Saturday, December 31, 2011

this might be the best day of your life.

did any of you listen to my advice about going to see
new year's eve
if you did, then you are already quite aware of thee beyond fab soundtrack accompanying the many star studded stories of that fateful night in the film.
if not, well then you are in for a pleasant surprise.
so as it year's eve,
i figured i would share a few of my favorite tunes from the movie, that may just help you ring in everything happy and bright tonight.

this is the new year - ian axel
{this is the song in the opening credits of the movie}
{and my personal FAVORITE}

new year - kate york

best day of your life
- katie herzig

better days - goo goo dolls

raise your glass - pink

auld lang syne - lea michele

happy celebrating my darling friends.
here is to a year full of love, laughter, happiness and growth.
and as oprah says, another chance to get it right.
so raise your glass,
because these might just be the best days of our lives.

Friday, December 30, 2011

and so it goes.

guys, i am facebook-less!!!
i know, it's like hell has frozen over and lady gaga has started wearing normal outfits.
suuuuuuuuper cray-cray.
i'm gonna stay away for a while and see what happens.
mainly discover all the fun things i can start doing with this new free time i have...
like fall back in love with playing my piano.
explore new places.
meet new people.
spend oooodles of time with my current people.
go a little kindle krazy.
start my new job.
watch the still shrink-wrapped movies on my dvd shelf.
listen to spotify without anyone judging my 15 year old taste in music.
re-organize my life.
enjoy being me...without worrying what the world is doing.
{ps-i FULLY know that all these things can still be done with a facebook account}
{but for now, i will do them without}

this is a very temporary hiatus,
basically a challenge to myself to see if i can stay away.
and i guess if i realize that i don't really miss it,
the temporary will become a bit more permanent.
but like for realsies...that is a long shot from happening people!
i am still me...
and you know me too too well :)

so far i am a day and a half in and doing okay.
no worries, you can still follow my every high-heeled move over {here} on twitter.
or {here} on pinterest.
and, of course, on this lovely little writing space.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

live from new york.

happy birthday seth meyers!
i think you might be the love of my life that will actually never be IN my life.
you make saturday nights worth staying in for,
which takes some talent.
and because i am just about the best fan ever,
i am paying FULL PRICE to go see your movie tonight.
when in fact, i have already seen it.

now if that isn't fake love folks...
i really don't know what is.

Monday, December 26, 2011

a zoo worth visiting.

oh my gracious loves,
i know i get on here all the time and recommend things or threaten death to those of you with no appreciation for
katy perry.
but if there is ever a piece of advice you take from this blog, please let it come from this post.
piece of advice at hand?
go. Go. GO see we bought a zoo.
like...right now.
before you live another second without this happy, heart warming, funny and incredibly sweet movie in your lives.

based on the memoir of the same title,
the film follows author benjamin mee's life as a newly single father of two.
finding coping mechanisms of his own, mee's oldest son, dylan, is expelled from his local school forcing his father to look at other options.
benjamin decides now is as good a time as ever to uproot the family and raise his kids outside the hustle & bustle of los angeles. he finds the perfect house on 18 acres of land, which also just so happens to be...a zoo.
hoping to give his kids the kind of real american adventure he was able to find being a world traveling reporter in his earlier days, mee buys the property {zoo included} and gives his family and in turn viewers a story that is incredibly hard to forget.
and not cry through :)
directed by jerry mcquire great cameron crowe, the supporting cast of the film is just as perfect as its two stars, matt damon and scarlett johansson.
{and that compliment is coming from a non-scar-jo fan}
mainly little rosie mee, played by the almost too cute to be real maggie elizabeth jones. i love that crowe seemingly realized what a crowd pleaser she had the potential to be and made her a main part of the story. rounding out the cast is colin ford as dylan mee, thomas hayden church as benjamin's overly concerned brother duncan and elle fanning as the quirky, but lovable lily.
from the STUNNING soundtrack to the shots of the animals roaming around the hills of california, i would say almost everything about this movie was blissfully perfect.
showcasing a story about a group of people brought together over quite unlikely circumstances, each of whom are individually in the midst of figuring out how to make life the great adventure people write novels about.
my favorite line of the movie comes when matt damon is talking to johansson about how much he truly misses his wife. he is trying to explain to her what being married to your best friend is like, and he says, "i just wish i could talk to her about how to get over her."
ummm...hello?!?! stay seated please if you have never felt that way before...ya, that's what i thought.
i guess the worst part really was that it had to eventually come to an end.
and what a sweet and sincere ending it came to.
i honestly don't think a single person in that theatre had a dry eye.
at one point mee teaches his workers and family that sometimes in life all you need is 20 seconds. 20 seconds of insane courage, and through that short time of doing things you never would have normally dreamed of doing...great things happen.
or in our case, great movies.

Friday, December 23, 2011

it's love, actually.

this is only my favorite quote from any movie ever made.
which comes from my favorite christmas movie of all time.
this morning we shopped until we dropped to provide a happy christmas for a family that would have gone without.
it was a blast and a half!
sometimes mom and i get a tinsy bit carried away with things like this, but then again...that is half the fun of it all.
and tonight i am off to a community children's home to do christmas manicures!!
i figure i will have a lovely holiday weekend with my family,
why not spend two hours of my time with kids who will not.
plus i feel pretty nails are the basis of a happy attitude.
hopefully my ideas will translate :)

truth be told this isn't the holiday week i had at one point hoped it would be.
for oh so many reasons.
no one will be getting any gifts from me until i start my job. which i guess will make a super happy january for all the loves of my life.
{damn budget!}
i still don't really have an appetite, so the yummy christmas goodies are pretty much lost on me.
slowly realizing people are not who i once thought they were.
{eeek! this one hurts the most.}
and of course, my sweet little bro continues to be away from us and serving his heart out in mexico.
{super proud of him!}

but if there is one thing i have learned this season it is that love truly is all around.
espeically in the places you were never looking.
i have found mine.
and i hope you find yours.
happy christmas and merry holidays to all!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

news, news, news.

i am employed!
yes loves, today i was offered a job...
as i was getting ready to ride the matterhorn.
no joke.
not just any job...but pretty much a dream job that i could not have planned out to better fit everything i want to do all day long for the rest of my life had i tried.
which considering my awesomely control freakish self,
this is saying alot.
promise to tell you more later.
but as for now i spent 16 hours at disneyland today and successfully folded a stroller and loaded it into a minivan at the end of the night, for the first time in my life.
without a hitch.
clearly, i'm super proud.

nighty night.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

thee dark side.

i think it is of no surprise to anyone who has ever so much as looked at me that i am pretty much thee girliest person you will ever meet.
from the curls on my head to my daily wardrobe staple of 5 inch heels...i enjoy being a girl.
through and through.

except when it comes to my taste in movies.
at that moment the glitter, ruffles and bows all take a back seat to anything bloody, gutty, warish, superheroy and everything in between.
i's like the strangest thing since kim's divorce.
mainly i attribute it to the fact that i was raised by brothers.
and if i didn't learn to enjoy such things i would have never won during family movie nights.
sink or swim folks, sink...or swim.
which means, clearly, when this was released my heart stopped a little bit.

to this day the dark knight is one of
my top 5 favorite movies of all time.
i need next summer to come for so many reasons.

ps- however, let it be known that watching this only reminds me that i will never forgive jo march for not choosing laurie in the modern movie version of little women.
...and just like that, the girly girl is back!
just when you thought i was gonna start wearing cargo shorts or something.

Monday, December 19, 2011

hyped up on thee vitamin d.

the other night i decided to start another tv marathon and go back to glee beginnings...aka the good days.
so i started from season 1, episode 1.
i am currently in the middle of a lovely little episode entitled vitamin d.
remember that one?
where the kids get hyped up on the kool-aid will's cray cray wife gives to them and they in turn give overly hyper mash-up performances for their glee-off.
basically it holds a very super special place in my heart because my best girlfriends and moi maybe sorta might have done a word for word, lyric by lyric, dance move by dance move re-enactment of the ladies mash-up for a church thanksgiving talent show that year.
i gave the rachel berry speech in the beginning.
thankfully, the video of us actually giving this performance is nowhere to be found.
yes, miracles do happen loves.
okay that's a lie...but it's very well hidden on facebook.
if such a thing exists?
so instead i will let you get a little taste of what it might have looked like through the eyes of the pros.

and yes, that is me in the pictures above with thee super dark hair and bangs.
i miss those bangs.
and maybe the dark hair.
it was oh so very katy perry.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

there are 15 people in this house.

last night was baby jacob's FIRST birthday party.
i LOVE getting together with my extended family because no matter what kind of day you may be having, what troubles are racking your get into a room with these people and you are instantly overwhelmed and happy.
two good things.

the overwhelmed feeling might come from the fact that we are all kinda loud people. i prefer to call it enthusiastic for life, thank you very much.
envision the opening sequence of home alone, modernize it a bit and you have a night with us.
my brother and i kept joking last night that one of the chil'ens was gonna get left behind.
the happy part comes from the fact that we are all...well...happy.
in an atmosphere of love and laughter
it is kind of hard not to be.

here are a few snapshots of the evening courtesy of my 5 year old cousin who hijacked the camera.
she did well, minus a few tops of heads being cut off...

he is my favorite. we are like best friends.

she is such a princess in training and I. LOVE. IT.
seriously, spend a night with this one and you feel like the most important person alive.

our little birthday boy.
just before the cake devouring began.

did i mention our family is full of multi-taskers?!?!
because we are...please just look at everything happening outside of present opening.

our gift.
i guess he might have liked it :)

elmo and jacob singing.

don't let him tell you any different, dad was a big fan of the elephant machine.
i think him and grant played with it for an hour straight.

he just melts my heart.

love. love. love.

o christmas tree.

please meet the little tree that lives with me in my tiffany & co room.
yes, those are hello kitty decorations on it.
and yes, that is a gwen stefani harajuku lover tree topper.
{courtesy of PMACK and her sephora birthday gift}
below the tree i placed a few of my favorite things...
tiffany. nordy's. louboutins. eiffel towers.
keepin it a whole lot classy and just a little trashy in thee oc this holiday season.

merry christmas.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

should auld acquaintance be forgot.

saw new year's eve last night.
fell totally and completely in love with it.
and then some.
also solidified what i have known for quite a while, which is that seth meyers was put on this earth to fall in love with me.

today is cray cray busy, but i pretty promise to have a full review within the next few days.
until then...take a listen to this song lea michele sings in the film and just prepare to be amazed.
this is already one of my favorite songs,
due to it's scottish origin.
but let me tell you when she opened her mouth and started singing this,
i think my heart stopped beating for a few seconds.
i gives me the full on, down to the bone type chills.
by faaarrrr and away the best part of the film.
pretty sure i cried to the point of my fake eyelashes coming off.
for realsies.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

and that would leave one for...

{can you name that movie quote?}
thanks to all of you fine folks, my little blog won for
favorite pee-in-your-pants-funny blog

favorite singles blog.
i was even presented my awards by ben stein and the ever lovely ex-couple vienna and jake.
yay me!
click {here} to read all about the awards show. hehe.

clearly, this is what i wore...and i know i look so much like lea michele these days that we could be twin sisters.
don't you worry, i am already gunning for the role of body double on glee.

and because i know you are just dying...
here is my awards speech:
i have to admit i honestly thought i had no chance of winning tonight so i didn't prepare a speech.
{enter batting of fake eyelashes and my fake cry}
but first and foremost, i need to thank anyone i have ever met in my life.
and then i need to thank my queen supreme miss katy perry hudson brand.
even though you married russell and i can't forgive him for being a man who wears skinny jeans, you are my favorite person on this earth that i don't know and you taught me to be a firework in life, rather than a plastic bag.
thirdly, i need to thank every boy who has ever broken my heart because if you hadn't then there is a very real possibility that right now i would be married and participating in my worst nightmare aka: cooking, rather than standing here in a cotton candy pink oscar de la renta gown and louboutin heels, winning an award tonight for being single.
speaking of single, special thanks to kim kardashian for showing the world that no matter what, you always have to follow your heart.
even if it means having a $20 million wedding and then calling it off 72 days later because you just couldn't lie to yourself anymore.
if that isn't courage...i don't know what is.
also thanks to toddlers & tiaras. you gave me so much material to work with this year that i didn't even have to come up with my own jokes.
oh and to my future boyfriend, chris pine. i am sure you will be worth giving up my status for.
God bless you all.

okay, back to reality and for realsies here...
although this is all in fun,
{meaning i hope you grasped my sarcasm in the speech above}
each of you took time out of your days to go over and click for me and i want to say thank you for that!
i guess i look at it that if people care enough about you on the silly things, it goes to show that they will without a doubt be there for you on the big things.
and i guess that is all a girl can ask for in life.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

letter to me.

i love the song "letter to me" by brad paisley.
partly because i just really love him, and partly because i really do loooovvee the song.
have you heard it?
please take a a minute...or listen.
promise it doesn't disappoint.

so the other day i was in the shower {bible} thinking about my year to come.
i don't know about you, but i am always filled with a childlike hope for the fact that nothing is written in stone yet.
and the true possibility that anything can happen.
and with that, i started thinking about the previously mentioned song and got to a thinkin' what i would say to my 2010 self about to embark on all the crazy, fun, uplifting, heartbreaking, one of a kind experiences i have had this past year.
so here it is...
the letter i would give to myself were i to go back in time and meet me on january 1, 2011.
{no worries, typing did not commence until i was safely out of the shower}

dear moi,
well girl, you just got done celebrating a truly hardcore new year's eve in which you were the only single person...anywhere. and sure it didn't feel THE BEST, but you survived, and trust me when i say that by this time next year it won't really matter, so stop focusing on it this morning and move on. in a few days you will be back to utah and i know that makes your heart sink and your stomach ache to think about, but guess the heck what?!?! you move back to CA in 8 months so cheer up buttercup, it's your last winter in the snow. yay!

my first snip of advice would be to go back and let the people in utah love you. you kind of have an issue with letting people into your life. you have been burned. but hasn't everyone? and unfortunately, i can't promise this year won't have it's moments in terms of that, but i CAN promise that you will have equal parts good/great times with people who love you oh so dearly. which means when jodi and mel ask you to move in, say yes. sure you won't agree with them on everything, and you will get into a few huge fights, but the good news is you all survive, and become better for it. and the nights in which you stay up talking in jodi's bed until all hours of the morning will create memories that far outweigh the disagreements. also, don't watch paranormal activity 1 & and jo won't sleep for daaaays. and always remember how much they love you, and how much you love them. they are good friends, and you will need them.

in february you will meet oprah. i know, i know, this sounds cray cray, but trust me, you meet her! you will literally have her stand right in front of you and she will ask you how you are doing. you don't say anything profound back to her, mainly because you are fighting back tears of shear joy, so just enjoy the moment. a big surprise happens after that...i won't tell you what it is because some things are better left unsaid. but i promise you that you will cry when it happens. so make sure to pack your tissues. also, anne hathaway will be there. and she is just as genuine in person and on commercial breaks as she seems on tv and she wears the prettiest shoes so get ready for that.

you will continue to love your job and you will miss everyone so dearly when you move to CA so enjoy your time with your co-workers. take jean's advice on everything and always listen to lori. she is wise. and she is someone who truly has no ulterior motive other than your best interest at heart. and spend as much time with dianne as possible. she becomes the person you want to be when you grow up. bible. {ps-that is a phrase the kardashian's use when swearing something is true.} speaking of kardashians. don't trust kris humphries. kim marries him and then gets a divorce 72 days later so it would be in the best interest of your time and heart to just not get involved in the wedding. however, do get involved in the royal wedding. make jodi watch all the specials on your dvr about the royal family with you. and make sure to plan on getting up at 2am to watch it all go down. thankfully, mom calls you at 2:45am to let you know victoria beckham is arriving and saves the day because your alarm doesn't go off. then stay on the phone with mom, you have tons of fun talking to her through the whole thing and it WILL be your most treasured mother/daughter moment of the year. and you will cry when kate walks down the aisle. because it is gorgeous and she is gorgeous and it will make you miss london until it hurts. but only reaffirm that moving to scotland for 4 months was the best decision you have made thus far in life.

make sure to take jenna to vegas for her 21st birthday. and then make sure to bring the camera. you will learn lots of fun things on this trip, but most importantly that men of the air force are hot. but you are a lady with standards that need to be kept. so good job, i am sure it will pay off someday. speaking of jenna, trust her and let her become your best nice friend ever. because even when you move, she doesn't let you go. and you have waited your whole life for a friend like that. she will teach you a lot of things, but mostly that you should just be so in love with your life and who you are. and by the end of the year, you will finally start believing it.

like i said earlier, you move to california at the end of august, so make sure to listen to that little voice that tells you one night it is the right decision to make. but also make sure to spend as much time with ali and bryce and the baby as you can before you go. she will remain to be one of the most consistent people you know and love. and it continues to be a miracle that never once have you two gotten in a fight. this year is no different, she is still your perfect best friend. speaking of perfect, things won't be perfect once you get to california, but you won't care one bit because you are home right where you belong.

over the course of the summer and into the fall you will have various experiences that make you so so sooo happy. just go with it. learn to trust and laugh and just let go of your normal control freakish self. and try not to take the days for granted because, unfortunately, they are numbered. and once your number is up it hurts like hell. unlike anything that has ever happened to you before. the good news is you don't eat for weeks and get super skinny. so stop worrying about loosing weight all summer, that extra 10 WILL come off, and then 5 more. just not in the way you imagined :) the bad news is...well, it hurts. and you cry a lot. and spend a lot of time on your knees asking God why something that made you so happy got taken away from you. and i hate to tell you gurl, but you spend thanksgiving in bed. and the day after that, and after that, and after that. but make sure that the monday after when you are sitting on the couch listening to mom's advice that you take it. get dressed and put your makeup on and things will just start falling into place. and then check your email because wendy will send you something you need to hear. and the hurt doesn't really go away, but you learn to live with it. just let the people around you help you. don't get mad at them, because they are only trying to make you smile. let karla and rachal wisk you away to vegas for your birthday because they truly are the best 2 things that happened to you in high school. and even though you won't feel like getting out of the house, go to S's swearing in ceremony. dinner after will make you laugh until your insides hurt and you cry, and it will be JUST what you need on that day. also, listen to katie. and jenna. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY DON'T GO SEE TWILIGHT. it will only make everything worse.

speaking of katie's, make sure to enter the katy perry thanksgiving contest because GUESS WHAT?!?! you win. and it will be the best night of your year. in fact, it will become one of the best nights in your life thus far. get dressed up and do your hair and let katy and your family help you ring in 25 with a bang. you won't be depressed about turning 25, which is a relief. you actually kind of sort of will totally love it.

share your testimony and knowledge of the gospel with anyone you can. read your scriptures everyday and learn from the lessons they hold. and make sure to write to jameson every week because by the end of the year you will miss him more than you can possibly begin to imagine. you will ache for your friday date nights again where you went to dinner at denny's and let him pick the movies you would go and see, even though he would always pick super boyish movies.

thankfully, you will realize how incredibly blessed you are, so make sure and turn right around and share that with others. serve until you are tired. and then serve some more. and even though you will be scared, go to the bishop's storehouse and serve with mom. and go to all the activities at church. and don't be afraid to make new friends. and smile as often as you can. and most importantly, listen to mom when she sits next to your bed one night and tells you that you don't have to be perfect at life anymore. it's okay if your makeup isn't on when you go to the store and the curls on your head aren't always in place. and it's okay if you fail, and it's okay if you hurt and it's okay to try again. it will be thee single most important piece of advice you hear all year. you will literally feel this weird sort of burden lifted right off your shoulders, and suddenly, everything gets a bit easier from there on out. don't worry, you are still the sassy you that you know now...just a little less perfect. and thankfully so.

and always remember...keep your standards high, your heels higher and when all else fails, act like kate middleton.


{photo courtesy of}

Monday, December 12, 2011

...thee place where i belong.

so i have this cousin,
who happens to live in the great NYC.
and although i spend many days pink with envy in terms of the fact that she gets to live in my favorite city, i love her anyway.
like...a lot.
she's got great taste. clearly.
so the other night, on her way home she snapped this photo at a stoplight and sent it to me.
i always get all gooey inside when people think of me.
for realsies.
but i get even more gooey inside when people think of me alongside classy things.
for double realsies.

merry christmas.
from nyc and moi.

marry the night.

first off, this clearly is NOT my favorite things of 2011 list.
things got so busy over the weekend,
including an all out laughable poetry reading last night.
{don't worry, i will blog about it lates}
which means, i haven't finalized the list quite yet.
it WILL happen this week.
i pretty promise.

in other news something incredible happened to me this weekend in the form of an answer to a question that i ask myself constantly.
okay, not constantly...but on a pretty regular basis.
katy perry and lady gaga are equal parts weird.
so why in the world do we love katy and hate the lady?

you see...
i own all 3 of gaga's cds and all 3 of perry's.
i always turn up each of their songs when they are on the radio.
and i know all the lyrics to everything either of them has ever written.
so i could never quite pin point my logical embracing of one and not the other.

and then i watched gaga on ellen this wknd...
and it happened.
i LOVED her.
now don't get all excited and think i'm gonna stop making fun of the meat dress.
because that is my thing, so just let it go.
and it isn't something that is a permanent like, so no worries there.
but in that moment, i really did love her...
not because of her interview.
not because she is oh so talented, blah blah blah.
and not because marry the night is the best elliptical machine song this side of push-it.
because in that moment i realized that my one and only MAJOR problem with this lady is her lack of sweet glam in wardrobe choices.
i just can't get on board with the biker bikinis and torn fishnets.
and i make no apologies for that.
i never have been the cool girl who can like appreciate the sort of french people with unshaved armpits because it's fashion or whatever they say.
i have always been the girly girl who can appreciate the sort of french people who wear red on their lips and the soles of their shoes.
perry is all about the quirky glam and glitz and girly.
where as gaga is a little more hardcore.
therefore, a little less me.

and now i leave you with the clip that changed my view of gaga, not forever, but for a good five minutes.

don't worry katy, your throne as queen of my life is solid.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

that's what makes it love.

if there is one thing that is seriously missing from my life this year, it would be that oprah is no longer on the television to tell me all about her favorite things.
a list that i cannot afford,
but suddenly realize i need one of everything from.
so with this void sitting in my life, i created my very own list of moi's favorite things of 2011.
given the year, there are 11 things on the list.
but since 10 seems like a better number,
i figured i would give you a tiny sneak peak of one today.
you're welcome.

love song by miranda lambert off of her 3rd album, revolution, is like my favorite song of the moment these days.
i honest to gracious cannot stop listening too it.
it is simple.
it is short.
it is everything anyone could ever hope for in life.

check out the album version first, below.
which is constantly on full blast in little lexi.
and then check out her live acoustic version.
with a fun introduction of why/how she wrote it.

come back tomorrow for the full list.
i even checked it twice.
it's a little bit naughty and a whole lot nice.
oprah's got nothin on this.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

hell on heels.

things are super cray cray around here.
lots going on and lots coming up in terms of holiday cheer.
regardless of the obvious holidays this season, did you all know that yesterday was national bestie day?
because it totes was.
and guess what PMACK did for me??
{probably not knowing her act of kindness coincided with this national holiday}
well, she made me a fancy new profile picture for facebook.
for sure, this is true friendship.
isn't it so precious? and perfect?
i am especially grateful considering this little lady has next to zilch free time these days, as she is busy running the NFL and other things over in florida.

i am also just plain grateful to her,
for being such a happy, hilarious and sincere influence in my life.
and for not letting the fact that there is physically a very large country between us these days get the better of our friendship.
she makes such an effort to keep in contact.
and i don't think she knows how lucky i feel.
because i do.
feel so lucky and blessed.
she is the pippa to my kate.
the samantha to my carrie.
the khloe to my kim.
the miranda to my katy. get the point.

i adore her.
i admire her.
i love her.
she is the best nice friend a girl like me could ever ask for.

ps- jump over and read her blog at the link below.
the hilarity and sparkle you find in life here on this blog is nothing compared to the sass and wit this lady brings on a daily basis.
she is truly nothing less than hell on heels.

Monday, December 5, 2011

i miss you.

one year ago tomorrow my sweet grandmother passed away.
i don't talk about her much.
i guess sometimes the things that affect us most in life are the ones we tend to stay the quietest about.
well, for me anyway.
and although i know with everything in my soul that she is happier and healthier where she is now,
i can't help but miss her.
a little bit, all the time.
i try not to think of the moments lots of girls share with their grandmas that i never will...
helping me pick out my wedding dress.
{she had flawless taste}
being in the room with me when i get married.
visiting me in the hospital and holding my future children during their first days in this world.
helping mold them, as she did me.
and i would be lying if i didn't admit i cry every once in a while about the potential memories i will never have with her.
but lucky for me, she left a legacy of lessons for me to cherish always and pass along to my children one day.
click {here} to read them for yourself.
they are ever so dear and precious to me.

and so, in true meredith schwartz fashion, we are off tomorrow.
not to be sad, but instead to find some holiday cheer at what once was her favorite place.
my darling grandpa is taking our entire family,
{extended and close}
to spend a day celebrating the love we have for each other,
the love we still have for her,
and her life well lived.

dear, sweet grandma...
i miss you.
i love you.
i can't wait to jump into your arms again one day.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


yep, that's me above...
bet ya didn't know i have a huge crush on michael cera?
one that i am convinced will turn into real life love?
nah, didn't think so.
well, seeing as i recently celebrated my 25th birthday,
{with KATY PERRY, in case you missed the 500 previous memos about it}
i figured i would open up my extremely guarded personal life and share 25 things {and one picture} you may or may not have known about me.
so here i am...

25. i have read every issue of instyle magazine cover to cover since 2004. bible.
24. not a day goes by in my life when i don't miss scotland. one day i will go back...and maybe stay forever.
23. i don't like jennifer aniston. honest to gracious katy perry could become her best friend and i STILL wouldn't like her. and nothing anyone {clearly} says about her will ever change my mind.
22. friday is my favorite day of the week.
21. gone with the wind and legally blonde are my two favorite movies of all time. i could sit and quote both of them to you, start through to finish, anytime. anywhere.
20. i read a church based article and an article about a president, country and fashion designer everyday.
19. i collect all things eiffel tower, all things alice in wonderland and all things from the pink kitchen-aid line.
18. i discovered my love for katy perry the morning her very first cd was released and she was interviewed by ryan seacrest. the rest is history.
17. i get along marvelously with my family. for realsies. we are wild and crazy and happy and funny and we love each other to death.
16. one time on a train from london a little girl thought i was a real princess and asked her mom to ask me about it. bless her soul.
15. i hope to never outgrow my extreme and very true love for sex and the city.
14. disneyland still makes me incredibly happy.
13. bff mellie and moi know all the steps to the "push-it" dance in something borrowed. yep {this} one. obvs, i always play the kate hudson part.
12. when i was a little girl i used to run around my yard with a backpack full of tree branches i had cut up that doubled as "wooden stakes" and i pretended i was buffy the vampire slayer and would kill off all the invisible vampires that lurked through our yard {there were tons guys, so don't judge}. the same could be said for the sunday i packed my little brother into our wheel barrel with snacks and a bottle of water and pulled him around the entire neighborhood telling people i wanted to be a pioneer when i grew up. i don't know that girl anymore. clearly...
11. i don't own an ipod. the one i currently use is my little brother' he will be taking back in about 12 months so i guess i should start saving now.
10. i am a terrible sleeper.
9. peter pan is my favorite book. i cried when i went to jm barrie's grave in scotland.
8. i love hockey. and football. and baseball.
7. i hope to be remembered as a kind, classy, gracious, positive and funny woman. i have a lot of work to do, this i know.
6. i am terrified to play the piano in front of...anyone.
5. i'm a mormon! not because i was raised one or because it is the only thing i have ever known. trust me, i have questioned my faith, because i refuse to do or be anything in life that i don't 100% believe in, and i not only believe in the church...but i know without any doubt that it is true.
4. i go to comic-con every july with my brothers. and it is my favorite 4 days of the entire year.
3. i love traveling. i also love museums.
2. i own a humidifier shaped like hello kitty. that i don't use. but had to buy.
1. i love a good fairy tale.

Friday, December 2, 2011

music's biggest kept secret.

this week was thee big announcement of the 2012 grammy nominations.
now, obvs, i was super excited for ms. katy's 2 nominations, including record of the year.
but today i have to share with you one of my favorite groups ever ever ever, who also received 2 grammy nominations for best folk album and country duo performance.
now i know all my rihanna lovers just batted their eyelashes, let out a huge sigh and are already prepared to be bored.
and maybe you will be...
but i found love in this almost hopeless genre of folk music with this duo, and i'm hoping you will too.

the civil wars consists of joy williams and john paul white, who met during a song writing session in tennessee.
despite their southern living location, the name of their band has nothing to do with the historical war, but they explain is rather about the battles people fight in their every day lives. whether it be addictions, conflicts with friends or loved ones, learning to become yourself, etc...we all have those unseen, often all consuming, battles and this is what their music is about.

speaking of music...
their debut album, barton hallow, is an absolute gem.
and here is a short clip about it.

and a little snippet on how they write their music...

this past year they opened on the UK leg of adele's tour,
i discovered them through being an avid taylor swift fan,
who is an avid civil wars fan.
but you may know them more popularly from the song below featured on grey's anatomy and also during rachel's i just got dumped by the love of my life so i will flee to london moment in the movie something borrowed.

is it not the most hauntingly gorgeous song you have ever heard? amen.

if you have a spotify account you can check them out for free {and i promise you want to}.
or just youtube their name and plenty of fun things come up.
happy listening.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

thee angels have landed.

warning: this post is not meant to offend nor upset anyone.
however, i guarantee it will.
and i am truly sorry if it does.
but i'm the girl that dragged her saintly father to a katy perry concert last week sooooo....
it's just me.
take it or leave it.

now that you have all had your disclaimer i am here today to talk all things victoria's secret fashion show.
aka: my 4th fav holiday of the year,
only behind halloween, christmas, and black friday.
as was manifested by me posting the first disclaimer this blog has ever seen, i understand a lot of people out there do not share in my love for this yearly event.
and i totally understand.
but as i was explaining my views to thee mom the other day as we were a drivin...
the bottom line is i am a girl who just loves super pretty underwear.
in the most innocent of ways. seriously.
as a single and well behaved little mormon lady,
all this pretty underwear has yet to become a functional part of my life.
one day it will. i have no shame in that.
and thee bestie could tell you that i am also the girl who tried on thee most gorgeous of nightgowns at h&m last year and almost purchased it under the motto of,
it's fun! why not look good when i go to bed with me, myself and moi each night?
{beat marcher to her own drum...right here}
{but you love me for it and i love me for it too}
{so just let a princess be}

now back to my fashion show...
how does a conservative, straight laced lady find fun and giddiness in an hour long show of girls wearing often less than underwear, walking down a runway with a sideline of men oohhing and awwing?
because i, personally, don't see it as demeaning nor objectifying.
i choose to see it as empowering.
these women exxxxuuuudddeeee confidence,
{or maybe that was just the slow motion camera trying to give me that feeling?}
and are having fun.
or at least pretending to do so.
everything sparkles, everything is pretty, everything is girly.
and i admit i almost jumped out of my seat when they did their final walk to born this way.
although, am i supposed to believe they were all born that way?
because i don't.
nice try victoria's secret.
as girls of the 60's dreamed of being a pan am stewardess, what girl today can {dead to gracious honestly} say she has never even thought about walking down that runway and earning her wings?

are these ladies too skinny?
hell if i know.
one thing i do know is that not once did i look at that runway on tuesday and think,
gosh i want her legs...

because i love my legs. they work perfectly.
sure they are too skinny for my womanly hips, but gosh they look good in shorts.
i am too tall, have a bump in my nose, skinny arms, wrists that are skeletal, big boobs, a derriere that has been the topic of much embarrassing conversation, a tiny waist and huge feet.
{which is a blessing at nordstrom rack}
they are them, and i am me.
because let's get real here peeewwwople, i am neeevvveeerrr gonna have adriana lima's thighs.
but this is ok, because thankfully, mine work just fine.
no need to covet.

and it is with all this in mind that i stop my world on a yearly basis and tune in to watch the fun themes and sparkly ensembles they have for us.
as they explained in the show, the designers spend the entire year making these outfits for the girls.
because not one can be the same, nor can it be the same as anything they have ever worn in years past.
the beading and embroidery is truly breathtaking.
so much attention to detail.
here is a peek of my favorite looks from this show...

for those of you who missed it and want to take a peak,
{here} is the entire show in under 11 minutes.
and until next year...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{guest post} thee fab singer.

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guess what loves??
i have another super special guest post for you tonight!
today was a cray cray busy day & super fun night, so lucky for me {and you} the next guest blogger i had lined up sent in her stuff to me this evening!
her being thee fab singer, aka my childhood friend angela.
i can't dish out enough praise for this lady.
she is such an example to me of someone who embodies class and sass in a way that i can only one day dream of.
she is one of the few people you meet in life who is good.
not in the behavioral sense of the way, but in the personality sense of the way.
she has one of the most honest, sincere and good hearts of any of my friends.
{and her post tonight proves it}
she always looks gorgeous {probs because she toats is} and is as gracious as gracious gets.
don't you love people who are gracious?
it is a rarity these days and a tough skill to master.
one that she definitely has.
i have known angela as long as i can remember.
for realsies.
she has, thankfully, always been in my life.
and wouldn't ya know, last year she married my brother's best friend.
don't you love how life works?
she also has thee most gorgeous singing voice you will ever, ever hear.
and that is not me over emphasizing something for writing purposes as i sometimes/so often do.
i am talking the kind of voice that makes you cry.
every. single. time. you hear it.
so without further ado...i present thee fabulous, classy and ever lovely angela...

Hello hello hello! My name is Angela, author of the blog Grahangela ( “Grahangela” is the celebrity moniker my husband’s brother lovingly bestowed upon us. I think it rolls off the tongue just like “Brangelina,” “Bennifer,” and “Speidi.”

I am so honored Jessica is allowing me to guest post. Her blog is one that I follow religiously and I am consistently amazed and amused at her writing style and unique outlook on things. She really does know how to make it “rain glitter” in the blogosphere!

Jessica has given me free reign to post on whatever my heart desires, which sounds great EXCEPT that I am sooo indecisive! I kept vacillating from topic to topic, trying to think of something that would draw tears, provoke thoughts and make you laugh ‘til you fall off your chair. But, really, I’m just not that good. However, I have chosen to write about something that has had a crucial impact in my life. And that is this: TIMING.

Things in life don’t always happen when and how you want them to. Truer words were never spoken, right? We can plan all day, checking off our lists and preparing for any outcome our minds can imagine. But then, inevitably, our path will have a detour. It’s like when you’re driving on the freeway and you find out, only too late, that your exit is closed and you’re forced to find an alternate route. It’s not too much of a stretch to say that our lives are always “under construction.”

When I was a little girl I had everything planned out. I had my list of qualities I wanted (no, more like required) out of my future husband. I had kid names picked out. I thought I’d get married right after high school, pump out five kids all while finishing college in four years and then make it rich, becoming a famous singer (all the while maintaining a Wonder Woman physique). Perhaps I was a little naïve. Or a lot naïve. But as a kid you think you can do anything and you can’t imagine any detours in your perfect plan.

Let’s compare what really happened with what my 10 year old self envisioned. I did finish college and in fact went on to graduate school to get a Master’s in Social Work. I still sing but never made it big. I’m a social worker instead. Rich? No . . . unless you’re counting salary in warm fuzzy feelings instead of dollars. I even got married . . . but at 26. (Gasp!) Still no kids, except for our dogs. The Wonder Woman physique? Well, my husband thinks I’ve got it! He may or may not be biased, though. Did I detour from my original plan? Totally. Am I upset about it? No way! Had things not happened this way, I wouldn’t be the person I am now. The person my husband fell in love with.

It was during life’s detours that I got to know myself. I remember one particular moment when I was discouraged. I didn’t get why life wasn’t happening according to my plan. I think I was particularly disappointed in the fact that I had no eligible men in my life and I thought I was going to be single forever. It was at this time that I got some wise advice from my brother. He told me to be a “renaissance woman.” He said this was the time to better myself in every way – to become the best Angela possible. I’ll admit it sounds cheesy, but some of the best advice in the world comes with its side of cheddar.

I got to work becoming the me I’d always wanted to be. I studied hard, exercised, ate healthy food, read up on topics that were interesting simply for the love of learning, and strengthened my relationships with friends, family and my Heavenly Father. During that time I learned what it is to notice and love the simple things in life. The things I didn’t notice before because I was so consumed in adhering to my life’s plan. It was a truly enlightening time. It was then that I realized it was ok to be alone. It was ok to fail. It was ok to be scared. There were things to be learned in loneliness, mistakes and fear. These were chances to progress. My faith in God, life and myself grew tremendously.

Who knows why timing works out the way that it does? Some would call it fate. Others divine intervention. Others chalk it up to chance. I personally believe that there were lessons God wanted me to learn about myself and the world around me. Lessons I wouldn’t have learned had life turned out exactly the way I expected. Things happen for a reason. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade one bit of what I have now. Yes, life has its bumps, but the positive far exceeds the potholes. Life’s detours have led me to where I am now, with so many unexpected and meaningful adventures and blessings along the way!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

how great Thou art.

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99% of the time i spend on here i try to keep everything funny and peppy and happy and sarcastic and sparkly, which is exactly the way i like my life.
some may say i don't live in the real world.
and to them i would say, bah, humbug! i just figured out a way to make it rain glitter on an almost 24/7 basis. and i make no apologies.
but lovelies, i am not a ding dong dumb dumb because i know that with that 99% comes the 1% of life that just plain hurts.
and because i like everything on this blog to stay all of the above referenced things,
i take a break when the hurt comes.
because you don't want to read about my aches
and heaven knows...i really don't want to share them.
extremely private person.
party of one...
right. here.

but in spending lots of time on my knees these past few weeks and with my nose in some great and uplifting literature, i have come to the conclusion that...
guess what?
life isn't all about me.
and my problems.
and my hurt.
{cray cray idea...right?}

this holiday season i am not working {yet} and instead of looking at this as a burden because i can't sit still for 2 seconds,
i have decided to look at it as a gift.
now i have the time to dedicate myself to others, rather than myself.
{because changing my nail color every other day really is not necessary in life}
therefore, this christmas season i am yours.
{relatively speaking...obvs}
i have set specific personal goals, as well as more general goals that consist of moi being more aware of those around me, their struggles, and anything i can do to uplift or carry their load.

this morning started with me getting my now seriously skinny behind out of bed at 7:30am,
{guys, i haven't eaten in 2 weeks...i don't even know who i am anymore}
and heading over to the bishop's storehouse.
for those of you not familiar with this term, it is a small market supplied by the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints in which people who have gone to their church leaders and expressed hardship can go and grocery shop without payment.
there are no cash registers.
there is no anger.
just lots of people ready to give love,
and lots of people ready to receive it.

i will admit, the experience had me a bit freaked out at first.
but like i say, if things in life aren't scary sometimes than you never get to the really good stuff.
and i did...get to the really good stuff.
once i stopped panicking i felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude not only for the blessings in my life,
but the undeniably sweet and gracious people i was helping who literally know how to count their blessings one by one.
they caused me to realize how fortunate i am.
and how much i can give.
i don't think they will ever know the impact they had on my relatively insignificant world this morning.
one little girl with bouncing curls came up and asked me to sit and read a book to her while her mom shopped.
and let me tell you loves,
i have never cried while reading a hello kitty book before, {clearly}
but today i did.
it was truly humbling.
and i am forever grateful.

the entire morning i had this song in my head,
and because i love you all and am toats about giving these days, {hehe}
i decided to share my fav FAV jaw dropping, tear jerking rendition with you.
and remember your blessings.

living thee teenage dream.

{moi all sparkled out for my b-day date with mrs. katy perry hudson brand}

oh my gracious!
i found out this morning that, thanks to all you fine peeps,
this here little blog has made it to the FINALS for thee blogging awards.
honestly, is this how natalie portman felt all awards season?
no wonder she was so happy all the time!
well, that and she was pregnant and in love, but whatevs.
details, details...

please head on over right {here} to vote for moi as your
favorite singles blog
favorite pee-in-your-pants funny blog

thank you in advance.
i love and adore all of you.
which is why i am officially back!
{read above post for details}