Sunday, October 24, 2010

thee halloween blahs

halloween week has begun!!! yay!
and i feel just about as blah as ever. not so yay.

due to the fact that i am a firm believer in NOT spreading blahness, i am announcing a minor bloggy break.
nothing too bad lovelies.
lots of things on my mind these days and sometimes all this thinking gets me a bit down.
i am putting myself in time out, continuing to smile and laugh so that others don't despise being around me, and will come to play when i have positive things to say.

because if there is one thing i know it is that no one likes a debbie downer.
consider it my halloween gift to you all.

happy haunting.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

gleeking out??

i am so over glee we need a new word for over.
there i said it.
i know i am the only member of this club,
but before you sit there and judge, here me out.

i think it is a great show.
in fact, at one time in my life i was obsessed.
and then it got boring, boring, boring.
sure the britney espisode was epic.
and i can't WAIT to watch the rocky horror glee show,
but i no longer feel the need to watch it every single week.
i don't look forward to it anymore.
i don't care about the characters anymore.
the songs are putting me to sleep.
which is just a cryin shame.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

thee louboutin vs. thee needle

well today was the day i dread all year round...
flu shot day. sad face.
and when i was be-woahing myself to thee bestie early this morning, she bestowed a bit of wisdom upon me...

"you can do it. don't be scared. if you can handle 5 inch heels, you can handle a tiny little needle."

i have to admit, it helped just a titch.
although i was previously unaware that heels hurt people?!?!
who would have thought?
not my feet.
they know better than to complain.

Monday, October 18, 2010

dear lovelies...

if you are not watching this show...

you are most definitely missing out on thee wittiest, classiest, sassiest, hottest, smartest, bestest show on television.
i promise, you will NOT be let down.

need i mention 10,000 people showed up in times square to watch the season premiere on the big screen earlier this summer?
season 4 just ended last night,
which means now is the perfect time to start your obsession.
click [here] to get started.
you're welcome.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

a surprisingly sweet life

saturday afternoon at the movies...
just about my favorite thing in this small town to do.

yesterday i indulged in a little time with my good friends k. heigel and thee ever dreamy josh duhamel for the surprisingly sweet, funny and touching
life as we know it.

i was crying within the first 20 minutes
[i mean i knew christina hendricks had to die, doesn't mean i was prepped]
laughing through the rest.
adoring josh's face.
adoring thee other josh, as in lucas, being the hottest peditrician this side of ER.
[why has he done nothing since sweet home alabama?]
coveting k. heigel's louboutins and just about everything else on her adorable figure.
silently praying i might one day have a baby half as cute as the one who played sophie.
and in the end, it was back to crying again.

all in mind, heart and tear ducts felt completely satisfied. go see it lovelies.
it will make you smile.

new soulmate found

[moi and thee southern belle]

it is my firm believe that friday nights are best spent partying and slumbering. in that order.
or you can go one step further and combine the two for a lovely slumber party.
which is just what thee southern belle and moi spent our friday night/saturday morning doing.

list of events included:
talking for a pretty solid 2 hours.
teaching the rule that in my car, we only listen to katy perry.
ice cream run. think chocolate on chocolate on chocolate.
burgers and chicken from sonic.
scary movies.
getting ready for bed while dancing to justin bieber.
another solid hour of chit chat before finally slumbering away at...four thirty am!

you better believe we were up by 8am the next morning.
no point in wasting a perfectly good saturday on sleep.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

new debra. new moi.

just got back from gettin my pretty on at the salon.
as it is fall and i am in the mood for a little change in my life,
[not too much, my type A self might have an attack]
i decided to darken it up a bit.
but of course, keeping it within my forever sworn
messing hair strategy
it might just look a little something like this...
hot man not included.

Friday, October 15, 2010

girls [and guys] just wanna have fun

weekend plans may or may not include:

slumber party with [thee southern belle].
pillow fights.
gettin my pretty on at the salon manana.
final halloween costume shopping.
catching up with old friends.
movie date with moi's self.
birthday party for my favorite nordy's worker.
sleeping. or not sleeping.
a little practical magic.

dear camping: i do not miss you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

gone country

so i have this list,
[i know, i know...i have a lot of lists]
of women in hollywood that, in moi's opinion, are the pure definition of class.
now lovelies...not just ANYONE can be on this list.
you see, i can like a super star lady, but that doesn't mean i think she is a classy lady.
two veeerrry different categories.

ms. gwyneth paltrow.
one of my favorites.
AND a classy lady, through and through.

well this winter gp is taking her oscar winning acting skills and pure class down south to star in the much a-buzzed about film [country strong].

[g. paltrow and real life country star, tim mcgraw]

[future tron superstar garrett hedlund]
[and gossip girl's resident biatch leighton meester]

[paltrow stars as a fallen country singer who clicks with a rising songwriter, hedlund. together they mount his new found stardom with her comeback.]

today the first music video from the film was released;
and i am slightly/majorly obsessed.
watch below...
i think you will agree with me lovelies when i say,
gp was a country star in another life.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

walk in. freak out.

while at home i decided to scare myself silly at the annual

as this was my third year at the scare fest,
i can safely say i have made progress.
last year i may or may not have started sobbing while being attacked by zombies in the quarantine maze.
don't would have let on the water works too.

this year was without tears,
but not without plenty of scares...

favorite mazes:
terror of london
[step back onto the streets of london during the killings of jack the ripper]
and virus z
[pleasantville, usa is being over run by cannibals, zombies and bloody corpses]

favorite ride:
sleepy hollow mountain
[the log ride has been transformed into the legendary town]
[where the headless horseman supposedly roams free]

favorite moment:
being attacked by the cannibals in the virus z maze.
i didn't cry.
but i did the top of my lungs,
and turned my head into big bro's chest until it was over.

[haunt 2010--thee princess bff and moi in line for ghostrider]

[haunt 2010--lil kim, jt, moi, thee cullen bff, ms. pham, lil bro]

[haunt 2009--moi and thee princess bestie]

[haunt 2009--thee girls outside of club blood]

[haunt 2008--big bro and lil bro with a very kissable lady love]

[haunt 2008--moi, thee best bestie and thee princess bestie]

another year down,
if you are in the southern ca area i highly recommend the fright.
for better or worse,
you will never forget it or regret it.

and to all my utah readers who might be thinking:
ooohhh this sounds like lagoon fright nights.
to that i would say no.
because this is sooo much better.
think fright nights on a donald trump budget.
because as with most things in life,
california gurls and guys do it better.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

to hell and back: mother nature

well lovelies,
i can't say i didn't try to bring out the outdoorsy gene that is tucked somewhere in this soon to be yoga toned body of mine.
i was ready.
i mean, really really ready.
i even have thee very determined email sent to thee bestie last friday staking my permanent spot on the camping trip to end all camping trips as proof.

except i fear dear mother nature had different plans for moi.
and although there are many things i can do in this world,
camping in the middle of no where with no running water/bathrooms while being visited by the you know what...just not a happenin' thing.

because lovelies there are a few things i just WILL NOT do:
wear white after labor day.
let other people tell me who i should be.
wear flats to church.
sleep in on weekends.
and go camping while on my period.

too graphic for ya?
yah well, maybe you shouldn't read this blog.

Monday, October 11, 2010

not so glad to be back.

[thee mom makes a pretty bang up amazing haunted house]

well i am back in provo.
and should be in bed, asleep...because the morning is going to come far too soon.
i was super good and held back the tears when saying goodbye to the fam at the airport.
i even suppressed the urge to have a major halle berry oscar speech like sob fest while driving home from the airport with new darling friend casey,
so i guess i had it coming when i got into my house and just broke down for a good cry.
totally bummed out to be back.
the good news is, that means i had just about thee most amazing time possible in the homeland.
the bad news is...i am back.

i miss them already...
[lil bro, moi, and big bro getting ready for halloween haunt]

Thursday, October 7, 2010

a land far far away

i am off to my own personal version of wonderland!!
also known as home/southern california.

i am so ready to:
scare myself at halloween haunt with the best group in town,
shop at downtown disney,
eat at mexicasa,
figure out how to work my NEW kindle,
see thee three little loves of my life,
spend every moment possible with the best fam in the world.

sorry provo,
as usual...i will not miss you.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

to hell and back: my will, my way.

when i was a little girl,
thee family and moi used to take these wonderful 3 week vacations driving across the country.
most times our destination would be the house my grandparents live in during the summers in illinois.
due to the fact that thee dad is outdoors man of the year 2010 and thee mom could tell you the difference between a manolo and a louboutin without thinking twice, our sleeping accommodations were always a hot familial topic.
problem solved:
we would spend 1/2 the days camping and spend the other 1/2 in hotels.

as i am my mothers daughter, i would always look forward to the nights spent within the four safe, clean, happy walls of a hotel.
swimming time, showers, sinks, carpet, fluffy beds, continental breakfasts, get the point.
that said, this little lady knows how to camp.
in fact, i have probably done more camping in my life than most men.
[and yes, i would be willing to put money in vegas down on that fact.]

which leads me to my announcement:
thee bestie, sweet mellie, moi's self and a few other lovely friends have decided to take an end of the summer/beginning of fall camping trip.
yes lovelies...i am going camping.
pause. breathe.
now pick yourself up off the floor, put your butt back in your seat, and continue reading...

as you never know what the wilderness has in store for you, and who knows if i will survive. i believe my first order of business is to publicly declare my will:

my blockbuster sized movie collection shall be split as follows: romance movies go to thee mom, sports movies go to thee dad, horror films go to big bro and action movies go to little bro. all seasons on dvd are hereby bestowed to thee bff, ali. with the exception of my grey's anatomy dvds and gossip girl dvds, those will go to thee dear friend, wendy.

my shoe collection will be sold to the smithsonian,
as no one i know and love enough has a size 10 foot.

all 247 of my purses will be given to thee other ca jess.
she is the only person i know who will appreciate, love and wear them as i have.

lexi, my luxury princess, will be given to thee lil bro only on the terms that he completes his mission, having done the best work possible. no exceptions.

all my halloween decorations, costumes, etc will be given to thee big sissy, rosann. as she is the only person i have ever met who loves halloween as much as i do. and thee mom already has 10 boxes of decor to keep her occupied.

my entire wardrobe can be fought over. you go for it girlfriends.
except, because thee bestie promised me tonight that she will NOT be dying in the wilderness, i bestow ms. jodi all of my dresses.

my books are to be shipped to cambridge, ma and given to thee gg bff, sara. she and i have the same trashy/intelligent views on literature.

my edward cullen water bottle goes to thee cullen bestie, rachel b.
[rachal garcia i would have picked you...]
[but i am pretty sure you already have 1000 of these]

my framed/autographed katy perry picture, arguably my most prized possession, is to be given to thee soulmate, justin. because i know she will go right on his wall and worshiped atleast 3 times a day.

my journals go to kar and rach.
they are thee 2 people who know me the best in this world, so the reading they are sure to enjoy, will have no surprises. and i know they will keep all my secrets.

and there you have it lovelies.
i promise to chronicle the events leading up to thee big trip.
here's to trees, dirt, tents, bugs, fires, messy, nasty, yucky...blegh!

oh and one more thing:
if i do get lost in the wilderness, never to return,
please have pink flowers at my memorial service.
and make sure everyone dances to california gurls.
xoxo, moi

Monday, October 4, 2010

my very first pair...

...of louboutins,
are currently sitting on my book shelf.they may or may not be in christmas ornament form.
but hey, i am working my way up the classy lassy with red soled heels ladder.

eventually, they will not only be on my christmas tree,
but on my feet, as well.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

and when you dream...dream big.

one of my many favorite things about thee boss,
is this wall in her office called the "dream wall."
she has filled the wall with pictures of things she one day dreams of purchasing, doing, seeing, etc.

so this week i decided to create my own dream wall.
here is a little sneak peak...
[warning: as with most things in my life]
[i don't dream for anything less than the all out best.

[marry the love of my life...wherever he may be]

[own a house in the middle of nowhere in england]

[buy this dress...i am currently on the wait list]
[and actually JUST got my email saying they have it in stock!]

[go to india]

[do nothing with my days but play with and love my kids]

[meet mrs. katy perry-hudson-brand]

[run the london marathon]

[have the effortless class, grace and beauty of my idol, ms. audrey hepburn]

[move to nyc and fall in love]

[adopt as many children as my husband and i can take care of]

[own these]

[attend a stanley cup championship game with lil bro]

[stand at the top of the eiffel tower with thee mom]

[go to the temple]

[make a difference in the world]

xoxo, moi