Tuesday, November 30, 2010

no boys allowed. except you chris.

tonight was a girly of girl nights.
meaning, i was totally in my zone.

i made cupcakes.
watched glee. then the blackhawks vs. blues game.
[one of these things is not like the other?]
new besties gabe and jovy came over.
we glued our 3 sets of cute eyes to the tv for thee victoria's secret fashion show.
[and convinced thee roomie to join in, she was hooked w/in 30 secs]
hopped on vs.com after to see if anything on that runway was within our price range.
[socks anyone?!?]
then pulled out the big guns...
meaning the november issue of details with none other than chris pine as coverboy.which lead to pulling out his article in november's instyle.

let's pause and relive the comments that flew about the room as the mags were viewed:
thee roomie: i didn't know he had arms like THAT.
moi: there are no words.
gabe: i honestly don't know if i can handle this.
jovy: gabe, turn the pages faster!

we learned many things about chris. but most importantly...
i am his soulmate!!!
[and no, this is not a self-declared title]
[it was given to me by thee others in the room]

interviewer: let's talk ladies. you're single.
describe a dream girl.

cp: smart, opinionated, passionate, worldly, adventurous.
[hmmm, sound like anyone you may or may not know?]
interviewer: so what are your super-luxe vacation destinations?
cp: new york and paris. there's a romantic, cinematic version of these cities that i have concreted in my mind...
i eat that stuff up.

oh chris,
i eat that stuff up too!
come find me.

ps- his idea of a date is planning ahead. perhaps tickets to the hollywood bowl and a picnic.
boys in the real world...take a hint.
we are drooling over him for a reason!
and it's not just his arms.

Monday, November 29, 2010

birthdays and boys.

well lovelies, thee birthday has come and gone.
what did i get, you might ask?
ooohhhh just this lovely man...i know, i know,
i am thee luckiest girl in the world!!
you sure don't have to tell me twice.

thee lil bro took me to the annual black friday matinee anaheim ducks vs. chicago blackhawks game for my big day.

now i may seem like a girl who swims in ribbons and curls and frills. and you would be right to assume this.
but when it comes to hockey...
the curls come out and the gloves go on.
i like fights, blood, fast plays and hot men.
blackhawks forward patrick sharp fits all of thee above.

lil bro and i went to the game early to watch their warm up.
i was thhiiissss close to sharp.
[totally geeking out just remembering the moment.]

[lil bro, moi and my "patrick sharp is right in back of me" smile]

[sharp, sharp, sharp]

[yep, you guessed it...SHARP]

oh and what else did i learn?blackhawks captain jonathan toews isn't too bad either.

you can watch both thee loves of my life in the video below.
where 5 year old joey, thee junior reporter, interviews the stanley cup winning blackhawks.
seriously too cute to miss.
[fyi...sharp wears #10]
[and toews sure is the guy in the pea coat who, apparently, knows how to put an outfit together...my soulmate?]

Monday, November 22, 2010

you...got into harvard law?

sometimes in life all you need is a tall diet coke,
ooorrrr a really good girlfriend.
who talks you through the ups...downs...and everything in between.

luckily i found mine through one of thee coolest jobs i have ever been lucky enough to have.
we made a pretty sassy team.
[they called us the office monkeys]
let the day we stayed late to box up photos while blasting wicked over the loudspeakers never be forgotten.
and now, almost 5 years later i still consider her one of my nearest and dearest.
[christmas break 2006, little office interns]
[please note the framed photo to the right, we spent A LOT of working hours picking that out]

although our chats are few and far between,
when we get together...the world kinda just stops for a good one hour...sometimes two.

she is wise beyond her years.
[she got into harvard for a reason]
never ceases to amaze me with her understanding.
and don't even get me started on that wit...

i guess thee good thing that always comes from our conversations is that if my life doesn't go as planned
[ya know, with a family and everything]
i will rock my older years traveling around the world with thee sassiest, sweetest, ever fabulous almost attorney i know.

once upon a time

as the big 2-4 is impending
[only 5 hours away...eeek!]
i have been thinking back on thee ghosts of birthdays past and was reminded of my favorite birthday memory.

it may or may not be news to you, dear lovelies,
that i was fortunate enough to grow up in
the happiest city on earth.
which means every year on the morning of my birthday,
thee mom, thee grandma, thee bros and moi all went to disneyland!!
we would have the most yummy breakfast on
the riverbelle terrace.[mickey mouse pancakes were my meal of choice...always]
after breakfast, we would run around the park for an hour or two until it was time to leave,
and then off to school i went.

why is this my favorite bday memory?
family, disney, food...duh?
little did i know how lucky i was,
and how lucky i continue to be to have the family i have,
and the roots i was born into.

and people wonder why i miss home so much...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

bring on the music

tonight i will be laying in bed recovering/watching this...
hoping this superstar grabs an award or two...[doesn't she look stunning?!?]

and so excited to see this lovely lady perform...[look at her go]
[4 weeks with jake gyllenhaal and the curls are G.O.N.E.]

ps-i really love how usher had to put ON his sunglasses to go up and accept his award.
gag me.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

dear flu/cough/cold/can't breathe feeling:

although i have expressed much of the contrary,
i really do like my birthday!
[even if 24 is throwing me for a HUGE loop]
better late than never, i DO want to party this year like it's a sweet 16.
and in case you missed the memo,
you were not invited to the celebration.

so plleeeaaassseee go away,
so i can celebrate my oh so fabulous life
and another sure to be lovely year to come.

xoxo, moi

Thursday, November 18, 2010

...and i want uncharted

i feel like this may or may not be thee longest week of my life.
not to be disturbed, of course, by the fact that on monday i was set to be spending wednesday night with brandon flowers, and by tuesday, this was no longer the case.
bummed out and stressed out...
i scurried myself to work early wednesday morning, ready for the day to be over before it even began.

until i got a call from thee bestie.
thee oh so important, unmissable news:
she had just snagged us 2 tickets and backstage passes to the sara bareilles concert in salt lake city...that night!!!instant turn that frown upside down game changer.

and let me tell you...we had a blast!
quite possibly one of the best nights of 2010.

basically sara, thee bestie and moi are kinda bff's now...as we do believe we were sisters in another life.

some unknown facts about this songstress:
she is ity-bity tiny.
in 3 words she is: gracious, kind, sassy.
carrie underwood better WATCH OUT! this girl can belt it with the best of them.
she has a wicked sense of humor.
she has no idea how cool she is.
she is more talented than she will ever receive credit for.
she is the kind of person that brings her 2 best friends from childhood along on tour as her opening acts.
she calls people cupcake.
she will soon be seeing us again as thee bestie is now on the fast track to nabbing her base player as her own.
[he is hot ladies, no judgements, please see video below]

even meredith viera likes her.
just see for yourself...

Monday, November 15, 2010

if only in my dreams

i am usually a strong advocate of NOT bringing out the christmas tunes until after thanksgiving.
you know, that holiday where we are supposed to be thankful?

but after a slight discussion with a co-worker about the appropriate time for christmas music and having my alarm clock set to a station that now, apparently, plays only christmas music...
i decided to pull out the albums tonight and listen up.

the only problem is it made me miss home.
and everything that goes with it.

who wants a white christmas?
when you have have sun, sand and family?
not me.

my new home

...is in the kitchen!
okay, that is an overstatement.
i will say my new hang out spot is the kitchen.
ever since i had this beyond fab experience of meeting food network queen giada with thee mom...

i have wanted to up my personal stock by learning how to cook.
yep, that's right,
i am thee undomestic goddess no more.

last week i made a very yummy [although slightly dry]
green bean casserole.
last night i made taco soup for
sweet mellie, thee bestie and moi,
which was hailed to be...are you ready for this lovelies?
the best taco soup ever tasted.

too bad i left the burner on and the left overs turned out to be as fried as zombie guts
[yes, we were watching the walking dead while the burning was occurring]
[hence the slightly graphic parallel]

but hey, you can't be perfect at everything...right?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

what's the story?

the story:
becky [rachel mcadams] is a workaholic, morning show tv producer who is good at her job, but not really anything else. she schedules dinner dates in the afternoon, so she can be in bed by 8pm and awake by 1:30am to go to work, and is constantly being told by her mother to stop trying to shoot for dreams that will never happen.

this is the story of her life, until she gets fired and is left up a creek without a paddle. she is hesitantly hired on to be the new executive producer of daybreak, a nyc based show that is quickly failing largely due to co-hosts paul and colleen, who would rather be anywhere but here [diane keaton and modern family's ty burrell].on her first day of work she fires paul because, well, everyone hates him anyway, and hires the over glorified, pompous nightly news anchor mike pomeroy [thee ever fabulous harrison ford]. let the laughs, tears and fabulous cinematography begin.

this is not a love story.
[although patrick wilson is prreeetttyyy cute]
nothing deep, thought provoking, nor oscar worthy about it.
instead this is a beyond well put together film [jj abrams' name is attached...enough said] with a witty script, incredible performances, and thee ever classy backdrop of nyc to tell a story of everyday life and finding your place with the people around you.
and you will never forget the image of diane keaton rapping to candy shop with 50 cent nor her doing ballet.go see it.
you will NOT be dissappointed.
promise. promise. promise.

ps- did i mention the acting?
even the harshest of critics agree:
"diane keaton is pitch perfect...
harrison ford is kind of inspired...
and rachel mcadams gives the kind of performance we go to the movies for."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

that's who i am

do you ever watch a movie or a television show and think:
i kinda relate to that character?
i know i do.
i also know that other people do as well.
except they don't tell me what characters remind them of themselves, but rather what characters remind them of moi.

i must admit, it is highly interesting/amazing/terrifying to see yourself through your friends' opinions.
want to get to know me a bit better lovelies?
well, maybe we should take a personality journey through the eyes of those that know me best,
and the characters i am apparently very much like.
[for better or worse]

annie edison: community
played by alison brie
annie is a first year student at greendale community college. she was an overachiever in high school who started taking pills to become more productive and ending up becoming addicted, earning her the nickname little annie adderall.
told i am most like her by: lil bro

jane nichols: 27 dresses
played by katherine heigel
jane is the type A, uber organzied, live by her planner personal assistant of the man she is in love with. enter jane's baby sister who is totally gorg and who totally gets engaged to jane's boss, turning jane's currently tidy world upside down and inside out, as she is always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
told i am most like her by:
two best and dearest friends kar and rach
random girl one sunday at church
via email by a friend

blair waldorf: gossip girl
played by leighton meester
blair seems to be your quintessential nyc over privileged, gorgeous, perfectly dressed biatch. and she is. but lucky for gg viewers she has turned out to be so much more. too confidant for the world she lives in, but not confident enough to venture outside of it, blair brings uber class and sass to the often twisted and tangled world of the upper east side.
told i am like her by: too many people to count

claire dunphy: modern family
played by julie bowen
claire is an always stressed, but loving control freak. she is married to phil dunphy, the self professed cool dad, and together they have 3 kids. claire is the uber organizer of all family get togethers and often plays by the rules. she gave up her career to raise a family and although at times shows resentment for it, she knows there is no place she would rather be than raising her family in her very perfect leave it to beaver house.
told i am like her by: thee bestie

carrie bradshaw: sex and the city
played by sarah jessica parker
caroline marie bradshaw is a successful writer whose newspaper column, sex and the city, narrates her adventures, along with those of her three best friends: charlotte, miranda and samantha, in modern day nyc. she has not only the perfect mix of flawless and flawed sense in fashion, but also in men. despite her majorly successful career and closet full of louboutins, all she really wants in life is ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't live without each other love.
told i am like her by:
all co-workers in california
thee bff
[thee mom and thee dad once asked me if i said things the way i say them to be like her? i said no, but was honored by the comparison.]

rebecca bloomwood: confessions of a shopaholic
played by isla fisher
becky bloomwood is a gal with a problem. said problem? she can't stop shopping. what becky does have is a heart of gold and a gift for writing in a way people relate to her. she has fabulously outrageous fashion and a fresh personality to match, making her adventures incredibly fun and heart felt.
told i am like her by:
darling friends justin and kim

elle woods: legally blonde
played by reese witherspoon
elle is the life of the party, president of her sorority, jimmy choo wearing gal with a personality that could light up a jail cell. during her journey at harvard law she learns that believing in yourself never goes out of style, and sometimes we can do more than we ever imagined possible, all the while wearing nothing but her signature color of pink.
told i am like her by:
every person in my high school, including my teachers

whether they are right or wrong i guess is up for debate...
the one thing i do know is i am just me.
and i wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ready to make a memory...

...of thee best kind.
remember last week when i blogged about [thee island]?
well thanks to the time, research for cheap tix and adventurousness of thee bestie,
as of march 22nd...
we will be in the SAME room as mr. bon jovi himself!

that's right lovelies,

2011...you are looking better already.
seems j.b.j. will be sittin' pretty on the island for a while longer.

Monday, November 8, 2010

best friends, soulmates, sisters.

it is my FIRM belief that in this world...
good friends are hard to find.
the road to finding a true friend is often a long and disappointing one.
[one of the many reasons i have no probelm cutting crazy people that don't matter out of my life]
but every once in a while you luck out.
and find people who TRULY care about you.

i am lucky enough to have found 2 such friends.

we met TWELVE years ago as scared, uniform clad,
junior high gals.
grew up together into confident, still uniform clad,
high school gals.
had a minor geographical separation as we figured our no longer uniformed way through college.
had thee best 2 years post college living, laughing and loving in california.
and then i went and royally screwed it up! when i had this bright idea to move back to utah.
but despite geography, difference in opinions, ups, downs, thee fun and not so fun,
we remain the sisters we were always meant to me.

i often wonder why i left CA when i had such great people i was leaving behind?
i don't know the answer...but i do know:

[love actually christmas slummmmbber party]

[twilight dvd release party]

[angels baseball game]

[21st birthday party at pf changs]

[knotts scary farm]

[christmas dinner out]

"maybe our mistakes are what makes our fate. without them, what would shape our lives? perhaps if we never veered off course, we wouldn't fall in love, have babies or be who we are.
after all, seasons change, so do cities.
people come into our lives and people go. but it's comforting to know the ones you love are always in your heart.
and if you're lucky...only a plane ride away."

--carrie bradshaw--

Sunday, November 7, 2010

the memory is fading

yesterday thee bestie and moi attended her school's production of the andrew lloyd webber musical CATS.
[for the record: she is an english teacher, not a student]
thee production was spectacular.
the costumes, the makeup, the dancing, the stage...
far beyond any high school production i have seen.

and while sitting, watching and enjoying,
i was taken back to the last time i had watched this musical,
i was in san diego with thee grandparents and thee big bro.

and then i realized how lucky i was to have the childhood i had.

not many people can say that by the age of 7 they were sitting in the audience for the LA production of the phantom of the opera, and i am pretty sure i had seen CATS
twice by the time i was 9.
the pantages theatre and the oc performing arts center were normal hang outs for us kids.

sure some of the storylines went over my head,
but you better believe i knew and still know all the words to rum tum tiger and all i ask of you.

so i guess this is just to say thank you to thee greatest grandparents a gal could ask for.
thank you for opening up a world of music, dancing and story that now means so much to me.
a world most people never learn to appreciate, especially at the age i began to experience it.
and to my parents for letting thee big bro and i listen to the andrew lloyd webber tapes in the car until they broke.

i am blessed.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

thee taste of louboutin

while peeking at denise richards' twitter a while back,
[i have this secret super love for that woman]
i discovered this picture......cupcakes given to ms. richards on her birthday.
and i am IN love.

one day i will get creative enough to make them for moi's self.
or maybe meet some lovely friend that adores me enough to make them for me?
done and done.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Remember, Remember

"Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot." Evey Hammond (Natalie Portman)

Today is Guy Fawkes Day. And although the celebration isnt anywhere to be found in the states, it is still a day to remember one of the greatest movies ever made, and my favorite movie to date. So take time out of your day to remember, or even better, to watch the masterpiece itself. Lets not forget that the movie was based on the graphic novel that was written by Alan Moore, the genius behind Watchmen, which is the only comic to have made it to Time Magazine's "All-Time 100 Novels" list. Even though the Matrix trilogy went downhill after the first one, the Wachowski brothers got everything right with V for Vendetta.

"Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof. " V (Hugo Weaving)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

this is a cheerocracy

maybe it is the soft spot i hold in my heart for anything about cheerleading?
maybe it is my not so secret adoration for ashley tisdale?
maybe it is the fact that i am pretty much thee target audience for any show on the CW?
maybe it is the hot hot men?
[hellooooo matt burr]
or maybe it truly is a good show?!?
[probably not]no matter the reason, the facts are clear:
i am obsessed.
with no intention of putting myself in hellcats rehab anytime soon.

if you are ever looking for a night time soap that is a little bit law and order,
a little bit bring it on,
and a whole bit adorable...
you can check hellcats out for yourself every wednesday night at 8pm/7pm on the cw.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

team taylor

well lovelies, the election has come and gone.
who did i vote for?
yes, as in taylor swift.
this brunette is team tay tay all the way.

and apparently i am not the only one.
ms. swift found out today that her 3rd studio album hit a record shattering 1 million copies sold in its debut week.

now you may ask: what are team taylor's platforms??
no problemo! let me explain.

we dress like this...
and always sing at the top of our lungs.
we hate this boy...
oh yes, and him too.
and think this girl is an s-l-u-t.
we are full of class and sass...
and love to party.
we only go out in our red carpet best...
and always have faith in fairytales.
but most of all, we are fearless.

so whether you are waiving a red flag
or a blue this election season,
team tay tay is neutral colored ground.
okay, actually it is sparkly, pink ground.
either way, hop on board,
and enjoy our ride.