Thursday, November 11, 2010

that's who i am

do you ever watch a movie or a television show and think:
i kinda relate to that character?
i know i do.
i also know that other people do as well.
except they don't tell me what characters remind them of themselves, but rather what characters remind them of moi.

i must admit, it is highly interesting/amazing/terrifying to see yourself through your friends' opinions.
want to get to know me a bit better lovelies?
well, maybe we should take a personality journey through the eyes of those that know me best,
and the characters i am apparently very much like.
[for better or worse]

annie edison: community
played by alison brie
annie is a first year student at greendale community college. she was an overachiever in high school who started taking pills to become more productive and ending up becoming addicted, earning her the nickname little annie adderall.
told i am most like her by: lil bro

jane nichols: 27 dresses
played by katherine heigel
jane is the type A, uber organzied, live by her planner personal assistant of the man she is in love with. enter jane's baby sister who is totally gorg and who totally gets engaged to jane's boss, turning jane's currently tidy world upside down and inside out, as she is always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
told i am most like her by:
two best and dearest friends kar and rach
random girl one sunday at church
via email by a friend

blair waldorf: gossip girl
played by leighton meester
blair seems to be your quintessential nyc over privileged, gorgeous, perfectly dressed biatch. and she is. but lucky for gg viewers she has turned out to be so much more. too confidant for the world she lives in, but not confident enough to venture outside of it, blair brings uber class and sass to the often twisted and tangled world of the upper east side.
told i am like her by: too many people to count

claire dunphy: modern family
played by julie bowen
claire is an always stressed, but loving control freak. she is married to phil dunphy, the self professed cool dad, and together they have 3 kids. claire is the uber organizer of all family get togethers and often plays by the rules. she gave up her career to raise a family and although at times shows resentment for it, she knows there is no place she would rather be than raising her family in her very perfect leave it to beaver house.
told i am like her by: thee bestie

carrie bradshaw: sex and the city
played by sarah jessica parker
caroline marie bradshaw is a successful writer whose newspaper column, sex and the city, narrates her adventures, along with those of her three best friends: charlotte, miranda and samantha, in modern day nyc. she has not only the perfect mix of flawless and flawed sense in fashion, but also in men. despite her majorly successful career and closet full of louboutins, all she really wants in life is ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't live without each other love.
told i am like her by:
all co-workers in california
thee bff
[thee mom and thee dad once asked me if i said things the way i say them to be like her? i said no, but was honored by the comparison.]

rebecca bloomwood: confessions of a shopaholic
played by isla fisher
becky bloomwood is a gal with a problem. said problem? she can't stop shopping. what becky does have is a heart of gold and a gift for writing in a way people relate to her. she has fabulously outrageous fashion and a fresh personality to match, making her adventures incredibly fun and heart felt.
told i am like her by:
darling friends justin and kim

elle woods: legally blonde
played by reese witherspoon
elle is the life of the party, president of her sorority, jimmy choo wearing gal with a personality that could light up a jail cell. during her journey at harvard law she learns that believing in yourself never goes out of style, and sometimes we can do more than we ever imagined possible, all the while wearing nothing but her signature color of pink.
told i am like her by:
every person in my high school, including my teachers

whether they are right or wrong i guess is up for debate...
the one thing i do know is i am just me.
and i wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Common denominator? All loveably crazy, fabulously amazing women!

  2. You kind of remind me of Anna Kendrick, actually. Not sure which character, and it may just be that you two look similar... and that the character she played in Twilight was named Jessica...