still a good girl]

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

she may not be mother's choice...

...but she certainly is thee people's choice.
elmo's long lost friend miss katy took home TWO awards tonight!

[seriously, how am i not related to this woman]
[that DRESS, those SHOES...]

take that sesame street moms.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

true love. [not just the name of a boat]

pacey witter
played by: joshua jackson
thee underachiever son of the capeside police chief who uses his sarcasm and epic wit to win people over.
best friend of dawson leery.
major romantic hottie.

joey potter
played by: katie holmes
thee overachieving daughter of a current prisoner at the local jail and a recently deceased mother, who uses neither her sarcasm nor epic charm to win people over, but rather...
well, actually we don't know how she wins people over, but she seems to do it.
best friend of dawson leery.
worst enemy of pacey witter.

the issue at hand:
every night thee two best friends and moi watch episodes of the almost lost,
but really never forgotten, teen classic dawson's creek,
waiting for these two eternal love birds to finally get the hint and get this relationship on the road.
[see previous post for more deets]
tonight was no different, except that in the middle of sweet mellie reading us the synopsis of the entire season's episodes...
thee bestie might have turned on her camera...
and this might just maybe be thee best video ever.
because sweet mellie truly has NO IDEA she is being filmed.

ps--isn't she wonderful?
like a sister from another mister.

Monday, January 3, 2011

so open up your morning light...

i am the kind of gal who does NOT find shopping a chore.
duh much?
in fact, put any shopping related task from finding the perfect party shoe to the shade of carpet for your new home and, if i may say so myself, i will kill it.
which is why christmas shopping is never a worry for me,
except this year...when it came to my dear and sweet mellie.
[for a visual on how cool this bestie is, please reference picture above]

what to get her? what to get her?
but while waltzing up and down the tv on dvd aisle it hit me...more speficially it hit my feet.
thee it on the bottom shelf was her future
[and well, honestly, mine too]
seasons one and two of dawson's creek!!!

you see, mellie and i, once confessed to the other that if we had all the money in the world,
we would purchase all 6 soapy seasons.
now lovelies, i do NOT have all the money in the world,
and neither does she.
but i figured 2010 was thee perfect year to get her collection started.

we might have all come home from work today and watched 4 episodes, without ever leaving the couch.
we might totally have crushes on a one named pacey whitter.
we might have a new obsession with our friends on the creek.
[i am almost ready to set up a ladder outside my window for best friend emergencies]
and question:
how can a show that lead joshua jackson to a reputably thriving career, katie holmes to a husband and michelle williams to an oscar nomination be a waste of time?
it isn't. so just go with it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

viva jodica!

[miss katy and her gummi bear]

i truly believe with the new year should come a renewed sense of self.
we only get one chance at this life, so why not love who you are along the way?
2010 was a long and personal journey, but i have finally come to the point where i am comfortable in my skin...and, as always, my signature 4 inch heels.
which is why while standing in a snow covered driveway in the 19 degree weather this morning, thee bestie and moi declared this month jodi and jessica's january.
we get to spoil ourselves silly all month long. yay!
[non-monetarily, of course]
[because we are, as of today, thee budget queens of the world]

oh thee things we will do.
oh thee adventures we will have.
all in the name of loving who we are, appreciating the blessings we have, searching for the ones we hope for, and starting this year with a bang.

happy 2011 lovelies.
i've gotta feeling this one is going to be stunning.